Ches Sharich Pens New Novel Unveiling Genghis Khan's Secrets

August 4
6:57 2014
Ches Sharich Pens New Novel Unveiling Genghis Khan's Secrets


An archaeological adventure awaits readers in Ches Sharich's novel, portraying two explorers out to uncover a mystery hidden within the tomb of Genghis Khan - a mystery that catches the attention of powerful parties willing to kill anyone standing in the way of their nefarious goals. Sharich blends history with elements of fantasy, mysticism and the occult to tell the tale of "The Guardians of Marco Polo" (published by Xlibris AU).

Alex and Nicole Philipson are searching for the treasure of Baghdad, which was lost after the city's conquest at the hands of the Mongols. They find an ancient Chinese parchment, yet its text is written in Latin. They believe that its riddles will lead them to Genghis Khan's tomb, but the hallowed place is protected by the mysterious Guardians, a group created by Kublai Khan and Marco Polo to safeguard the occult secret that made Temujin such a fearsome conqueror. As Alex and Nicole press on, they realize that they are not alone, for there are those who would use Genghis Khan's secret to remake the world in their own image.

This work draws elements from Marco Polo's exploits in China while working for Kublai Khan's court, to Genghis Khan's devout Christian daughter-in-law and her legacy. It also explores the interplay of Christianity and Mongolian shamanistic beliefs, the aftermath of the European Crusades in Jerusalem and the Caliphate of Baghdad's defeat at the hands of the Mongols. These serve as the background for Sharich's depiction of a battle between good and evil, a clash paralleling conflicts of the past that may determine the future of mankind.


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