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Martin Sola, Greg Roderick and Daniel Berryman in The Most Happy Fella. Photo by Diane Sobolewki

Like a page straight out of a comic opera, "The Most Happy Fella" utilizes a trio of comic relief to introduce us to the world of Tony's Vineyard and just how damn Italian it all is. This relief comes in the form of three chefs that work for Tony and when not cooking, they belt out their powerhouse voices (you have NO idea what you're in store for until you hear them!) that bring down the house eight shows a week. This week I give you the actors that bring Pasquale, Guiseppe and Ciccio to life - Martín Solá, Greg Roderick and Daniel Berryman. I hope you enjoy getting to know this tasty trio! (I promise that sounded a lot less creepy in my head)

Greg Roderick

Eric Ulloa: What are 3 things you always carry at your dressing station? Why?

Greg Roderick: I'm kind of a 'no frills' guy when it comes to my dressing station. I don't really wear make-up unless it's specifically required. I guess a water bottle and a book are always there. I'm currently going back and forth between The Power Broker (Pulitzer Prize winning book on Robert Moses), and Dance With Dragons (book five of the Game of Thrones series). And the rest is really just whatever show paraphernalia I accumulate: cards, flowers, etc.

Martín Solá: I'll tell you four things that I have with me at all times: a pitch-pipe, a bottle of room temperature H2O, a bag of Ricola, and a little jar of pomade.

A) The pitch pipe -I, as you and most of my colleagues know by now, am ritualistic about preparation before a show. I usually spend an hour before coming to the theater and most of the half-hour call to focus and center myself for the work. One of the things that most helps to focus and relax is vocalizing, so I always have a pitch pipe handy for that.

B) A bottle of water - As most singers know, hydration can have a great affect on one's vocal apparatus. I drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day, but usually a good deal more. I always have a bottle of water on my station, and another one waiting in the wings.

C) A bag of Ricola helps to soothe the nervous tickle in my throat that arises just before that phrase with the high notes is about to you know what I'm talk'n about?

D) A little jar of pomade - because "whatever happens out there, you gotta look good baby!"

Daniel Berryman: 1. Ricola. I always have one after a show and if I have a sore throat they're a life saver! Well, actually... they're Ricola!
2. Water. I find that the most important thing I need to do to keep my voice healthy is to stay hydrated.
3. Cards. I'm very thankful that my wife and family send me opening night cards and I like to keep them at my station. If I'm having a bad day or a bad show I can read them and remember that I have an incredible support system.

Martín Solá

EU: Tell me your most embarrassing onstage moment.

GR: Oh there have been many. One of my favorites was when I was doing the The Full Monty, and the time came for the big reveal at the end. Traditionally, the audience is blinded by stage lights so really all they see are the silhouettes of six naked guys. Well, final dress rehearsal, they had invited the theater's 'guild' invited to watch. So the audience was full of the theater's more well-to-do theater supporters. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) they got more than they bargained for when instead of a blinding back-light, the front house lights bumped up full, giving the invited audience the full FRONTAl Monty.

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