Children's Picture Book, GARY, is Released

Children's Picture Book, GARY, is Released

56 percent of working mothers and 50 percent of working fathers say it's difficult to find the balance between their job and taking care of the family, according to Author Jaci Hooper has written a new children's picture book to help busy parents teach their children about the consequences of stealing.

Hooper's new book "Gary" is an easy to read, entertaining picture book that helps teach children about good principles.

"Gary was a very good boy but he got into a bad habit, which many kids have struggled with," Hooper said.

Children need guidance and this book portrays a nasty habit, in a humorous way, to teach children about the consequences of stealing.

"Children will find this book intriguing, easy to read, easy on the eyes and tells an imaginary tale in rhyme," Hooper said. "This book is perfect for parents to take a little time to read with their children and save a lot of problems that could happen in the future."

By Jaci Hooper
ISBN: 978-1-4908-1120-8
Retail price: $16.95
Available in e-book and paperback

About the author
Jaci Hooper was born in England but now resides in Wyoming with her husband of 26 years. After working as a midwife for many years, Hooper now enjoys owning her own business as a natural therapist.

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