Charles Vaughn Releases 'In Our Righteous Might'

July 18
7:18 2014
Charles Vaughn Releases 'In Our Righteous Might'


Author Charles Vaughn takes readers back to the time of World War II as he reveals a compelling family saga in his publication, "In Our Righteous Might." Inspired by his parents' unselfish choice to set aside their dreams, Vaughn shares their story and preserve their sacrifices as a legacy for the next generation. This is one family's tale of courage, one that could mirror millions of others who were, like them, the greatest generation of the 20th century.

"In Our Righteous Might" tells of a generation that would suffer through the hardships of great depression. They would not know it at that time, but that struggle will be the foundation they would need to meet the greater challenge of World War II. They were simple, hardworking young adults who were beginning their lives as one family when the war in Europe came to America. Like so many young couples, they were looking forward to the future away from the depression where they could live, prosper, and begin their lives. But this generation would set aside their personal goals and go without question to war. Not because they wanted to, not for the glory of the fight, but because their generation understood that they had an obligation to rid the world of the hatred of a madman.

A compelling and moving read, this book is not just about the war. It is also about the lives it changed and the new friendships and bonds that it brings. Their story will remind readers of the commitment and sacrifice that the past generation made so the children of the future can enjoy the America they now live in.


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