'Becoming an Inclusive Leader: Navigating the 21st Century Global Workforce' is Released

'Becoming an Inclusive Leader: Navigating the 21st Century Global Workforce' is Released

In her latest book "Becoming an Inclusive Leader: Navigating the 21st Century Global Workforce" released today, Shirley Engelmeier discusses the inversion of power within today's global workforce which has created an urgent need for a new leadership style.

Inclusive leadership, which seeks and integrates the input of key stakeholders, provides a culture to meet the needs of this new workforce. Leaders will find that their workforce is more engaged, productive and loyal when their voices are considered in decisions. Diversity of thought and experiences are also cornerstones of successful innovation and market engagement.

"Leadership for the increasingly participative workforce must accommodate the diverse views and voices of a changing workforce, particularly Gen Y," said Engelmeier. "Today's workforce thrives on being included; employees actively seek out opportunities to make input."

The book provides a roadmap for business leaders to adopt the traits, tools, and behaviors that will drive improved business results, productivity and retention. It also offers experience and insights from Fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, FedEx Office, Cisco, Kraft and Sodexo on the most effective way to manage the new, diverse workforce.

According to Engelmeier, Inclusive Leadership must supplant the pervasive top-down, hierarchical management style that's dominated the workplace for well over 100 years, actually prevalent in corporations since the Industrial Revolution.

"In today's knowledge-based, Social Media-empowering setting, leaders need to be open to the insights, vantage points and opinions of their diverse employee population in order to remain competitive," said Engelmeier.


Shirley Engelmeier is the Founder and CEO of InclusionINC and author of "Inclusion: The New Competitive Business Advantage" (2012) and "Becoming an Inclusive Leader" (2014). For over two decades, she has advised Fortune 500 companies on creating inclusive, high performance leaders and enterprises. Prior to founding InclusionINC, Shirley held senior management positions in global consumer product organizations such as Brown & Williamson and Frito-Lay. She is a pioneer around inclusive workplace initiatives that improve business results through higher employee engagement, productivity and innovation.

SOURCE: BUSINESS WIRE ©2014 Business Wire

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