FAMILY MATTERS by Teresa Taylor is Available Now

FAMILY MATTERS by Teresa Taylor is Available Now

Just read the opening paragraph for Family Matters:

The thing was, I could picture my uncle chopping my husband's head off. Or sending someone else to do it, and then wanting the head as proof. I could visualize a dark SUV pulling up next to Joseph on a slick darkened sidewalk, and his disappearance leaving all of us pretending to guess what happened, even though we'd know.

Wow. Don't you want to just keep on reading?

Family Matters is Teresa Taylor's stunning "fact-based fiction"about a naïve young woman who falls victim to the charms of a smart, handsome and sexy college boy who becomes her abusive (but addictive) husband. Only through the efforts of her overly protective family does she find freedom, independence, and eventually love.

Her savior is "Uncle Frank," a powerful family member who interceded in her behalf, saving her from inevitable harm.

As first-time novelist Teresa Taylor tells us, "It is part memoir but embellished as well, or, to paraphrase the narrator of American Hustle, 'Some of this actually happened.'"

She adds, "Let me assure you that the main elements of the plot are based on events I lived. To an extent, however, the fabric of the story has been embroidered to disguise characters or add color."

As for Uncle Frank - a pseudonym - she says, "This person owned a gun but the allusion to criminal connections is conjecture."

You'll draw your own conclusions about that.

Family Matters is available as an affordable ebook (only $3.99) or as a handsome 6" x 9" paperback ($14.95).

Simply click here to go to Amazon, or Barnes & Noble, to get your copy. You can download the ebook in seconds and start reading right away.

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