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Man of Her Dreams/There's a Stranger in My House Video

Man of Her Dreams/There's a Stranger in My House on Video - 2011


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Man of Her Dreams: Women desire it, pray for it and dare to hope for it - the perfect husband, soul mate, father and MAN. But as these women discover, finding the man of your dreams can turn into your worst nightmare! Featuring Clifton Powell and Jackee Harry, Man of Her Dreams is a hilarious and heartwarming rollercoaster ride of emotions filled with twists and turns and crazy family drama.

There's a Stranger In My House: Did you ever think you knew someone, only to find out everything you believed was dead wrong? Vivica A. Fox, Clifton Powell, Tamika Scott, Angell Conwell and R&B singer Sam Salter star in this compelling musical comedy/drama about a naive young woman who's duped by her smooth-talking new boss. Performed in front of a live audience, There's a Stranger In My House will win you over with love, laughter, truth and song.

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Vivica A. Fox

Clifton Powell

Chrystale Wilson

Carl Payne

Jackee Harry

Studio: Image Entertainment

Filmed: 2010 - Released: 2011

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