Denis Hodson's Novel THE NATURE PEOPLE: THE PROBLEM Continues the Story of Nigel O'Flattery

January 19
11:52 2013

Denis Hodson's Novel THE NATURE PEOPLE: THE PROBLEM Continues the Story of Nigel O'Flattery

Nigel O'Flattery was chosen by the Nature People because all his life, he had always had a keen sense of caring for all creatures and living things in his world. There was no difference in his feelings of kindness towards any creature. He was particularly caring towards life growing in the earth. So as Nigel discovered, time was of very little importance to his new found friends. It is also his opportunity to continue his story, before he forgets and may be lost forever. He thus also realises, that he has become the link between his own people, who are "The Time People", and these strange "Nature People".

The Nature People: The Problem, a fictional tale written by Denis Hodson is the second in a series of books that tells the continuing story of Nigel O'Flattery, one of theTime People who meets, communicates and become friends with the Nature People. On his constant meetings with them, it is obvious that these Nature People become part of his daily life. Nigel's regret however was, he knew many things about country life but he could not read books. He also thought that he should one day be able to write about his experiences. He wanted to borrow Squire John's books but he did not want him or Henrietta, his wife to know that he could not read. He hated having to pretend, but as most of his friends and neighbours could not read either, it had not become a problem until now.

Nevertheless, because Nigel had become a very kind and thoughtful person, the Nature People taught him how to read using a special method. But the fact that it has become common talk in the village that he now knows how to read, it also becomes a serious situation with his friend Tom Willow who was groom to the Squire. He had also noticed strange happenings whenever Nigel passed by the gate into the top field, on his way along the path towards the woods. Horses that were grazing in the meadow would stop and walk towards the gate. They would be stroked and talked to by him. Some would make strange sounds, lift a front leg and gently tap the hoof on the ground as if in greeting. It has been noticeable since Nigel spent time reading in the library at the Manor. Such friendly greetings by the horses had never happened like that in the years before.


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