Dr. Judith A. Grimes Revisits Legend of Jacob Goode in New Book

The town of Nanango has a colourful history and a rich heritage; both of which cannot be fully appreciated without looking into the life of Jacob Goode. In "Jacob Goode and His Burnett Inn," Dr. Judith A. Grimes revisits the life and legacy of the butcher, accountant and hotelier whose vision helped pave the way for the rise of Nanango. This new biography not only chronicles Goode's journey, it offers a fascinating cross section of life in 19th century Southeast Queensland.

Goode first came to Sydney in the late 1830s and became one of the colourful characters of the early settlement of Moreton Bay, Queensland. He became the licensee of the South Brisbane Hotel, an occupation which gave him the opportunity to indulge in his favourite pastimes- horse racing and other sports. One of his most notable business ventures is perhaps the Burnett Inn (now known as Goode's Inn), which became the first commercial establishment in what is now Nanango township.

Goode bet on the potential of a town when, in 1848, he established Burnett Inn at the junction of tracks from Maranoa in the west, Darling Downs to the south and south west with a rapidly developing squattocracy to the north and north west of the Burnett valley. This area of the South Burnett could have been likened to the roaring days of the American West. In ten years, Goode had established the area and provided not only an inn but numerous other establishments (including post office, holding yards, church, store, court room and police quarters) all of which formed the genesis of the township of Nanango.

"Jacob Goode and His Burnett Inn" paints a compelling portrait of an ordinary man who had an extraordinary vision. In understanding the past, Grimes hopes readers will gain a deeper appreciation of the present and one's heritage. She says,

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