BWW TV: Inside Opening Night of Dan Sperry's Shock Illusion at TIMES SCARE!

November 28
12:21 PM 2011

Your idea of a magic show is about to change as you step into the twisted mind of Dan Sperry for an evening of Shock Illusion that you will never forget at Times Scare, New York City's ultimate Haunted Destination. Dan Sperry's live show, which celebrated its opening night last week, has been described as "David Copperfield meets Marilyn Manson" on FOX TV and "A Rocky Horror meets magic brand of illusion complete with audience participation and comedy.." by WHERE Magazine.

With over 5 Million views on YouTube, 15 Million live television viewers, and sold out appearances across America with his live tour, you can now catch MAGIC SHOW starring Dan Sperry live every night in his own theater at Times Scare. Experience the unimaginable as the urban legend of Bloody Mary is confronted on stage, a nail-biting game of Russian Roulette is played with an audience member, the ancient practice of Voo Doo is encountered and the supernatural is manifested. Dan exceeds the title of "Most Original Magic", given to him by The World Magic Awards, by using razor blades, buzz saws, broken glass, blunt objects, blood, mutilated babies...and candy to create an whimsically entertaining non-stop roller coaster ride of pure mayhem. No rabbits in hats. No showgirls. No stupid card tricks. As you will soon see in the case of Dan Sperry: Magic No Longer Sucks.

Broadway Beat braved the Haunted Mansion on the show's opening night.  Click below to peek inside...if you dare!

BWW TV: Inside Opening Night of Dan Sperry's Shock Illusion at TIMES SCARE!
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