Dr. Paul A. Rodriguez Releases MIDNIGHT SUNRISE

Dr. Paul A. Rodriguez Releases MIDNIGHT SUNRISE

"As human beings, we will face the mortality of life. We can never find a one sided coin, life is a combination and reflection on one's life and eventual death. Once we come to understand, we can more readily embrace the wonder of living full lives," author Dr. Paul A. Rodriguez says. Taking the step further to aid readers and provide them with resources in understanding and dealing with death and grief, Rodriguez pens a book that will make readers conscientiously know themselves as "Midnight-Sunrise."

Death is a difficult subject for all human beings to face. In adolescents, the death of a parent or loved one can be a traumatic event. Many adolescents face particular difficulties during bereavements. At the same time, they must struggle with developmental responsibilities and the loss of a loved one. Many studies indicate that adolescents develop coping skills about grief. However, there is additional evidence that emphasizes that adolescents who are unable to overcome their grief are at higher risk for various behavior problems, morbidity, and suicide.

In his attempt to fill in the lack of action to counsel teenagers and adolescent regarding death, Rodriguez uses his book "Midnight-Sunrise" to achieve the following: address how children's developmental understanding of death influences the way adolescents grieve, giving specific knowledge about how children and individuals grieve, describing techniques and activities that encourage grief peer groups for young people and adults, and giving knowledge for understanding why children and individuals hesitate to participate in grief-and-loss group counseling.

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