Author Rosemary Hershey Offers Answers on Overweight Older Women Who Overeat

Author Rosemary Hershey Offers Answers on Overweight Older Women Who Overeat

BURLINGAME, Calif., Sept. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Author, Rosemary Hershey, takes on three important and seldom addressed questions for over age 40 women dieters who are yearning for solutions to overeating and discovering tools to sustain wellness practices.

1.Why do so many weight programs fail?
2.How exactly do weight programs fail over 95% of dieters?
3.How can women change the failure paradigm to success?

Hershey, in her book "Diet-Bailout," outlines a blueprint that guides women to an entirely different mindset with an entirely new set of tools to discover why they overeat and how to create solutions that fit for them.

Today more than ever before, women are overeating in huge numbers because of outside influences of doom and gloom that psychologically pummel nonstop on our survival instinct, Hershey states.

The economy has created huge stresses for women, according to Hershey, and when women feel stressed, they turn to food in an effort to alleviate the false hunger and cravings stress creates.

Hershey knows from her own experience, the bottom line result of economic stress is hormone surges triggering cortisol's fight or flight syndrome. That trigger ignites a woman's instincts to nurture and what better tool than food to soothe one's fears, one's worries, one's insecurities.It's in our female DNA.

And it comes as no surprise to Hershey that weight has surged in society as a whole over the last decade because women are the nipple of our society, and lingering economic instability draws out more of a woman's instinctual behavior to make things alright, to comfort, to sooth, to protect.

Have a cookie, humanity.It is a face of love, and needs to be understood with compassion, not judgment and guilt for over-consumption.We are overcompensating from our base instinct to nurture and heal.

Hershey wants to help women exercise their self-reliant indomitable spirit to handle life, curve balls and all through the prism of proactive rather than reactive mindset.

One of the greatest fears people have as they age, is loss of control and outside of health issues, nothingadds more to a woman's concerns than economic uncertainty and insecurity.