Ed LeCrone Releases SECOND CHANCE

August 12
9:52 2014
Ed LeCrone Releases SECOND CHANCE


Tensions between the Imperial French government and the United States are running high at the end of the Civil War, adding fuel to the fire for Texas' reluctance to reunite with the North. That's the setting for this new novel starring former Union infantryman Chance Neunan who wants to reconnect with a woman he discovered during wartime. Their relationship is complicated because Andrea Edwards, a former slave, believes they can't overcome society's wrath.

"Second Chance" features a story of love against the backdrop of war, a sequel to "Fire on the Prairie: A Civil War Novel." In this new work, Chance joins the cavalry in Texas to continue his search for his true love, but it won't be easy. Texas residents distrust the Rangers, who fought with the Confederate cavalry, and new lawmen are in short supply. Andrea works as an executive for the Freedmen's Bureau in Texas, but that is all Chance knows. He volunteers for a dangerous mission so he can continue his search for Andrea. The U.S. president and secretary of state hope to avoid French colonization of Mexico and work back up the Monroe Doctrine by sending arms and equipment to Mexico to fight Maximillian.

Now Chance is tasked with gathering information about Napoleon II and his appointee to the Mexican throne, his brother-in-law Arch Duke Maximillian. The timing for the two lovers couldn't be much worse: Chance and Andrea find each other just as tensions explode into conflict on the Rio Grande. The story reads like a Western laced with romance and political intrigue. Author Ed LeCrone seamlessly blends fictional characters with actual historic figures, including the farrier, Homer Nichols, the author's wife's great-grandfather, who served with the Fourth Illinois Cavalry.


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