Award-winning Talent Management Expert Releases THE HIRING COMPASS

Award-winning Talent Management Expert Releases THE HIRING COMPASS


Seasoned talent management expert and president of award-winning firm, Bluewater Advisory & Bluewater Search, Mark Debinski releases his first book, "The Hiring Compass," offering critical insight into search and selection methodology that increases employee retention and engagement.

Inspired by the countless Bluewater client organizations who have experienced the success of this search and selection methodology firsthand, "The Hiring Compass" provides effective tools to help hiring managers make better hiring decisions. In the book, Debinski analyzes the reasons behind poor hiring decisions; outlines the major organizational costs of a hiring mistake; identifies the top ten hiring mistakes; and offers guidance on how to consistently make good hiring decisions.

"I was compelled to write 'The Hiring Compass' to share some of the proven tools and methodology we use in search and selection," said Debinski. "Dozens of our clients have benefited with higher retention and engagement at all employment levels. It was only natural to want to share these tools, so organizations can implement this thought process on their own."

"'The Hiring Compass' is spot on and very much needed in business," said President of Global Industrial Business at McCormick & Company Inc., Chuck Langmead. "A quick read, but packed with common sense, yet often ignored practice that would raise the odds of finding successful matches in the recruitment process. I suggest this book be read by and on top of every hiring managers' desk before they embark on a new hire process."

"The Hiring Compass" offers clear and concise guidance for hiring managers and executives to develop and follow a strategic selection process that will optimize organizational engagement levels and increase chances of valuable and lasting hires. Debinski also explains a phenomena he refers to as the "Talent Pool Paradox," and how forward-thinking organizations can leverage this contradiction in their favor.