Diane Vernitsky Jellen Releases First Book in Trilogy, MY RESURRECTED HEART

Diane Vernitsky Jellen Releases First Book in Trilogy, MY RESURRECTED HEART

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates approximately 80,000 deaths in the United States are excessive alcohol-related. When Diane Vernitsky Jellen feared her alcoholic husband would be another statistic, she tried to control his drinking. Her husband ended the marriage, and she hit bottom. Jellen realized she was as addicted to fixing her husband as he was to alcohol and sought counseling, not for alcoholism but for codependency. Her new devotional "My Resurrected Heart: A Codependent's Journey to Healing" (published by WestBow Press), the first in a planned trilogy, is a life-saving guide for any reader facing a vicious cycle of codependency.

Jellen's stories expose humiliating schemes she employed in an attempt to manage her husband's behavior. Read how Jellen changed her thankless, codependent existence into an independent, successful life. "No one has to live a life of shame and blame," says Jellen. Her bold transparency will motivate readers to face their own shortcomings as they begin their journey to wholeness.

"My Resurrected Heart" is a 40-day devotional organized into two parts. In "My Story," Jellen recounts her thankless journey through codependency. As a young child, she made excuses for her alcoholic father because she liked feeling needed when he borrowed the nickels and dimes she had saved. When she married, these feelings transferred to her alcoholic husband, whom she enabled during their 28 years of marriage.

The "My Awakening - My Hope" section highlights Jellen's inspiring transformation and will encourage readers to seek God's wisdom and strength as they confront their own enabling behaviors. Jellen challenges her victim mentality and relates it to biblical verses and persons. "The closing Scripture verse echoes God's voice, and a page for journaling prompts the emotionally and spiritually wounded reader to write their story," adds Jellen.

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