Coach Jack Travers's Book TEAM PLAYER Addresses Racism in High Schools

Coach Jack Travers's Book TEAM PLAYER Addresses Racism in High Schools

Miami Central Rockets high school football team received a racist letter from their opponent in Birmingham, AL, proving that racism is still alive in the US. TotalRecall Press announces the release of "Team Player" by Coach Jack Travers. "Team Player" is a young adult novel that immerses readers in the world of high school football and the personal, team, and broader societal dramas that get played out on the field.

The story opens as Kyle Donovan, a seventeen year old star running back from the wealthy and privileged suburb of Fairview, Massachusetts, is devastated when his seemingly idyllic world falls apart. The collapse of his father's computer company and the divorce of his parents force Kyle to move in with his blue collar, curmudgeonly Grandpa Butch in the gritty and ethnically diverse Boston suburb of Crandall. A tale of two cities ensues.

Football makes sense to Kyle. No matter what's happening at home or in the classroom, it's still eleven versus eleven on the field. Kyle soon discovers that that fact is true whether the games are played in Fairview or Crandall. Through football, he builds vital Crandall friendships (particularly with Eduardo Alves, Sal LoGrasso and Raymond Boursiquot) that ultimately surpass his relationships in Fairview.

Kyle's transition is tested by conflict, both internal and external. He finds himself torn between his old existence in Fairview (and his girlfriend, Ashley Novack) and his new life (Grandpa Butch, a group of loyal friends, a potential love interest in Katie O'Brien) in Crandall. A party gone wrong in Fairview represents the turning point of "Team Player."

Can his love for football, the loyalty of a new group of multicultural friends, and most importantly, the special bond between grandfather and grandson, help Kyle rise above his circumstances and understand that the ultimate value of a person is not measured by wealth and social status?