R.J. Snell and Steven D. Cone to Release AUTHENTIC COSMOPOLITAINISM

 R.J. Snell and Steven D. Cone to Release AUTHENTIC COSMOPOLITAINISM

There is a long-standing tradition within Western society to view human persons as, first and foremost, intellects. This pedagogical theory, which is both Christian and non-Christian in its nature, is at odds with human reality. According to Snell and Cone, human beings are, above all, lovers and it is love and desire that makes knowledge both possible and intelligible.Authentic Cosmopolitanism sets out to ameliorate the problems posed by previous works concerning Christian higher education. It turns to Augustine in conversation with Aquinas, Martin Heidegger, the overlooked Jesuit thinker Bernard Lonergan, and the important contemporary thinker Charles Taylor.

The text gives an account of human flourishing, a phenomenon which is the mission of the university. It sets out to show that our understanding of education depends considerably on how we define 'humanity'. Snell and Cone provide a critically grounded account of what it means for human beings to flourish as persons and the impact that both original sin and grace have on our flourishing.

Authentic Cosmopolitanism provides a normative vision for Christian higher education. This informative and well-researched re-evaluation of the true purpose and mission of Christian education is intended for an educated readership, and is perfect for anyone interested in Christian higher education, the liberal arts, philosophy, contemporary political theory, ethics and theology.

About the Author: R. J. Snell is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Philosophy Program at EasternUniversity, as well as Research Director for the Agora Institute for Civic Virtue and the Common Good.

Steven D. Cone is Assistant Professor of Theology and Chair of the Bible/Theology Field in the Undergraduate School at LincolnChristian University.

About the publisher: James Clarke and Co Ltd is a long-established British academic publisher specialising in historical and theological books and also in reference material. It has been associated with the Lutterworth Press since 1984.

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