BWW Blog: Eric Ulloa of THE MOST HAPPY FELLA - OOH, MY FEET (And Brain, and Voice, etc.)

September 27
1:06 PM 2013

Dear Readers,

This week has been out of control busy. Since we are still in previews, the show is still changing and that means rehearsals by day and then shows at night (plus matinees). Much like the phrase "twerking", we are tired and in need of being used less. That's the job though, and the end product and successful run is the reward waiting for us.

BWW Blog: Eric Ulloa of THE MOST HAPPY FELLA - OOH, MY FEET (And Brain, and Voice, etc.)
Noah Aberlin

We may be losing our minds from all this time spent in one building. We may be eating our body weight in Haribo Gummie Bears. We may be having conversations in the boy's dressing room that would make a hooker blush. We may be re-writing the score of the show into west coast thug rap and/or house music. We may (read DEFINITELY DOING ALL OF THESE) just to be finding ways to stay sane, happy and ready for anything.

BWW Blog: Eric Ulloa of THE MOST HAPPY FELLA - OOH, MY FEET (And Brain, and Voice, etc.)
Danny Lindgren and Eric Ulloa

What I unfortunately don't have though, is the time to give you a full post this weekend. I promised myself when I was asked to have this guest column, that there would be something interesting to share with readers twice a week, and that I would deliver at least something twice a week. With that promise ringing in my ears, I searched and searched as to what I could give you this week and alas an answer was found. I am beyond thrilled to be the first one to share with you all the video montage of Goodspeed's revival of "The Most Happy Fella".

If this doesn't make you want to plan a trip up (or down) to come see this production, nothing will. I truly, TRULY think this will be one of the must see events of the fall, but I'll let you be the judge of that.

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