Award-Winning Business Expert Releases “The Age of the Customer”

Award-Winning Business Expert Releases “The Age of the Customer”

Today, SBN Books will release "The Age of the Customer: Prepare for the Moment of Relevance"(SBN Books ISBN-10: 0970927827, ISBN-13: 978-0970927828) by Jim Blasingame. In his third book, Blasingame reveals a marketplace shift that has never happened before in 10,000 years of business: The Age of the Customer is replacing the Age of the Seller and creating unprecedented disruptions for businesses of all sizes.

"Even though this transition began two decades ago," Blasingame said, "the timing of this book is important because most businesses are still operating with Age of the Seller practices. And when their strategies don't work today, they think it's an execution problem, when in fact it's because they're efforts and resources are misaligned with the new customer expectations."

In his Foreword, Steve Forbes says, "A heretic is a prophet with the courage to warn us about the seduction of the status quo. When Jim reveals something new to you, he'll be a prophet. When you realize what you once thought of as future thinking is actually your here and now, you'll see him as a heretic. At that moment you'll have the greatest clarity about the Age of the Customer, and how to prepare for the Moment of Relevance."

Blasingame helps his readers make the transition from Age of the Seller practices to those that are relevant in the Age of the Customer by revealing how the balance of power has shifted within the three key relationship elements between sellers and customers. He explains how, in the Age of the Customer, relevance trumps competitiveness, customers co-own your brand, and your business is being influenced by people you don't even know exist. Blasingame demonstrates why values and trust have never been more powerful, warns about the misapplication of business love, and helps you focus on something that wasn't any part of your past, but will dominate your future.

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