Alexandra Jacopetti Hart Updates 1974 'Native Funk & Flash'

Alexandra Jacopetti Hart Updates 1974 'Native Funk & Flash'

Sebastopol, Calif.

"Native Funk & Flash: An Emerging Folk Art" (published by Trafford Publishing) is a new reprint of the 1974 study on California's Bay Area counterculture of art, design and fashion by textile artist Alexandra Jacopetti Hart.

Replete with new images, updates on favorite artists and a thoughtful afterword by the author that reflects on what she says was at the heart of the '60s counterculture, "Native Funk & Flash" offers Hart's expertise to students of art, design, fashion and culture.

Originally published by Scrimshaw Press, this fresh reprint captures the ethos of a bygone generation - the scenes, sounds, smells, looks, politics, spirit and love - alongside the refreshed look at a time that Hart says is often denigrated by the generation following those who were young in the '60s and '70s.

"It created heroes of the artists portrayed," Hart says, "and many artists, now in their prime, credit their early encounter with it for their own choice of career and inspiration."

An excerpt from the newly written afterword of "Native Funk & Flash":

"The Counter-Culture dream was sweet, simple, and rich to the bone. It was based on heartful connections, expressions of the truth of feeling and searching for that truth. It was granola and pot and psychedelic journeys into the origins of all things. It was sand between your toes and losing your way in the cosmos, but exploring it anyway because that's where the answers to the soul lie. We were modern-day shamans without a tradition of our own, trying to bring it back to the others."