Breaking News: NBC & Craig Zadan/Neil Meron to Present Live Broadcast of THE SOUND OF MUSIC!

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Exactly, in Web Therapy if i had to use one word to describe her character it would be icy. I would say Elsa would be a walk in the park for her, and Web Therapy is exactly why.
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Also watch Kudrow's performance in THE OTHER WOMAN, I think she'd be great in the role. What other NBC talent (I imagine the network won't be considering people from other networks) would be right for the role? Jane Krakowski is the other person that comes to mind, but I wonder if she can pull off the icy part.

How do people feel about Hilty as Maria? I feel like she doesn't have the ingenue quality of the role, but I wonder how others feel about it.
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If you mean the naivete and nervousness when you say ingenue quality i would say take a look at how she played Glinda. She's also wonderful around children, so that's for sure a plus. I predict a very warm yet assertive Maria.
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This seems such an odd, odd project, even for a network as desperate as NBC. I can't imagine it would not be difficult to get a big star to a) take the risk of playing such iconic roles b) doing it live. It'll take a whole night of prime. And, man the commercials are going to throw off the flow. And, will it be done in front of an audience?

Remember that horrible On Golden Pond with Andrews and Plummer?
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The show might air Christmas 2013 and Zadan and Meron are very close to finding their Maria. I'm guessing they might be casting an unknown to the television & film world.

ETA: I corrected what I meant by an unknown.

Zadan/Meron THE SOUND OF MUSIC to Air on NBC, Christmas 2013?
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I can actually see Hilty as the Baroness. We know she can play icy and she would be able to hit the high notes.
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Casting an unknown? Doubt it (unless there is a casting reality series to go with it).
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They can EASILY cast someone like Laura Osnes as Maria. The lead of Hairspray and Rock of Ages (I know, it flopped) were "unknowns" with celeb-packed supporting parts. Get Laura for Maria and Tina Fey for the Baroness, Alec Baldwin for Max, etc etc. Btw those weren't actual suggestions so much as "in the NBC family" gettable suggestions.
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Hmmmmm wonder if they will air it from 8H at 30 Rock. I know there has been talk of doing live musical from there for a while. That is where 30 Rock goes to shoot their live broadcasts. It is set up for that because of SNL.
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If Sierra Boggess wasn't already committed to Prince of Braodway, she would be wonderful as Maria!

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Maria-Joanna Garcia-Swisher (if she doesn't sing then maybe Katherine McPhee)
Captain von Trapp-Tony Goldwyn
Elsa-Brooke Sheilds
Max-Alec Baldwin
Lisel-Lucy Hale
Rolf-Darren Criss
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If this actually happens, and I don't think it will without a STAR attached, it will be done in Los Angeles. Much like the Stephen Frears/George Clooney live production of FAIL SAFE in 2000, they will need two sound stages (Fail Safe used Stage 15 and Stage 6 at Warner Bros. studio in Burbank) with lavish sets and multiple crews. Since 20th Century Fox still owns the film copyright one can assume it will be done at the Fox Studios in Century City. FAIL SAFE was a two hour (with commercials) production and was done live twice...once for the Eastern/Central time and once for Pacific/Mountain time. Since The Sound of Music will run 3 hours, the west coast feed will probably be prerecorded on tape (much like SNL).
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Will they be using the two songs Rodgers wrote for the movie?


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