Don G. Athukorala Launches New 2014 Marketing Push for Book

Don G. Athukorala Launches New 2014 Marketing Push for Book

Bloomington, Ind.

Author Don G. Athukorala takes a new approach in teaching what he foresees as life-changing ideals. Athukorala states his new book, "Buddha's Principle of Relativity: Mind Body Stress" (published by AuthorHouse), which is launching a new marketing campaign, is not simply a religious book. Rather, it is a scientific analysis of the philosophical doctrine proclaimed by Buddha.

"Dukkha" is the Buddhist concept of suffering. It is recorded that Buddha said, "I have taught one thing and one thing only, 'dukkha' and the cessation of 'dukkha'." Athukorala reports that through scientific study of the Buddhist principles outlined in his book, he found the link between these practices and the end of mental and physical suffering.

"When a person in a balanced state of mind gets disturbed by some disruption," Athukorala states, "the brain interprets as to whether it is favourable or unfavourable (as to how the brain feels about the disturbance, recalling from previous experiences) and then sends appropriate impulses to the body for necessary action."

"Buddha's Principle of Relativity" posits that through proper understanding of Buddhist teachings an individual can alter his or her brain's interpretation of a situation, which then impacts how the body reacts. Athukorala believes that within this 2,600-year-old teaching is the secret to a healthy body and sound mind.