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Broadway College Center

BroadwayWorld's College Showcase

Are you a college senior with no senior showcase? Has the current state of the world left you without a place to show off your talent? Want to to add yourself to our database! Accredited casting directors, agents, and producers can email for access to contact information.


Name Arrows College Arrows Song Arrows Voice Type Arrows
Aaron Robinson Photo Aaron Robinson University of Michigan Every Woman in the World Tenor 1
Abigail Becker Photo Abigail Becker Southeast Missouri State University Performance Reel Legit soprano with mix/belt
Abigail Garrigan Temple University 'I'm Gone' from Hands on a Hardbody and 'I Want To Be A Rockette' from Kicks Mezzo-soprano
Abigail Hirshbein Photo Abigail Hirshbein CAP21/Molloy College Goodbye Until Tomorrow Soprano/Belt
Abigail Moffett Young Photo Abigail Moffett Young LaGrange College I Had A Dream About You Soprano
Abigail Walker North Dakota State University No One Else - Great Comet of 1812, Times are Hard for Dreamers - Amelie Mezzo Soprano
Adi Mullen Photo Adi Mullen Temple University 'Beautiful'/'Crossword Puzzle' Mezzo Soprano/Belter
Aja Hinds Photo Aja Hinds NYU Acting Reel Mezzo Soprano
Akeria Mariann Gant Photo Akeria Mariann Gant University of West Georgia Home from The Wiz & Monologue from The Colored Museum Soprano
Alan Henry Jellicle Ball Cats Cat
Alecsys Proctor-Turner Photo Alecsys Proctor-Turner University of Miami Suppertime (Little Shop of Horrors) Mezzo/Belt
Alex Christian Lucas Photo Alex Christian Lucas Loyola University New Orleans Night that Goldman Spoke at Union Square Baritenor
Alex Robertson Photo Alex Robertson The Hartt School What Do I Need With Love Baritenor
Alexa Hendrickson Photo Alexa Hendrickson Western Carolina University Vocal Reel High Belt/Coloratura Soprano
Alexa-Rae Rosado Photo Alexa-Rae Rosado New Jersey City University Losing My Mind Mezzo Soprano
Alexandra Chicco Photo Alexandra Chicco Mountview Academy of Theate Arts (London) Monologues: Miss Julie & Honour Soprano
Alexandra Fiscus Photo Alexandra Fiscus AMDA College of the Performing Arts Gimme Gimme Mezzo Soprano/Belter
Alexandra Teman Boston University A Summer In Ohio Soprano/Belt
Alexandria Bagwell Photo Alexandria Bagwell Anderson University (SC) Miss Byrd Mezzo-Soprano
Alexi Ishida Photo Alexi Ishida University of California - Irvine Highlights Reel Mezzo-Soprano
Alexis Gardiner Photo Alexis Gardiner The Hartt School No Peace Soprano
Alexis Mendez Photo Alexis Mendez Marymount Manhattan College Monologue: Danny from Running on Empty. Songs: That's Him by Kurt Weill and Treat me Rough from Girl Crazy Tenor
Ali Dougherty Photo Ali Dougherty Shenandoah University Cornet Man//A Case Of You Mezzo/Belter
Alison Van Dam Northwestern University The Text Message Song Alto/Soprano
Ally Dods Photo Ally Dods James Madison University Live Out Loud Soprano w/ High Mix Belt
Ally Massey Photo Ally Massey Kent State University I'm Breaking Down/Losing My Mind Mezzo-soprano
Aly Olvera Young Harris College A Boy Like That/Look at Me Now Mezzo-Soprano
Alysa Finnegan Photo Alysa Finnegan Point Park University Roxie from Chicago Mezzo
Amanda Neiman Photo Amanda Neiman CSU, Fullerton Wait a Bit (Just So) / I Say No (Heathers) Soprano / Belt
Amanda Ortiz Photo Amanda Ortiz University of Central Florida “Everything I Know” Mezzo-Soprano w Strong Belt
Ana King Marymount Manhattan College Get Back Up Again Mezzo-Soprano
Anastasia Cutter Photo Anastasia Cutter Reinhardt University Maybe This Time Mezzo Soprano/ Belter
Anastasia Koshevaya Photo Anastasia Koshevaya University of Northern Colorado History of Wrong Guys Mezzo-Soprano
Andrew Alstat College Conservatory of Music “When She Smiles”, “Take What You Got”, “Holiday” Tenor
Andrew Jefferies Photo Andrew Jefferies Brigham Young University Bright Star - Bright Star and Why Can't I Kiss You? by Jeff Blumenkrantz Bari-tenor
Andrew McGowan Photo Andrew McGowan Missouri State University ..But I Don't Want To Talk About Her Baritone
Andrew Sivco The University of Central Florida It's Hard To Speak My Heart Baritone
Andrew Stevens Purdy Elon University Vocal Reel Tenor
Andy Patterson Photo Andy Patterson Temple University I Love Betsy - Honeymoon in Vegas; Still Breathing - Green Day Tenor
Angela LaRose Photo Angela LaRose DeSales University Vocal Reel Soprano w/ mix/belt
Angela Syrett The Boston Conservatory at Berklee 'It Roars' & Dance Reel Mezzo (E3-E6)
Ann Marie Meeker The University of Alabama Out of My Head/Dance Reel/The Coolest Girl Mezzo/Belter
Anna Gwaltney Long Island University Go the Distance Mezzo Soprano Belter
Annie Levine Photo Annie Levine SUNY Geneseo Natalya Mezzo-Soprano
Annie Sullivan Photo Annie Sullivan University of Arkansas Killer Instinct Alto/Belter
Ariana Notartomaso Photo Ariana Notartomaso Penn State University Someone Who Could Be Loved - By Sam Salmond Soprano / Belt
Ashia Collins Photo Ashia Collins Western Connecticut State University Gorgeous from The Apple Tree Legit Soprano with High Belt
Ashlyn Combs Photo Ashlyn Combs Winthrop University Love Will Come and Find Me Again - Bandstand Soprano/Belter
Audrey Wilson Photo Audrey Wilson The Hartt School Here You Come Again/Mister Snow/I Have Found Mezzo/Mix Belt
August Gray Gall California Institute of the Arts Acting Reel Baritone
Austin Branks Photo Austin Branks University of Central Florida 'Now I've Seen You' from Honk/ 'What More Can I Say' from Falsettos Baritone
Austin Dare Photo Austin Dare Coastal Carolina University Awaiting You Tenor
Austin Prebula Manhattan School of Music 'Go the Distance' Baritone
Bailee Endebrock CCM Here I Am, Here You Come Again, Change the World Soprano/Belter
Bailey Baker Photo Bailey Baker Shenandoah Conservatory 'It's My Life' - Bon Jovi, 'American Honey' - Lady Antebellum Mezzo-Soprano/Belter
Becca Adams Weinberg Photo Becca Adams Weinberg Molloy College/ CAP21 I Love the Way from Something Rotten Mezzo soprano
Bella Coppola Photo Bella Coppola Texas State University Astonishing Mezzo/Belter
Berto Borroto Photo Berto Borroto University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theatre BFA Actor Training Program Monologues: Rexy- The Legend of Georgia McBride & John - Cock Baritone/Tenor
Bethany Kasper University of Arkansas Journey To The Past Mezzo Soprano
Bethel Elias Photo Bethel Elias The Catholic University of America 'Always Be My Baby' by Mariah Carey Mezzo/Belter
Billy O'Brien The Hartt School Monologue - Annie Hall Baritenor
Bobby Guenther Photo Bobby Guenther Western Carolina University 'It's Hard to Speak My Heart' from Parade Baritone
Bradley Johnson Photo Bradley Johnson University of Minnesota On the Right Track Tenor
Bre Furman Photo Bre Furman AMDA College of The Performing Arts Los Angeles “I’m A Star” Mezzo Soprano
Brendan O'Leary Photo Brendan O'Leary University of Minnesota / Guthrie Theater BFA Actor Training Program Monologue: Elliot - Apartment 3A by Jeff Daniels Bass-Baritone
Brett Hammes Photo Brett Hammes SUNY Geneseo I Can't Smell Purple Tenor
Brian Soutner Point Park University Time - Tuck Everlasting Bari-Tenor
Brianna Clark Photo Brianna Clark CSUF “Spark of Creation” from Children of Eden and “When You Got It, Flaunt It” from The Producers Mezzo
Bridget Mahoney Ohio Northern University I Just Want to Be a Star Mezzo
Brittaney Duhaney Photo Brittaney Duhaney Howard University Adelaide's Lament Soprano
Brittany Onukwugha Photo Brittany Onukwugha Rutgers University Monologue N/A
Brooke Bucher Photo Brooke Bucher Belmont University Golden Rainbow Soprano
Brooke Caroline Burns Photo Brooke Caroline Burns Marymount Manhattan College If I Loved You Soprano-Mix
Brooke Melton Photo Brooke Melton Oklahoma City University Voice Reel - I'm Your Man, Slow Burn, Worse Things I Could Do, Lost in Your Eyes Mezzo
Bryce Ridley-Williams Coastal Carolina Univeristy He Never Did That Before- Michael Winther Tenor
Brynoch Rammell Photo Brynoch Rammell Southern Utah University The Kite Baritenor
C.J. Doss Photo C.J. Doss JMU Music Of My Soul Tenor
C.J.Doss Photo C.J.Doss James Madison University Music of My Soul Tenor
Caitlin Fischer Boston University On + Off Alto/Mezzo
Caitlin Grace Rose Photo Caitlin Grace Rose Fresno Pacific University Monologue: Fat Men In Skirts Alto
Cale Rausch Photo Cale Rausch Viterbo University Lost in the Wilderness Tenor Belt
Calee Gardner Photo Calee Gardner Brigham Young University When He Sees Me & Secret Love Soprano
Calvin Ticknor-Swanson Photo Calvin Ticknor-Swanson Northwestern University You Don't Need To Love Me Tenor
Camille Capers Howard University I Have Nothing Mezzo/Alto
Carly Carroll Abilene Christian University Carly Carroll Performance Reel Mezzo/Soprano
Carly Caviglia Photo Carly Caviglia Syracuse University On My Way Soprano/Belt
Carly Mazer Photo Carly Mazer Northwestern University Calm- (Ordinary Days)/ Before it's Over- (Dogfight) Mezzo/Belt
Carly Ventura Photo Carly Ventura University of Central Florida It’s a Privilege to Pee Soprano
Carmen Burbridge Photo Carmen Burbridge Shenandoah University Monologue: Pocatello by Samuel D. Hunter n/a
Carolina Quigley Photo Carolina Quigley Boston University Monologue N/A
Caroline Allen Oklahoma City University Vocal Reel (My White Knight / Every Night at Seven / Part of Your World / Patience ) Soprano
Caroline Didelot Photo Caroline Didelot Baldwin Wallace University Mannequin Soprano
Caroline Purdy Photo Caroline Purdy Oklahoma City University Vocal Reel Mezzo-Soprano
Caroline Ryan Photo Caroline Ryan Western Carolina University Vocal Reel Soprano/Belt C3-D6
Carson Matte Photo Carson Matte Coastal Carolina University Birds Tenor
Casey Burke Photo Casey Burke AMDA New York I Have Found- Royal Family of Broadway Mezzo-Soprano
Casey Lamont Photo Casey Lamont Indiana University 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' Mezzo
Cassandra Gauthier Photo Cassandra Gauthier Rider University More-Stephen Sondheim Mezzo-Soprano
Cathy Ritter DeSales University Beautiful by Carole King Alto/Mezzo Belt
Cecilia Trippiedi Otterbein University My Man Soprano
Charles Mayhew Miller Baldwin Wallace University Family- Dreamgirls Baritone
Charlie H. Ray Baldwin Wallace University 'Epic III' (Hadestown) Tenor
Charlotte Movizzo University of Northern Colorado Stuff Like That There Mezzo Soprano
Chase Tucker Belmont University Captain Jack Baritenor
Cheyanne Marie Photo Cheyanne Marie Oklahoma City University Never Enough - Greatest Showman Soprano
Chloe Belongilot Photo Chloe Belongilot Coastal Carolina University Goodbye Yellow Brick Road E3-C6/ Legit, Belt, Mix
Chris Rollins Photo Chris Rollins Brigham Young University Forbidden Fruit from The Apple Tree Tenor
Christa Steiner Photo Christa Steiner Manhattan School of Music Life Of The Party Belter
Christian Hastings Barker Photo Christian Hastings Barker Point Park University Acting Reel Baritenor
Christian Heinemann Photo Christian Heinemann Otterbein University 'Beautiful Day' - Triassic Parq / 'She's a Woman' - Kiss of the Spider Woman Tenor
Christian Klepac Photo Christian Klepac University of Houston Either Way Baritone/tenor
Christian Melhuish Photo Christian Melhuish Temple University 'Come to Me, Bend to Me' from Brigadoon, and 'Why God, Why?' from Miss Saigon. Tenor
Christina Licatalosi Photo Christina Licatalosi St. Lawrence College If I Loved You - Carousel Soprano
Christopher Michael Photo Christopher Michael Michigan State University Highlight Reel Tenor
Cian Steele Photo Cian Steele Northern Kentucky University Middle of a Moment Tenor
Claire Esmé Skelley Photo Claire Esmé Skelley New York University Live Performance Reel Mezzo Soprano/Belter
Claire Greenberg Photo Claire Greenberg Oklahoma City University Performance Reel (The Music That Makes Me Dance, When Did I Fall In Love, Good Girl) Soprano with belt
Claire Norden Photo Claire Norden Vassar College Someday- The Wedding Singer Soprano/Mix
Clara Zimm Photo Clara Zimm Montclair State University 'Bound to you' from Burlesque / 'Show Me' from My Fair Lady Soprano/ Belter
Claudia Montague Florida State University Someday - Wedding Singer, Vodka - Gershwin, Perfect - Edges mezzo soprano
Clay Miller Kent State University Tenor
Colin Gallaher Photo Colin Gallaher Western Connecticut State University 'You Go To My Head' from 1940's Radio Hour & ' Im Not That Smart' from Spelling Bee Bari-tenor
Colton Chase Mercado Photo Colton Chase Mercado James Madison University You'll Be Back Tenor
Connor Cheek Photo Connor Cheek Manhattan School of Music Sibella - A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder Bari-Tenor
Connor Olney Florida State University Bad Habit Tenor
Cooper McConnell Shaw Photo Cooper McConnell Shaw James Madison University Right Before My Eyes Baritone
Corey Bryant Photo Corey Bryant University of Phoenix On The Street Where You Live Tenor
Cory Simmons Photo Cory Simmons Anderson University “Favorite Places” from Ordinary Days Baritone
Cosette Smith Photo Cosette Smith Oklahoma City University Heart of Stone/In My Life Soprano/ High Belt
Courteney McClutchy Point Park University Forever Your Girl and Namely You Mezzo
Courtney Anne Nelson Kent State University Rooftop Duet & I Can Cook Too Mezzo
Courtney O’Shea Sacred Heart University In My Dreams Soprano/Belter
Cynthia Ana Rivera Photo Cynthia Ana Rivera Western Connecticut State University Musical Theatre Reel Soprano/Mezzo Belt
Danielle Koenig Photo Danielle Koenig UCLA Gooch's Song from Mame and Leah from DNA by Dennis Kelly Mezzo-Soprano w/ Mix and Belt (Low E to High A, belt to E flat)
Danielle McKnight Photo Danielle McKnight Indiana University Bloomington Home Mezzo-Soprano/High Belter
Danielle Mouch Photo Danielle Mouch Ohio Northern University Get Out & Stay Out soprano
Danielle Stanek Photo Danielle Stanek Kent State University I Think That He Likes Me Mezzo-soprano
Danielle Troiano Photo Danielle Troiano University of Minnesota/Guthrie BFA Hot Asian Doctor Husband, Henry V, 'Even Though' from I Love You Because Mezzo
Danny LeMache Photo Danny LeMache Montclair State University Born in Laredo Tenor
Danny Martin Shenandoah Conservatory 'My Petersburg' from ANASTASIA Baritenor
Danyel Renee Geddie Baldwin Wallace University If Pretty Hurts Ugly Must Be A Muhfucka (Monologue) Alto
David Gabriel Lerner Photo David Gabriel Lerner Manhattan School of Music "Ten Minutes Ago" - Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella Tenor
David McMaines Point Park University You've Got That Thing Bari-tenor
David Walker Photo David Walker The University of Southern Mississippi I Believe - The Book of Mormon Tenor
Delaney Guyer CCM Light in the Piazza Soprano
Derek Spaldo Photo Derek Spaldo The Theatre School at DePaul University The Aliens Baritone
Dom Pagliaro Indiana University Where Is The Life That Late I Led? Baritone
Dominick Ventrella Photo Dominick Ventrella Western Connecticut State University Performance Reel Baritone
Drew Bondy American University 'You Are Never Away' from ALLEGRO and 'It Hurts Me' from ALL SHOOK UP Tenor
Dylan Fisher University of North Carolina at Pembroke Let sing-Violet;Beautiful City-Godspell Tenor
Eduardo Marin University of West Florida Barry is Going to Prom Tenor
Elena Matchen Ohio Northern University 2min Vocal Reel Mezzo
Eleni Demos Photo Eleni Demos University of West Florida Vocal Reel Mezzo
Eleni Kutay Photo Eleni Kutay UC Irvine That’s How I Say Goodbye / Fly Into the Future Soprano with Mix/Belt
Elijah Dawson Baldwin Wallace University Big Love from Memphis Bass-Baritone
Elijah Lee King Photo Elijah Lee King University of Cincinnati-CCM Love Can’t Happen, Me, and Animal (REEL) Bari-Tenor
Elise E Dorsey Photo Elise E Dorsey Point Park University Best of My Love-The Emotions /Something of My Own-Dessa Rose Mezzo-Soprano
Elizabeth Lackey Photo Elizabeth Lackey Catawba College Falling- Smokey Joe's Cafe Soprano
Ellie Baker Marymount Manhattan College Mezzo-Soprano Belt
Em Shecter Photo Em Shecter Florida Atlantic University In my dreams Mezzo Soprano
Emely Martin Photo Emely Martin Salisbury University When the Music Played from Dr Zhivago by Lucy Simon Soprano
Emilee Batten Photo Emilee Batten University of North Carolina at Pembroke What Baking Can Do from Waitress and Mama Who Bore Me from Spring Awakening Soprano
Emily Ann Lostracco Photo Emily Ann Lostracco St. Lawrence College Someone Like You (Jekyll and Hyde)/ The Lonely Goatherd (The Sound of Music) SOPRANO
Emily Carbone Temple University To Keep My Love Alive/It's a Fix Range D3-E6
Emily Carpenter Photo Emily Carpenter The American Musical and Dramatic Academy More to The Story Mezzo Soprano
Emily Flack Photo Emily Flack William and Mary Performance Reel Soprano/Mix
Emily Foley Shenandoah University Since I Don't Have You Soprano
Emily Haynes Photo Emily Haynes The University of Alabama I Love Play Rehearsal Mezzo Soprano
Emily Hope Turner Emerson College One Of Us Mezzo-Sop/Soprano
Emily Lostracco Photo Emily Lostracco St. Lawrence College Someone Like You (Jekyll and Hyde)/ The Lonely Goatherd (The Sound of Music) SOPRANO
Emily Marczak Hofstra University I'm Not Afraid of Anything Mezzo-Soprano
Emily Riedel Photo Emily Riedel Temple University Hit Me With A Hot Note/Before It's Over Mezzo Soprano/Belter
Emily Sharick Point Park University When Did I Fall in Love/Fire and Ice Mezzo-soprano
Emily Shecter Photo Emily Shecter Florida Atlantic University In My Dreams Mezzo Soprano
Emily Urbanski Photo Emily Urbanski Belmont University Nothing Stops Another Day Soprano/Belt
Emily Whitey Mezzo Belt/ Soprano
Emily Whitley Photo Emily Whitley Brenau University “I’m Not Alone” from Carrie Mezzo/Belt- Soprano
Emma Rothfield Photo Emma Rothfield Northwestern University 'Where's My Shoe?', She Loves Me; 'The Beauty Is', The Light in the Piazza Soprano
Emma Vance Photo Emma Vance Elon University Vocal Reel Soprano
Emmanuel Elliot Key Photo Emmanuel Elliot Key Howard University Soul of a Man Tenor
Erica Melhorn Marymount Manhattan College Monologue // Song Alto
Erica Morchower Photo Erica Morchower Shenandoah Conservatory 'Why Try to Change Me Now' by Cy Coleman Alto
Erich W. Schleck Photo Erich W. Schleck CCM (College-Conservatory of Music) Summer, Highland Falls/Epiphany/Not the Boy Next Door Tenor
Erin Feldman Photo Erin Feldman Webster Conservatory Morning Person-Shrek/My House-Matilda Soprano/Belt
Erin Glenn Niebuhr Baldwin Wallace University Down With Love Mezzo-Soprano
Erin Schafheitle Photo Erin Schafheitle The Boston Conservatory Vocal Reel Mezzo
Etai Blumenstein American Musical and Dramatic Academy Don’t tell me Baritone
Ethan Canaan Ellis The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts Falcon in the Dive Baritone
Ethan Rich University of Central Florida Leave, from Once Tenor
Eva Carrasquero Photo Eva Carrasquero Molloy College/Cap21 In the Air Tonight - American Psycho Soprano (High Rocker Belt)
Evan Ayer Photo Evan Ayer The Hartt School Monologue, The Flick Baritone
Evan Benjamin The Hartt School Grace Kelly - MIKA Tenor
Evie Schuckman Photo Evie Schuckman Boston Conservatory at Berklee 'I'm Me' by Us The Duo Mezzo Soprano
Felicia Oduh Northwestern University (Monologues) 'Dance Nation' and 'Baltimore' Alto
Fernando Carsa Photo Fernando Carsa UCLA TFT Hero Tenor
Francesca Endres Photo Francesca Endres Marymount Manhattan College It Ain’t No Thing Mezzo/Belter
Francesca Litterio Photo Francesca Litterio Wagner College “Art is Calling for Me” - The Enchantress Soprano
Frankie Seratch Photo Frankie Seratch Point Park University 'Belief' & 'Never Will I Marry' Tenor
Gabi Chun Photo Gabi Chun Molloy/Cap21 Great Balls of Fire Soprano
Gabriel Girson Photo Gabriel Girson Syracuse University 'Scottish Golfers' by Robin Williams Baritone
Gabriella Adickes Manhattan School of Music How Long Has This Been Going On? Mezzo-Soprano
Gabrielle Hondorp Muhlenberg College My White Knight and Times Like This Soprano
Gabrielle Piacentile Photo Gabrielle Piacentile New York University Willing To Ride Mezzo Soprano
Garrett Wilson Photo Garrett Wilson New York University Floozies Tenor
Gianna Roccaro Photo Gianna Roccaro Manhattan School of Music 'The Gentleman Is a Dope' from Allegro Mezzo/Belt
Gill Vaughn-Spencer Photo Gill Vaughn-Spencer Point Park University Since I Gave My Heart Away Baritone
Gina Fonseca Photo Gina Fonseca Boston University School of Theatre Dance Nation Monologue Soprano
Ginny Swanson Photo Ginny Swanson Belmont University Highlights Reel Soprano
Gloria Kathleen Photo Gloria Kathleen University of Florida Monologue: Time Stands Still by Donald Margulies Soprano
Grace Dolezal-Ng Northwestern University Mash- Stupid Fucking Bird acting
Grace E. McLaughlin Shenandoah University 'If I Had You' Soprano/Belter
Haley Abbott Photo Haley Abbott Manhattan School of Music Everybody Says Don't- Anyone Can Whistle Mezzo
Haley Schwartz Brown / Trinity Rep M.F.A. Programs in Acting and Directing Cherry Wine Mezzo
Haley Wolff Photo Haley Wolff Missouri State University So Much Better- Legally Blonde Soprano/ Belter
Haleyann Hart Photo Haleyann Hart University of California, Los Angeles Different Drum Soprano/Belter
Halla Henry Photo Halla Henry Youngstown State 'In Short' Soprano/Belter
Hallie Chapman Photo Hallie Chapman University of Central Florida Home - The Wiz mezzo belt / Soprano
Hallie Walker Photo Hallie Walker Kent State University What It Means To Be A Friend - 13/Home - Beetlejuice Mezzo-Soprano
Hana Culbreath Photo Hana Culbreath Manhattan School of Music No One Else Legit soprano
Hank von Kolnitz Photo Hank von Kolnitz University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music 'Why God Why' from Miss Saigon, 'Here I Go/I've Just Seen a Face' (Dolly Parton/The Beatles) with Bailee Endebrock, 'Ilona'from She Loves Me Tenor
Hanna Zammarieh Photo Hanna Zammarieh Eastern Connecticut State University Monologue: The Seagull (Masha) N/A
Hannah Dobrogosz Photo Hannah Dobrogosz Elon University If The World Should End Soprano
Hannah Duncan Photo Hannah Duncan Coastal Carolina University Monologue - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Mezzo/Belter
Hannah Hakim Northwestern University Soprano/Belt F3-F6
Hannah Hensler Photo Hannah Hensler Kent State University Brand New Key Soprano
Hannah Marie Dahl Coastal Carolina University Vocal Reel Mezzo-Soprano
Hannah Michelle DeFranzo Photo Hannah Michelle DeFranzo Marymount Manhattan College Dance Reel Soprano
Hannah Wagner Photo Hannah Wagner University of New Hampshire Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm Mezzo-Soprano
Harley Seger The Boston Conservatory at Berklee Hand in Hand Mezzo Soprano
Havy Nguyen Photo Havy Nguyen Virginia Commonwealth University Anywhere But Here Soprano/Belter
Hayley Finetti Photo Hayley Finetti California State University, Chico I Dreamed a Dream Mezzo Soprano
Heather Mahoney Michigan State University Dangerous to Dream Mezzo/Alto
Helena Hallberg Photo Helena Hallberg Manhattan School of Music You Have To Be There Mezzo/Belt
Holly Hinchliffe Photo Holly Hinchliffe Northwestern University I Never Knew His Name Soprano
Hosea Mundi Photo Hosea Mundi American Musical and Dramatic Academy “When The Sun Goes Down” from Into the Heights Tenor
Hudson Snyder Photo Hudson Snyder Belmont University Great Big Stuff Baritone
Hugh Entrekin Photo Hugh Entrekin University of Michigan Streets of Dublin Baritenor
Ian Dominguez Ball Point Park University It Don't Get Better Than This Tenor
Isabella Dunsieth University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theatre BFA Actor Training Program Monologues: Margaret from Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare; Jackie-O from The House of Yes by Wendy MacLeod Soprano
Isaiah Tadros Photo Isaiah Tadros UC Irvine 'I'll Be Here' & 'Don't Let Me Go' Tenor/Baritone
Isiah Bostic Photo Isiah Bostic Western Connecticut State University Performance Reel Tenor
Iykechi McCoy DeSales University Showcase Reel Tenor
Izzy Hanson-Johnston Photo Izzy Hanson-Johnston The New School for Drama Run Away With Me Mezzo-Soprano
Izzy Mercaldo Photo Izzy Mercaldo Western Connecticut State University Put The Gun Down Mezzo-Soprano
J Travis Cooper Photo J Travis Cooper James Madison University Skyscraper Bass/Baritone
J'Quay Lamonte Gibbs Photo J'Quay Lamonte Gibbs Indiana University of Pennsylvania Santa Fe Baritenor
J.R. Bloomer Photo J.R. Bloomer Limestone College Finishing the Hat Baritone/Tenor
Jack B. Murphy Shenandoah Conservatory 'In The Temple' Tenor
Jack Dillon Photo Jack Dillon University of Connecticut Acting Reel Barienor
Jack Wyatt Herrin CAP21/Molloy College My Strongest Suit - Aida Tenor (G2-C5)
Jacob Ryan Smith The University of Michigan Marry Me A Little Tenor
Jake Aboyoun Marymount Manhattan College Vocal Reel Tenor
Jake Hartman Elon University Vocal Reel Tenor
Jake Wallack Northwestern University Monologue from 'Red Light Winter' Baritenor
Jalon Matthews Photo Jalon Matthews UC Irvine I Could Be In Love With Someone/Resolution Tenor
James Silverstein Photo James Silverstein CAP21/Molloy College 'Things I'll Never Say' by Avril Lavigne Tenor
Janae Hammond Photo Janae Hammond Missouri State University Wallflower Alto
Jane Emma Barnett Photo Jane Emma Barnett Northwestern University Monologue from Much Ado and Dance Nation Alto
JāQuan M. Jones Norfolk State University
Jasper Keen Photo Jasper Keen University of North Carolina School of the Arts (Monologue) Runaways by Elizabeth Swados Baritone
Jaye Alexander Photo Jaye Alexander University of Michigan My Eyes Tenor 1
Jaylan Evans Elon University Vocal Reel Bari/Tenor
Jaymie Inouye Photo Jaymie Inouye BYU 'With You' - Ghost, Monologue from 'Wonder of the World' by David Lindsay-Abaire Mezzo
Jenna Leavitt Photo Jenna Leavitt Missouri State University 'I Think That He Likes Me' Mezzo-Belt
Jenna Levere Photo Jenna Levere Manhattan School of Music Enjoy Being Mezzo
Jenna Michelle Redmond Photo Jenna Michelle Redmond The University of Texas at Arlington 'I Will Prevail' from Wonderland Mezzo Soprano/Belter
Jenna Ravenda New Jersey City University Never Enough Belt / Soprano
Jessica Caldwell CAP21/Molloy College I Hear Bells - Starting Here, Starting Now Soprano
Jessica Morilak Photo Jessica Morilak Manhattan School of Music Someone Woke Up Mezzo/ belter
Jessica Orelus Photo Jessica Orelus Muhlenberg College Crayon Girl by Ryan Scott Oliver Alto/Mezzo-Soprano
Jillian Marzziotti Photo Jillian Marzziotti William and Mary Highlight Reel Mezzo Soprano
Jillian Moore Photo Jillian Moore The Hartt School The World According to Chris (Carrie the Musical) Soprano- High mix belt to an A5 and legit to a D6
Jo Armstrong Photo Jo Armstrong Manhattan School of Music Vocal Reel Mezzo/Belter
Joey LaPlant Photo Joey LaPlant Indiana University Vocal Reel Bass/Baritone
Johana Gracia Lara Photo Johana Gracia Lara Lehman College Glitter and be Gay Soprano
John Neurohr Boston Conservatory at Berklee In Summer and Dance Reel Baritenor
Jonathan Tyus Williams Manhattanville College I’ll be here tomorrow from The Grand Tour Tenor
Jordan Adams Sack Photo Jordan Adams Sack Sweet Briar College 'Alyssa Greene' from The Prom & Original Monologue Alto/Mezzo-Soprano
Jordan Marie McMillan Photo Jordan Marie McMillan Point Park University Run Away Baby Mezzo
Jordan Ray Martin Photo Jordan Ray Martin East Carolina University Musical Theatre Reel Bari-Tenor
Jordan Sledd Photo Jordan Sledd Ithaca College Vocal Reel Tenor 1
Josh Mooiweer Photo Josh Mooiweer Point Park University “Romeo and Juliet” from Reefer Madness & “Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus Baritenor
Joshua Cody Photo Joshua Cody Shenandoah University Come to a Party Bari- Tenor
Joshua Frink Photo Joshua Frink Oakland University Finishing the Hat Baritone/Tenor
Joshua Keen Photo Joshua Keen Syracuse University I'd Rather Be Sailing Baritone
Joshua Kring Syracuse University Reel: 'Something's Coming' (West Side Story), Bad Jews, 'My Unfortunate Erection' (...Spelling Bee) Baritenor
Joshua Olujide Photo Joshua Olujide New York University Dust and Ashes Baritenor
Joshua Scott Sailes Photo Joshua Scott Sailes Indiana University Bloomington Say It To Me Now Baritone
Joshua Todd Cody Shenandoah University Come to a Party Bari- Tenor
JT Snyder Photo JT Snyder Texas Christian University Senior Showcase ('Maria' - West Side Story, A Bronx Tale- Monologue, 'Step too Far'-Aida Bari-Tenor
Julia A. Wallach Photo Julia A. Wallach New York University Changing My Major Soprano
Julia Marie Black Photo Julia Marie Black SUNY Fredonia Soon- A Little Night Music Soprano
Julia Solecki The Boston Conservatory at Berklee Who Put The Bomp by Barry Mann Mezzo Soprano/ Belt
Julia Wallach Photo Julia Wallach New York University Changing My Major Mezzo-Soprano/Soprano
Kaelin Curran 'No One Else' - NATASHA, PIERRE, & THE GREAT COMET OF 1812 soprano w/ belt and legit
Kaelin Curran Photo Kaelin Curran Kent State University 'No One Else' - NATASHA, PIERRE & THE GREAT COMET OF 1812 Soprano w/ Belt and Legit
Kaila Noelle Shenandoah Conservatory Right In Front of Your Eyes Mezzo-Soprano
Kaimana Neil Roosevelt University Taking The Wheel Tenor
Kait Fitzpatrick SUNY Fredonia Vocal Reel Mezzo-Soprano
Kaleb Jenkins Coastal Carolina University Love Can't Happen - Grand Hotel Tenor
Kalen Robinson Howard University 'Gimme Gimme ' and 'Watch What Happens' Mezzo-Soprano
Karissa Dumbacher Photo Karissa Dumbacher University of Central Florida Karissa Dumbacher's Vocal Reel Soprano w/ High Belt
Karley Kornegay Photo Karley Kornegay East Carolina University Musical Theatre Reel Soprano
Kate Schiliro Photo Kate Schiliro New York University Tisch You'll Be Back Belt w/ strong head voice
Katejoule Carney Photo Katejoule Carney New York University Performance Reel (including 'He Touched Me', 'Dyin' Ain't So Bad Reprise', 'Over The Rainbow', 'Both Sides Now', 'It Takes Two', and 'Carried Me With You'. Mezzo-Soprano
Katelin Fitts Western Carolina University Someone Woke Up Mezzo-Soprano
Katherine Berger Photo Katherine Berger University of Miami Girl Scout Soprano/Belt
Kathleen Laura Halverson Photo Kathleen Laura Halverson James Madison University When Will My Life Begin - Tangled Mezzo-Soprano
Katie Willis Photo Katie Willis New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts What Baking Can Do Mezzo Soprano
Kayla King Photo Kayla King Syracuse University Reel: Stand Up (Harriet), Soulmate (Lizzo), Being Alive (Company) Soprano w/ Belt
Kayla Nicosia Photo Kayla Nicosia Point Park University Step Out Of The Shadows - Glen Hansard, Europe (Monologue) - Michael Gow Mezzo
Keanna Irving Photo Keanna Irving The King's College Wonderful Guy Soprano/Belter
Kelsey Cox Photo Kelsey Cox The Hartt School, University of Hartford Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 Soprano
Kelsey McFall Photo Kelsey McFall CAP21/ Molloy College Big Time Mezzo-Soprano
Kelsie Hicks Photo Kelsie Hicks New York University 'Stars and the Moon' and Dance Reel Mezzo
Kendall Morgan Berry College Miracle of Miracles Tenor
Kenneth Remaklus Photo Kenneth Remaklus Otterbein University Vocal Reel: 'Me, Who Am I?' from Cinderella, 'Good Kid' from The Lightning Thief, and 'The Contest' from Sweeney Todd Tenor
Kevin Geraghty Photo Kevin Geraghty Western Connecticut State University Dance Reel Baritone/ Bass
Kiera Sheehan Photo Kiera Sheehan The Hartt School Paris - Gilmore Girls Alto
Kiki Burns Photo Kiki Burns Elon University Kiki Burns Performance Reel Soprano
Kimberly Hagland Photo Kimberly Hagland University of Central Florida Quiet Mezzo W/ Belt
Kirsten Ayala Photo Kirsten Ayala New Jersey City University Buenos Aires-Evita Soprano/High Belt
Krissey Michele Browder Photo Krissey Michele Browder Catawba College 'See, I'm Smiling'/'Asheville' Mezzo Soprano
Kristen VanDerlyn The Hartt School Gotta Get Out Soprano w/ low chest belt
Kristian Huff Photo Kristian Huff Brigham Young University Song: Death of a Bachelor - Panic! At the Disco; Monologue: Lost in Yonkers - Neil Simon Tenor
Kristin Weiss Photo Kristin Weiss The Hartt School Game On Mezzo-Soprano
Krosby João Roza Photo Krosby João Roza Marymount Manhattan College Anthem Bari Tenor
Kurtis Bradley Brown Photo Kurtis Bradley Brown University of Cincinnati - CCM Let Me Walk Among You Tenor
Kyle Brace Photo Kyle Brace Otterbein University VOCAL REEL: 'Your Man' - Josh Turner, 'All I Care About' from CHICAGO, and 'Gorgeous' from The Apple Tree Bass/Baritone
Kyle Brincks Photo Kyle Brincks Elon University Vocal Reel Tenor
Kylie Liya Page Photo Kylie Liya Page The University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music Id Give My Life For You- Miss Saigon, All You Wanna Do- Six, Cuz I Love You- Lizzo Mezzo Soprano
Laine Fletcher Photo Laine Fletcher LaGrange College Blue Horizon Mezzo Soprano
Lana Graves Photo Lana Graves Manhattan School of Music 'Falling in Love With Love'/'Even Though' Soprano/Belt
Laura Bennett Photo Laura Bennett Anderson University - South Carolina School of the Arts Dead Mom Mezzo-Soprano
Laura Zimmer Photo Laura Zimmer Manhattan School of Music Out of Love Mezzo- Soprano / Alto
Lauren Drewello Photo Lauren Drewello Montclair State University 'Fighter' - Christina Aguliera/'Let Us Be Glad' - Wicked Soprano/Belter
Lauren Louis Photo Lauren Louis California State University Fullerton Breathe (In the Heights) & Ready to be Loved (Edges: A Song Cycle) Soprano w/ High Belt
Lauren Metzinger Photo Lauren Metzinger Belmont University Both Sides Now Soprano
Lauren Renner Photo Lauren Renner Anderson University I Can Cook Too Mezzo Soprano / Belter
Lauren Tidmore Photo Lauren Tidmore Baldwin Wallace University When the Sun Comes Out (Song) and Outta Your Mind (Dance) Mezzo-Soprano
Lauryn Hobbs Photo Lauryn Hobbs University of Michigan I Cain't Say No Soprano
Lauryn Simone Photo Lauryn Simone Howard University Woe Is Me Soprano/Belter
Lena Conatser Southern Utah University What is it About Her, Andrew Lippa’s Wild Party Mezzo Soprano
Lena Sakalla Photo Lena Sakalla University of West Florida When It All Falls Down Mezzo Soprano
Lexi Rae Smith Photo Lexi Rae Smith Point Park University 'The Light in the Piazza' Soprano with belt
Lexi Rastelli DeSales University Dead Mom Mezzo/Belter
Lexi Rhem Photo Lexi Rhem The Hartt School Girl in the Mirror - Grand Hotel Mezzo-Soprano
Liam Collins Photo Liam Collins Manhattan School of Music Goodbye - Catch Me If You Can Tenor
Liat Shuflita Photo Liat Shuflita Elon University Vocal Reel Mezzo-Soprano/Belter
Lilianna Solum Photo Lilianna Solum Florida State University Performance Reel Mezzo - Belter
Lily Hickey Photo Lily Hickey Oklahoma City University Over the Rainbow & The Girl Who Drove Away Soprano / Belter
Lincoln Belford Photo Lincoln Belford Otterbein University Golden Rainbow Tenor
Lindsey Kellogg Georgia College and State University 'Summertime' from Porgy & Bess Alto
Linnea Scott Photo Linnea Scott University of North Carolina School of the Arts (Scene) Little Women Alto
Lisa Podulka Photo Lisa Podulka Indiana University Old Devil Moon Prefer alto, but any
Liv Kurtz Western Connecticut State University Faith Soprano/Belt
Liv Tummillo Elon University Vocal Reel Soprano
Livi Rose D’Achille Photo Livi Rose D’Achille Long Island University Post Musical Theatre Reel: I Love The Way (Something Rotten!), Veronique (On the 20th Century), Backwoods Barbie (9to5) Soprano with Belt
Liz Grannis University of Northern Colorado Simple Joys of Maidenhood Soprano
Lucas Beckett Photo Lucas Beckett Belmont University Love Like This - Ben Rector / Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me - Elton John Baritenor
Lucy Panush Photo Lucy Panush Northwestern University Can't Stop Talking and Lifeboat Mezzo Soprano
Luke Major Photo Luke Major Indiana University- Bloomington Bring Him Home Tenor
Lydia Hartman Photo Lydia Hartman Northwestern University 'Stage Kiss' / 'The Staggering Heartbreak of Jasmine Merriwether' n/a
Mac McGougan Photo Mac McGougan University of North Carolina at Pembroke Who I’d Be from Shrek the Musical and C’est Moi from Camelot Bari-Tenor
Mackenzie Greiner Photo Mackenzie Greiner Manhattan School of Music Eliza from The Curious Case of the Watson Intelligence/ Right Through You by Alanis Morissette Mezzo
Mackenzie Grosse Photo Mackenzie Grosse Oakland Univeristy Life Of The Party Soprano Belter
Mackenzie Meadows Photo Mackenzie Meadows James Madison University Almost There Mezzo Soprano / Belter
Mackenzie Moyer Photo Mackenzie Moyer DeSales University Abigail Williams, The Crucible Soprano
Maddi Kilgore Photo Maddi Kilgore Belmont University Good Boys by Josie Dunn Mezzo-Soprano/Belt
Madeline Bernstein Photo Madeline Bernstein New York University This Is All Very New to Me/ Ready to Be Loved Soprano
Madeline Dalton Photo Madeline Dalton The Hartt School 'Midnight' by Jessie Ware Mezzo-Soprano Belter
Madeline Hudelson Elon University Soprano/ High Mix Belter
Madeline Lukomski New York University Vocal Reel (including Roxie, As Long As You're Mine, How the Other Half Lives) Mezzo/Belt
Madeline Walker University of Central Florida Vocal Reel Mezzo
Madelyn Allender Photo Madelyn Allender Indiana University All the Things You Are Soprano
Madelyn Sproat Photo Madelyn Sproat Emerson College Unusual Way Soprano
Madison Adams Hagler Photo Madison Adams Hagler CCM (College-Conservatory of Music) Brand New Girlfriend/ God I Hate Shakespeare/ Apologize Tenor
Madison Deadman Photo Madison Deadman College Conservatory of Music Lickety Split (Diana DeGarmo), Shallow *feat. Sam Pickart (A Star is Born ), On My Own (Les Miserables) Alto/Mezzo Belt
Madison Steiner Photo Madison Steiner High Point University Sing Happy Mezzo- Soprano
Mafe Parada Ruiz Photo Mafe Parada Ruiz University of West Florida She Used to Be Mine Mezzo
Maggie McCown The University of Alabama Papa Don't Preach, Dance Reel, Shopping Around from Wish You Were Here Mezzo/Belter
Mallory Fischer Photo Mallory Fischer New York University Steinhardt What’s Gonna Happen - Tootsie Soprano
Marchael Giles Marymount Manhattan College Monologues from “Pipeline” and “Gloria” Bass
Marcus Canada Photo Marcus Canada Oklahoma City University Slide Some Oil/Go Back Home Tenor
Marcus M Martin Photo Marcus M Martin Baldwin Wallace University Free At Last Baritone-Tenor
Marcus Wells Photo Marcus Wells Molloy College/CAP21 What You’d Call a Dream Tenor
Marella Sabio Photo Marella Sabio Elon University Acting Reel Alto
Mari Duckler Photo Mari Duckler New York University TMI- Carner and Gregor Mixer/Belter
Marisa Renee Budnick Photo Marisa Renee Budnick The Hartt School Jenny's Blues Mezzo
Marissa Liotta Photo Marissa Liotta Catholic University Song: Spring Cleaning (Fugitive Songs)Jump/Cut Mezzo
Marissa Smoker Photo Marissa Smoker Point Park University Map of Scars, Little Bit in Love, You Don't Know Me Soprano with Strong Belt
Mary Kate Petsky Photo Mary Kate Petsky Manhattan School of Music Old Fashioned Love Story Soprano/ Belt (E3-F6)
Mary Kim Photo Mary Kim Missouri State University Your Texas Soprano/Belter
Matt Copley Photo Matt Copley CCM (College-Conservatory of Music) 'Raise a Little Hell' from Bonnie & Clyde and 'Old Red Hills of Home' from Parade. Tenor
Matt Donzella Photo Matt Donzella The University of The Arts Safe Tenor
Matt Wunsch USC Jack from the film 'Man Up' Base
Matthew Carp Photo Matthew Carp The Hartt School 'Haven't Met You Yet' (Michael Bublé), Dance Clips Baritone
Matty Balkum Photo Matty Balkum The Boston Conservatory Bilbao Song (Kurt Weill) Baritenor (F2-Ab4, Countertenor A6)
Maverick Rauen Point Park University 'Don't Be a Fool' by Shawn Mendes Tenor
Maxime Prissert Elon University Vocal Reel (Johnny Cash, Camelot, Red Hot Chili Peppers, & Elvis Presley) Bass/Baritone
Maya Cuevas The Hartt School Is It Really Me Mezzo-Soprano
McKenna OGrodnik Photo McKenna OGrodnik Coastal Carolina University Apply Mezzo-Soprano
McKenzie Bryan Photo McKenzie Bryan The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts Vanilla Ice Cream Soprano/Coloratura
McKinley Seale Photo McKinley Seale Point Park University 'Romeo and Juliet' from Reefer Madness and 'A Little Bit Less Than' from It Shoulda Been You Soprano with belt
Meg Guiney Molloy College/ CAP 21 Tell Her I Love Her Soprano
Megan Arseneau Photo Megan Arseneau Wright State University All that Matters Soprano Mix/Belt
Megan Fry DeSales University Ribbons Down My Back Soprano
Megan Gwyn Photo Megan Gwyn University of Hartford Seascape with Sharks and Dancer Mezzo-Soprano
Meggara Blake Photo Meggara Blake Shenandoah University 'Wait Till You See Him' Legit Soprano and Mix/Belt
Meghan Greene Photo Meghan Greene James Madison University A Stranger Soprano w/Mix Belt
Melissa Campbell Photo Melissa Campbell Oklahoma City University Vocal Reel (Rumble Rumble Rumble, Rise Up, Someone to Watch Over Me, What Baking Can Do) Mezzo-Soprano
Melissa Tormene Photo Melissa Tormene Belmont University 'Big White Room' and 'In My Dreams' Soprano
Melissa Wickland Photo Melissa Wickland Viterbo University Little Miss Perfect (Tapes: A Song Cycle) & I Found A New Baby (Bullets Over Broadway) Soprano/Belter
Mia Nevarez Northwestern University Breathe (In the Heights), Call Me (Blonde) Mezzo (belt)
Michael Canu CCM (College- Conservatory of Music) 'Multitudes of Amys' cut from Company, It's Not Unusual- Tom Jones, and Proud Lady from The Baker's Wife Tenor
Michael Hoey Photo Michael Hoey The Boston Conservatory 'If the World Looked Like You' and Dance Reel Tenor
Michael Morley Point Park University 'The Lady Must Be Mad' - Illyria/ The Inheritance Monologue Tenor
Michael Olaribigbe University of Central Florida I Love Betsy Tenor
Michael Santomassimo Photo Michael Santomassimo Pace University Dance Reel Tenor
Mick Elliott Photo Mick Elliott SUNY Geneseo Michael in the Bathroom / Try Me Tenor
Mikaela Krall Photo Mikaela Krall Lebanon Valley College Somewhere That's Green from Little Shop of Horrors Soprano
Mikaela Rada Photo Mikaela Rada University of the Arts Mikaela Rada’s Dance Reel Alto
Mikaela Ray Photo Mikaela Ray Kent State University 'The Secret Service' from Mr. President and 'You Oughta Know' from Jagged Little Pill Mezzo-Soprano
Mike Katz Photo Mike Katz Western Connecticut State University Musical Theater Dance Reel Baritenor
Milan Magana Photo Milan Magana UC Irvine Lost and Found, Nothing Short of Wonderful Mezzo
Mo DeGreen Montclair State University Down with Love Soprano
Monica Lockwood Photo Monica Lockwood University Of Texas at Arlington Just One Step Soprano with belt
Morgan Gillespie Photo Morgan Gillespie East Carolina University Now You Know- Merrily We Roll Along Mezzo Soprano
Morgan Lennon Photo Morgan Lennon New York University Cabaret Reel Mezzo-Soprano
Morgan Mastrangelo Photo Morgan Mastrangelo Northwestern University Can't Stand Still - 'Footloose', and Awaiting You, from 'Myths and Hymns' Tenor
Morgan Milone Photo Morgan Milone SUNY Fredonia Vocal Reel! Soprano
Morgan Pereira Photo Morgan Pereira New York University Burn - Hamilton Mezzo-Soprano
Morgan Snowden Photo Morgan Snowden Point Park University 'Blue Horizon' and 'That's Life' Soprano/Belter
Murphy Taylor Smith Photo Murphy Taylor Smith Penn State A Normal Day by Sam Salmond Contralto
Nadia Belaouchi Photo Nadia Belaouchi Molloy College/Cap21 “I Say No” from Heathers Soprano w/ Belt
Nadina Hassan Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music Stranger to the Rain Soprano w/ belt
Nanami Harada Manhattanville College We Kiss In a Shadow Soprano
Natalie Giannosa California State University Fullerton Cute Boys With Short Haircuts/Glitter And Be Gay Soprano
Natalie Renfro Photo Natalie Renfro Missouri State University How Can I Wait Alto/ Belt
Natalie Welch Northwestern University mezzo-soprano
Nathan Podziewski Hartt School Monologue- We Need to Talk About Kevin Tenor
Nicholas Hall Photo Nicholas Hall University of New Hampshire Vocal Reel(Thin Air, Lucky in Love, Worlds Greatest Dad, I Chose Right) Tenor
Nick Berninger University of Cincinnati - College Conservatory of Music (CCM) Great Balls of Fire/ You Walk With Me/ Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat Tenor
Nick Drake Photo Nick Drake Baldwin Wallace University Let's Get It On Tenor
Nicole Laurent and Reece McKenzie Photo Nicole Laurent and Reece McKenzie Associated Studios When You're Home - In The Heights Mezzo Soprano and Bass Baritone
Nicole Marquez-Davis Photo Nicole Marquez-Davis St. Edward's University Higher - Allegiance / Simple Joys - Pippin Mezzo-Soprano Belter
Nicolette Boillotat Photo Nicolette Boillotat Drew University Vocal Reel Soprano (Legit w/ Strong Mix)
Nicolette Minella Photo Nicolette Minella Shenandoah Conservatory The Great Escape (P!nk)/ I'd Rather Be Me (Mean Girls)/Heartbreaker (Pat Benatar) Mezzo-Soprano/Belt
Nina Donville Indiana University Bloomington The Wizard and I Mezzo
Noah Lentini Photo Noah Lentini Syracuse University Dance Reel Tenor
Noelle Cornelius Photo Noelle Cornelius Elon University Vocal Reel Soprano/Belt
Noelle Elise Crites Photo Noelle Elise Crites SUNY Fredonia Vocal Reel! Mezzo-Soprano
Olivia Coniglio Photo Olivia Coniglio The Catholic University of America Someone Gets Hurt Belter/Soprano 1
Olivia DeFilippo Molloy College/CAP21 Green Finch and Linnet Bird Soprano
Olivia Worley Photo Olivia Worley Northwestern University My Grand Plan from The Lightning Thief Mezzo-soprano
Patrick W. Jones Photo Patrick W. Jones SUNY Geneseo Good Old Days Baritenor
Paul J Hernandez Photo Paul J Hernandez Manhattan School of Music Lonely House Tenor
Pearl Prentice Photo Pearl Prentice The Hartt School, The University of Hartford Dead Mom Soprano w/ Mix Belt
Pedro Fontes Hartt School Monologue - Goldfish Baritenor
Pedro Nuno Silva Photo Pedro Nuno Silva Manhattanville College So in Love front Kiss Me, Kate Baritone
Peyton MacKay Tinder Photo Peyton MacKay Tinder The Hartt School Show Me Soprano
Pierre Mballa Photo Pierre Mballa Point Park University “Messy Bessy” by Louis Jordan/ “Infinite Joy” from Elegies Baritone
Pietro Bongiovanni Photo Pietro Bongiovanni Point Park University Wake Me Up - Avicii (Self Accompanied on Guitar), Sarah - Civil War Baritenor
Preston Taylor Photo Preston Taylor Brigham Young University Preston Taylor Vocal Reel Tenor
Quinn Mei Lysaght Photo Quinn Mei Lysaght Point Park University I'll Forget You/Non So Più Cosa Son/Monologue Soprano with Belt
Rachel Brideau Photo Rachel Brideau Manhattan School of Music Quiet Soprano/Belter
Rachel Cahoon Point Park University When I Sing In My Car Soprano/Belt
Rachel Mary Green Wright State University Soprano/ Strong Alto Belt
Rachel Parker Point Park University Mama Knows Best by Jessie J Soprano/Belt
Rachel Post Photo Rachel Post California State University Long Beach The Life of the Party Mezzo-Soprano
Rae'l Ba Pace University Monologue - Milk Like Sugar Alto
Raffaela Cicchetti Photo Raffaela Cicchetti Manhattan School of Music 'Positive' from Legally Blonde Soprano/Belter
Raheem Fielder - Bey University of Central Missouri Purpose - Avenue Q Bari-Tenor
Randy Campo Rutgers University All Good Gifts - Godspell Tenor
Reilly Lincavicks Photo Reilly Lincavicks Shenandoah Conservatory What A Girl Gotta Do (The Jonas Brothers) Mezzo-soprano/belt
Rekhia Adams Photo Rekhia Adams Northwestern University (Monologues) 'In The Forest, She Grew Fangs' and 'Today Is My Birthday' Mezzo Soprano / Belter
Richard Chaz Gomez Photo Richard Chaz Gomez Abilene Christian University What Is It About Her Bari-Tenor
Richard Forrist Photo Richard Forrist Missouri State University Walking in Memphis Bari-Tenor
Riley Fisher Photo Riley Fisher University of Northern Colorado Good Kid- The Lightning Thief Tenor
Riley Henderson Belmont University Hit By a Bus (Original) Baritone/Tenor
Riley Wilson Photo Riley Wilson Hope College When Words Fail Tenor/Baritone
Robbi Fryer Photo Robbi Fryer Baldwin Wallace University Monologue: How To Catch Creation N/A
Ron Zak Kent State University When I Climb to the Top of Mount Rock Tenor I
Ross Turkington Northwestern University Monologues: The High Sparrow/School of Rock Baritenor
Ryahn Evers Photo Ryahn Evers University of Northern Colorado Never - On The Twentieth Century Mezzo
Ryan Albinus Western Carolina University Musical Theatre Reel 'As We Stumble Along' From The Drowsy Chaperone, 'Pinball Wizard' from Tommy, and 'Gethsemane' from Jesus Christ Superstar Tenor A2-g5
Ryan Foreman Photo Ryan Foreman Northwestern University (monologues) Ever in the Glades, The Flick (Song) House of the Rising Sun Bari-tenor
Ryan J Lynch Belmont University Death of a Bachelor Tenor
Ryan J. Lloyd Photo Ryan J. Lloyd Rider University They Call the Wind Mariah Baritenor
Ryan Lloyd Photo Ryan Lloyd Rider University A Bit of Earth Baritenor
Ryan Washington Photo Ryan Washington Centenary University Judas’ Death - Jesus Christ Superstar Tenor
Rylie Butzbaugh-Patrick Photo Rylie Butzbaugh-Patrick Shenandoah University Monologue from JUNEBUG N/A
Sam Dubin University of Michigan Monologue - Con - Stupid Fucking Bird by Aaron Posner Baritone
Sam Linda Photo Sam Linda Northwestern University I Could Be in Love With Someone Like You/In Summer Baritone
SAM LINKOWSKI UCLA Way Ahead of My Time/ Monologue: Andre's Mother Bari-tenor
Sam Pearson Elon University Performance Reel Soprano
Sam Pickart CCM This Is Not Over Yet Baritenor
Sam Sanderson Photo Sam Sanderson Indiana University Miracle of Miracles (Fiddler on the Roof) Baritone
Samantha Blafford Brooklyn College Your Daddy's Son, Everything I Know, How Did We Come to This Mezzo soprano/belt
Samantha Gorjanc Photo Samantha Gorjanc University of Northern Colorado Everybody Loves Louis - Sunday In The Park With George Mezzo Soprano
Samantha Mautner Photo Samantha Mautner Temple University I Love The Way (Something Rotten), Rags (Rags) Legit Soprano/Belt
Samantha Resnick Photo Samantha Resnick Long Island University Post Should I Be Sweet? Legit soprano with mix/belt
Samantha Tullie New York University Vocal Reel including: Warm all Over - The Most Happy Fella; Anywhere but Here - Honeymoon in Vegas; Evergreen - YEBBA Soprano w/ mix belt
Sami Weathersby Photo Sami Weathersby Shenandoah University 'Never Again' 'All of My Laughter' Mezzo/Belter
Sarah Beth Cumella Photo Sarah Beth Cumella Auburn University Dead Mom mezzo soprano
Sarah Mae Andersen James Madison University Beyond My Wildest Dreams from The Little Mermaid Soprano
Sarah Matlow Ohio Northern University Just Breathe Mezzo Sop/Belt
Sarah Milnamow The Hartt School Much More Soprano
Sarah Rasey Photo Sarah Rasey Catawba College Woman from The Pirate Queen Soprano
Sarah Tye Photo Sarah Tye Marymount Manhattan College Vocal Reel Soprano
Sarah Weyrich Viterbo University 'Can't Stop Talking About Him' and 'Suddenly Seymour' Soprano with Mix/Belt
Sarai Harding Photo Sarai Harding Missouri State University Spring Cleaning Mezzo Soprano (Belt)
Savannah Sinclair Manhattan School of Music Get Out and Stay Out Mezzo-Soprano
Scarlett Bress Photo Scarlett Bress The University of Southern California monologue: Alice from the play Closer
Sean Michael Conway Photo Sean Michael Conway Bucknell University I'm Alive Tenor
Sean Stack University of North Carolina School of the Arts 'Tennessee Whiskey' Tenor
Shahil Patel Photo Shahil Patel University Of California, Irvine 'Larger Than Life'/ 'Shut Up and Dance' Tenor
Shaila Murdock Photo Shaila Murdock Shenandoah Conservatory 'I Found A Boy' by Adele Mezzo Belter
Shea Coughlin Photo Shea Coughlin Western Connecticut State University Musical Theater Dance Reel Mezzo/belt
Shelby Griswold Photo Shelby Griswold Baldwin Wallace University Always Starting Over/I'm The Greatest Star/Mercedes Benz Mezzo-Soprano
Sierra Wilson Photo Sierra Wilson Temple University I Had Myself a True Love - St.Louis Woman I Got Love - Purlie Mezzo Soprano
Sophia Delucchi Photo Sophia Delucchi AMDA Times Are Hard For Dreamers Mezzo Soprano/Belter
Sophia Konat University of Southern California I Chose Right Soprano/Belter
Sophia Masterson Photo Sophia Masterson Carnegie Mellon University 'Time Heals Everything' from Mack and Mabel Soprano
Sophie Belle Goldstein Pace University How Bout a Dance Mezzo/Soprano
Sophie Shahbazi Photo Sophie Shahbazi Viterbo University No Man Left For Me-Will Rogers Follies mezzo/belter
Stacie Sambrano Oakland University Burn from Hamilton Mezzo Soprano
Stephanie Garofalo Photo Stephanie Garofalo Syracuse University 'Dear Friend' and 'All Falls Down' Soprano/ Mix-Belt/ Belt
Stevie LeWarne Photo Stevie LeWarne New York University 'As Long As You're Mine' from Wicked Tenor
Sy Thomas Photo Sy Thomas Kent State University I'm Going Down by Mary J Blige & There's Always Me from All Shook Up the Musical Soprano-belter
Sydney Higgins University of Northern Colorado Just Breathe - The Prom Alto/Mezzo
Sydney Howard Baldwin Wallace University History of Wrong Guys (Reprise) Belt/Soprano
Sydney Lyons SUNY Geneseo The Life I Never Led/ See I'm Smiling Soprano
Talitha McDougall Jones Photo Talitha McDougall Jones Manhattan School of Music Maybe I Like it This Way Soprano
Tara Willey Photo Tara Willey Elon University Vocal Reel Soprano/Belt
Taran Beasley Photo Taran Beasley Ohio Northern University 'There's A World Out There' from Little Women, 'Adele's Laughing Song' from Die Fledermaus, and monologue Soprano/Belt
Taylor Congdon Photo Taylor Congdon DeSales University Darryl is a Boy Mezzo Soprano/Belt
Taylor Erin Wade Photo Taylor Erin Wade Emerson College Vocal Reel Mezzo Soprano with high belt
Teagan Earley Photo Teagan Earley University of Notre Dame 'The Life I Never Led' from Sister Act // 'Out of Sight, Out of Mind' from A Tale of Two Cities Mezzo/Belter
Thomas Moore Photo Thomas Moore University of Northern Colorado We Can Do It, The Bad Years Tenor
Tianna Taylor College of Southern Maryland There’s Always Me from All Shook Up Mezzo-Soprano
Tiffany Thompson Photo Tiffany Thompson Drew University Lady is a Tramp Soprano/Belter
Timmy Lewis Penn State University Film Reel Baritone
Tori Vacca Photo Tori Vacca Sacred Heart University I Got Lost in His Arms Soprano with Belt
Treston Henderson Photo Treston Henderson Austin Peay State University Something’s Coming - West Side Story Bari-Tenor
Trista Tratos Manhattan School of Music 'Out of The Blue' Andrew Lippa, 'Look What Happened to Mabel' Jerry Herman Belter
Tristan Lesso Photo Tristan Lesso New York University Forest For the Trees Tenor
Tuuli Sandvold Northwestern University Monologues from The Whale and Dance Nation N/A
Ty Norris Photo Ty Norris Christopher Newport University Love Who You Love Tenor
Tyler Gallaher Western CT. State University Tyler Gallaher's MT Quick Reel Baritenor
Usman Ali Ishaq Photo Usman Ali Ishaq Ithaca College Overjoyed - Stevie Wonder Tenor
Vanessa Kolby Kent State University Skyscraper Mezzo Soprano
Vaughn Sherman Photo Vaughn Sherman Arizona State University Lonely Room - Oklahoma Baritone
Vero Maynez The Theatre School at DePaul University Alexis Scheer's 'Our Dear Dead Drug Lord' (Monologue) N/A
Veronica Otim Photo Veronica Otim Baldwin Wallace University- Conservatory of Music 'All Good People' Mezzo-Soprano
Victoria Alev Duffy Photo Victoria Alev Duffy Fordham University Monica's Song (Clinton the Musical) mezzo sop/sop 1
Wain Richardson Photo Wain Richardson East Carolina University I'm Not That Smart Bari-tenor
Whitnee A. Bomkamp Manhattan School of Music Soprano
Wildlin Pierrevil Photo Wildlin Pierrevil University of Florida Moving Too Fast Baritenor
Will Burke Point Park University The Ground Bari-tenor
Wilson Plonk Photo Wilson Plonk University of Michigan What Do I Need With Love Tenor
Woody Brook Photo Woody Brook Brigham Young University Thin Air from Amelie, monologue from Beyond Therapy Baritenor
Wylie-Gavin Lyall Photo Wylie-Gavin Lyall Marymount Manhattan College Singing Reel Baritone
Xavi Soto Burgos Photo Xavi Soto Burgos College of William and Mary 'I Who Have Nothing' Tenor
Xhenet Capani Temple University Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid) and Dangerous Woman (Ariana Grande) Soprano/mix
Yael Eden Chanukov Photo Yael Eden Chanukov University of Northern Colorado Musical Theatre Reel (Girl in 14g, Next to Normal, Hairspray, Shrek) Soprano
Zac Baccaro Photo Zac Baccaro The University of the Arts The Games I Play from Falsettos Bari-tenor
Zevity Lopez Photo Zevity Lopez Molloy College/CAP 21 Just Around The Riverbend Mezzo/Alto
Zoë Fox Photo Zoë Fox Temple University Unruly Heart - The Prom/Jazz Fever - Rachel Bloom Mezzo
Zoë Grolnick Photo Zoë Grolnick University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music Arthur In The Afternoon/Music That Makes Me Dance/I'll Never Fall In Love Again Mezzo-Soprano
Zoey Lytle Photo Zoey Lytle San Jose State University Anywhere But Here - Honeymoon in Vegas Soprano
Zoie Tannous Photo Zoie Tannous University of California, Irvine Reel Soprano

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