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The Royal Family Video

The Royal Family on Video - 1977


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George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber collaborated on this 1927 hit comedy about an eminent and slightly eccentric theatrical clan. A Barrymore-like brood, the Cavendishes are as flamboyant offstage as they are on. Their real-life family drama occurs in a Manhattan apartment when the grand matriarch, Fanny Cavendish, learns that her daughter and granddaughter may both be giving up the stage for marriage. Theatre legends Rosemary Harris, Eva LeGallienne, Sam Levene and Ellis Rabb have great fun portraying characters they know all too well from their years on stage.

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Donald Barton

Forrest Buckman

David A. Butler

Michael Cuddy

Keene Curtis

Studio: Broadway Theater Archive, Image Entertainment

Filmed: 1977 - Released: 1977

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