Delane Quiver Boyer Shares His PATH CHOSEN

Delane Quiver Boyer Shares His PATH CHOSEN

The road of life has many forks, and sometimes, one has to choose which way to go. This choice will determine what and who will a person become. In "Path Chosen: Mi Lakota Yelo", author Delane Quiver Boyer bares his heart and uncovers his past. His story is not about grandeur, riches and glory, it is about a simple dream that completes a fulfilling life.

"Path Chosen: Mi Lakota Yelo" is wonderful blend of the author's memories, thoughts and interpretations that he made from his experiences starting at the beginning of his awareness of life. Growing up in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, he faced living in two different cultures to the time that he joined the U.S. Army. He served in the US Army Special Forces, the "Green Berets" and an Army Ranger during the Vietnam War.

He went through the path of poverty. For some reason, his mother left him to be raised by his grandparents. They were poor people, seasonal laborers, who lived with a strong belief in their God. They lived in a two-room shack with tarpaper siding that had no indoor toilet, running water or electricity. They are always short of money to buy necessities and they usually face hunger, but their strong faith in God got them through the trying times of their lives.

It was fortunate that he got a good education and had the opportunity to join the army for a career. It was there that he experienced new horizons that exposed him to new learning that molded his attitude and gave way to the person he is now. He wishes to share his thoughts and experiences from traveling along the path he chose.

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