Chani Di Prima Releases Inspirational Coffee Table Book

Chani Di Prima Releases Inspirational Coffee Table Book

San Francisco, CA

Chani Di Prima - author, poet and single mother self-publishes phenomenal work - readers will never expect what's waiting once you "lookinside."

Not an Average Coffee Table Book

lookinside is a selection of original work that embodies self-reflection, introspection and self-awareness with amazing presentation. In this 85 page, 13" x 11" hard-bound coffee-table-style art book, Di Prima invites readers to experience the images and thought provoking inspiration inside one's self, visualizing and drawing every picture in their own minds.

One website review from reader, Audra Sandy of San Diego's Center for Spiritual Living described Di Prima as having a "...profound gift and ability to channel wisdom that is beyond this world. Her work, these words and the power that lies within lookinside are truly an experience. They touch your heart, tug at your soul and challenge you to think in ways you never have."

lookinside contains excerpts from Chani's original poetry and writing, quotes and a limited selection of full-length poems - in a visually stunning production. A soul rousing honesty and experience that keeps the reader, not only coming back but finding something new each time it is opened. lookinside goes far beyond catchy cliché quotes; it is a revolutionary way to read poetry and philosophy and to think intimately about moving through this life.

Judge a Book by its Cover

The title almost says it all, until the realization that the pages have led to another world hits. The reader is transported to an internal space and being guided by an honest and gentle voice; all of a sudden, effortlessly 'looking inside' - and feeling pretty good about it.

There are pages that grab a hold emotionally or cause one to think in new ways. Some pages evoke a quiet smile, or an uncontrollable chuckle at the irony of truth, or may even invite some to cry. With just a few words one is mesmerized, on a journey and moving at their own pace. lookinside is timeless yet unmistakably relevant and has turned the notion of spiritual awareness into something, well, cool.