Award-Winning Author Leslie Ann Moore Appears and Speak at World Science Fiction Convention Today

August 15
12:30 2014
Award-Winning Author Leslie Ann Moore Appears and Speak at World Science Fiction Convention Today

Los Angeles, CA -- The 72nd Annual World Science Fiction Convention (Loncon3 2014 London) will host Muse Harbor Publishing's Award-Winning Science Fiction and Fantasy Author, Leslie Ann Moore, as a guest speaker on two nights; tonight, August 15, and tomorrow, August 16, 2014. Loncon3 features art, comics, film, literature, music, science, TV and is the home to the 2014 prestigious Hugo Awards.

Moore is the author of the romantic fantasy "Griffin's Daughter" trilogy, winner of the acclaimed IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Best First Book in Fiction. Moore's latest book, "A Tangle of Fates," Book One in the Vox Machina Trilogy, is a New Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy/Romance novel featuring a young, gutsy heroine and heir to the kingdom, Deanna Hernaan. Moore's unique tale of 'Snow White as a revolutionary, instead of a pawn' takes place four hundred years after a devastating war on the alien world Nuetierra, in the still recovering, steam-powered, dangerous civilization of Nue Bayona. Here, massive air-breathing jellyfish float through violet skies trolling for prey, and giant creatures roam the ancient ruins seeking human blood.

Forced from her comfortable home after escaping an assassination attempt by her own stepmother, the brave Hernaan embarks on her revolutionary journey where she befriends the oppressed Tiqui people and must choose between love and sacrifice, justice and safety, a shaman's wisdom or her own instincts, all while the fates of three women, two people, and one planet hang in the balance.

Emma Bull, Author of "War for the Oaks," says, "A Tangle of Fates mixes planetary romance with a fairy-tale subtext and serves it up with an intriguing background of reimagined technology and religion. The result is delicious."


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