Dawn Everson Releases LIFE'S FIGHT, LOVE'S MIGHT

Dawn Everson Releases LIFE'S FIGHT, LOVE'S MIGHT


From a highly skilled author Dawn Everson comes a poignant and harrowing volume that shares the gut-wrenching and deeply heart-searching tale of the author as she fought many unimaginable battles in life in "Life's Fight, Love's Might". This book aims to expose the truth about Everson's lifetime experience of lies, betrayal and cover-ups.

They say that love and hope are sustaining forces when life is cruel, meaningless and chaotic. Since Saint George rescued her in his white stallion 47 years ago, the author's husband has brought her great happiness and immense depths of despair. United they stood against unimaginable hardship, but often she stood alone against the serious and the shocking.

This book is a true story of how one woman was betrayed by her family, the society in which she lived in, and the system which was supposed to protect her. The boy she meets becomes her lifelong love, who takes her to heaven and hell.

The world today is unpredictable and the society reflects that fact. "Life's Fight, Love's Might" has a message that it is possible to live through life's chaos and mess. One can begin to acquire great strength and wisdom to understand things as they are, accept failures and rejection as part of life and have the audacity to move on.