Heathers: The Musical Appreciation Thread

Feel free to chat about the beauty that is Heathers: The Musical. To start off, what is everyone's favorite song from the show if you've seen it. Personally, my favorite is Seventeen. It just shows how broken and twisted Veronica and J.D.'s relationship is. And it's got a beautiful melody. What do you think?
Mr Roxy
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Debra Ritter
Loved it. Can't wait till the soundtrack comes out. Anyone hear when it may be released?
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The HEATHERS soundtrack came out in 1990.

Perhaps you'd like to know when the cast recording will be released. That answer is June 17.
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It varies, but currently mine is Yo Girl/Meant To Be Yours. Dead Girl Walking ranks second.

I recognize that it's a lighthearted adaptation of the film, but I had such a fun time watching it and have such pleasant memories associated with it that I don't even care. Although, I do really, really wish everyone died in the end.
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My favorite song was "Seventeen".
Overall thought the show had some good music and some funny moments but the tone is all over the place and I felt they mostly got it wrong. Also really didn't like Barret Wilbert Weed's take on Veronica.
But maybe I shouldn't have watched the movie on Netflix the day before I went to see it.
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In my opinion the tone is meant to be all over the place. The movie was the exact same way. I forget who it what interview but someone said what makes it so unique is that there are some points where you don't know weather to laugh or "cringe" (for lack of a better word). I know it's not the best song in the score but I can't get enough of "Candy Store". Also I love "Beautiful".
Jordan Catalano
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I'm sorry, but the tone of the film is not "all over the place". It's one of the blackest comedies ever made, hence the not knowing whether to laugh or cringe.
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Yeah. Have to agree with Jordan on this one. The tone is not all over the place in the film. It's funny...but always dark. Which is what makes it such a successful black comedy.
The musical keeps switching from bright and silly, to dark but funny, to serious. Didn't work for me.
I blame Andy Cohen.

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