April and Troy Gardner Chronicle Family Adventures in New Book

June 24
6:34 2014
April and Troy Gardner Chronicle Family Adventures in New Book

Aurora, Colo.

Delightful and heartwarming, "Steamboat Sammy's Adventures: Sammy's First Summer" follows a young boy who is set on an enjoyable summer adventure with his family. This book values the importance of family and relationships. Children and children at heart will definitely love this book's colorful pictures and amusing details.

The story begins at Sammy's new home in his new furry bed. In springtime, he helped his new mommy plant flowers for the patio. He got a new gardening hat, but he does not like to wear it because he thinks it makes him look funny. One weekend in July, his parents took him to the lake to watch a very different kind of boat race. All the watercrafts were handmade and manpowered; no motors allowed. It was a great day with all kinds of people in costumes, almost like Halloween. He even got to fire the finish canon at the end of the race. This was his first camping road trip with his new family to Zion National Park. He was a little scared, so he got to sleep in his parent's tent. They hiked up the Virgin River canyon, and it was really fun playing on the sandbars, but he does not like getting in the water very much, too soggy.

They went to all the scenic overlooks, and he got to climb around a lot. But he did get in trouble once or twice for getting too close to the edge of the cliff, but it was still way too cool. They did a lot of exploring on trails and caves and hiking around all of the lookout points. At the end of the day, they made dinner on the grill and then went down to the hot tub and swimming pool. They also drove to Inspiration Point late one morning, but he had to have a snack first before they went exploring. Mommy was really nice and let me have some animal cookies.


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