Dr. Charles D. Coram Discusses All About 'Medical Intimacy'

Dr. Charles D. Coram Discusses All About 'Medical Intimacy' For many years, both his colleagues and patients have asked Dr. Charles D. Coram to write a book about his unique approach to healing. Since he has been trained traditionally as both a nurse and a chiropractor, Coram was surprised when his desire to help patients uncover the root cause of their disease and actually heal themselves which led him into the realm of energetic healing. It also inspired him to write "Medical Intimacy: Deeper Understanding Allows for Deeper Healing" (published by Balboa Press).

The book explains how an integrated, energetic approach to healing can offer a unique and fulfilling journey to health. Sharing his own professional experience with helping patient's develop an intimate awareness of themselves as the first step of healing, Coram outlines the basic steps to healing and illustrates them in the lives and stories of his patients. From gaining back hope, finding belief and examining the intention to dissolving self-destructive patterns, expanding perspectives and coming to terms with trust and fear, the path of healing is as much an inner journey as it is a search for physical treatment and medicine. With this comprehensive, integrated vision of healing, everyone can confront disease and illness physically, psychologically and spiritually.

"At this tumultuous time in our world, more than ever, we seek touchstones to know it is possible to experience hope, wonder and inspiration," Coram points out. "This book offers an opportunity to explore the essential elements for mastery in renewing balance in living systems through conscious engagement with inner life experiences and healing presence."

The publication of the book hopes to make readers realize that the powerful effect of restoring hope, embracing faith and full immersion in love is the key to a fulfilled, happy life.