VOICE OVER: Singers Enter the Live Playoffs, AKA: 'Serious Olympics'


Remember, remember the fifth of November… The Live Playoffs on NBC's The Voice are off and running as of tonight! Singers from Teams Adam Levine and Blake Shelton braved the stage and the wild crowd to pursue their dreams. Adam said, "It's like a more serious Olympics." With his diverse team, Adam loves the fact that his mentees are all what can only be described as unique. A confident Blake said, "I see another victory in my future." In the Live Playoffs, all five of the contestants from each team perform, and this time, it's up to America to decide who gets to stay and who goes home. Two from each team advance, and the coaches also get to save one of their team members.

If you missed any episodes of the Blind Auditions, Battle Rounds, or Knockouts on The Voice, or need to get a reminder on exactly who is still in the show, click here to read the past recaps!

Adam Levine said of his team, "I have a wonderful team that I can't wait to share with these other three. Now it's up to them to outshine each other." Tonight, Christina Aguilera, Blake, Adam, and Carson Daly couldn't stop making jabs at CeeLo's rather interesting getup (really, it was crazy. Check it out here) as well as constantly bringing up the fact that Blake just won Entertainer of the Year. All of this combined made for a very fun first live night on The Voice. The night opened by all of the contestants joining to sing an awesome number, giving everyone a glimpse of the talent about to come in the next two hours.

Adam's 17-year-old Joselyn Rivera, whom he stole in the Battle Rounds from Team Christina, kicked off the Playoffs. Going into the performance, Adam said, "She sings with proficiency and just needs to connect with her audience." She sang Demi Lovato's "Give Your Heart a Break," in a hot pink dress, with a lock of her dark hair colored the same shade as her dress. She held that stage with enormous amounts of confidence, but she did sound pitchy and out of breath throughout the performance. A beaming coach Adam told her, "I can't tell you how proud I am sitting here. And seeing you, you did an incredible job.  You killed it. You listened to what I had to say, and you still did your own thing. You really thrive in this stage environment."

Blake's Scottish rocker Terry MacDermott sang one of the top three performances of the night. Truthfully, it had to do with the fact that not only was his song choice perfect for him, but it is one of the most classic rock songs of all time: "Don't Stop Believing." Blake liked the fact that Terry was making this song "Cool and current now." However, Terry admitted that, "This song is more of a vocal challenge. The world is on my shoulders stepping in on this performance. I have to succeed." He only had to speak the first five words, "Just a small town girl…" for the audience to completely erupt and get chills, which of course continued throughout the whole song. He ended it in the definitive way the kids on Glee did, singing a simple, "Don't stop!" The coaches primarily used the word "effortless" to describe how this performance sounded. All of them assured him that they were his fans. His coach Blake came out with another classic Shelton quip, "I want America to know that- when you start voting tonight- that when God was passing out the ability to rock, he gave Terry just a little bit more."

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