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The Giant - Live Moving Statue to Welcome Guests In Barcelona

The Giant, it will be the world’s tallest moving statue standing over 10 stories high.

The Giant - Live Moving Statue to Welcome Guests In Barcelona

The premiere visitor attraction concept of the 21st century is being unveiled at IAAPA Expo Europe in Barcelona, Spain (27 - 30 September 2021). Called The Giant, it will be the world's tallest moving statue standing over 10 stories high. The Giant introduces numerous technological and artistic innovations; its skin is comprised of millions of LED pixels that can be programmed to instantly become any visual image.

A technological first, The Giant features a bespoke scanning system that scans visitors and displays their images on The Giant's skin resulting in the world's most spectacular selfie, thus transforming men, women and children into ten-story-tall giants. Another innovative feature is that visitors can be filmed, their voices recorded and these videos are instantly portrayed on The Giant statue.

Until today The Giant was workable in theory but now the Giant's design team have proof of concept in the form of a state-of-the-art prototype, a 4-meter-tall giant anthropomorphic head along with the aforementioned scanning system. The Giant's patented LED and scanning technology are being demonstrated to thousands of members of the visitor attraction industry at the IAAPA Expo in Barcelona. IAAPA Expo Europe is the Leisure Industry's premiere international trade show and conference and the primary meeting point for the attractions industry for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Every year thousands of operators and managers gather to discover the latest innovations, technology, and services for all the aspects of the leisure business.

Following Barcelona, The Giant head will travel to Dubai where it will be revealed to the public and numerous interested parties who expect to develop the first Giant there. From Dubai the Giant Head prototype will travel to Naples Italy and the USA.

Along with its remarkable LED skin, The Giant will introduce several other compelling features. The Giant's arms and head can move to a diversity of positions. Every hour The Giant will talk about a great person and then transform into the image of that exemplary man or woman. It will speak, sing, or recite poetry and engage with the crowds below. Between these dramatic appearances visitors will be scanned inside the exhibition space and be displayed on The Giant sculpture. Visitors who are scanned will be invited to join the Giants Movement to save the planet. More than a visual wonder, visitors to the attraction will explore several fully-immersive exhibits that feature cutting edge technologies including augmented and virtual reality, robotics and artificial intelligence. The exhibits are designed to be surprising, entertaining, educational and engaging for all age groups.

Another feature of The Giant is the viewing tower where visitors can literally stand on the "shoulders of a giant" and look out over the city.

The Giant is being developed by The Giant Company which has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. The Giant Company is led by award-winning entrepreneur Paddy Dunning. Mr. Dunning has assembled a world-class design team to bring The Giant to fruition including the celebrated Berlin-based architecture studio, dan Pearlman, the renowned international engineering firm, WSP, Austrian-based audio-visual and exhibition developers, Kraftwerk, the Austrian boutique technology design firm, Responsive Spaces, the Istanbul-based LED company, Ledeca, in addition to several Dublin-based staff designers and other creatives. Paddy Dunning states, "We are now seeking 21 sites in 21 cities around the world. The Giant will be one of the world's most ambitious cultural and commercial projects bringing together art, amusement and wonder to create a contemporary and highly profitable business. We envision The Giant as an adjunct to new urban redevelopment projects, stadiums, arenas, shopping centers, museums and other locations; it's going to be an awe inspiring addition to the cities where we locate it as you will see in our video on our website and YouTube channel. "There's nothing like it on the planet!"

The Giant offers significant economic benefits to the cities where it will be located. This iconic project will increase tourism and provide a diversity of employment opportunities as well as other economic stimuli. In addition to income from ticket sales, The Giant provides several revenue-producing opportunities including advertising and sponsorship on the spectacular three-dimensional digital statue; Giant selfies; private and corporate events and conferences, retail shops and restaurants situated on the terrace roof garden and The Giant's web portal where visitors to the site can purchase an array of products and join the Giants Movement. The Giants Movement will be a leader on several pressing social, cultural and environmental issues and causes including promoting sustainable living and climate action.

The Giants Foundation was founded to fund trendsetting educational and recreational programmes for children and young people as well as engaging in other philanthropic endeavours.

Florence Stanley of commercial property giant CBRE is sourcing sites around the world for The Giant Company. Presently sites have been located in Dubai, Naples Italy, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, Shenzhen China, Hong Kong, Cannes, Brussels, Madrid, Lisbon, Liverpool, Dublin, Berlin and several others which are under negotiation.

The Giant will also present new dimensions in gastronomy and shopping. The Giant Company will work with leading chefs, artists and inventors in each location to ensure that the dining and retail experience is imaginative and of the highest level for its customers. While every Giant is bespoke for its city and country, each is also a member of a global network of Giants that can digitally communicate with other Giants in cities where they are located around the world. Global events will engender global communities and these experiences will become a defining social feature of the coming decades. Interested parties and potential investors can learn more and find an RFP (Request For Proposal) here or email ENDS Notes to the Editor The Giant is an initiative of The Giant Company, an Irish-based organization working in concert with cities, embassies, and leaders across the globe. The Giant Company is a member of IAAPA, the international association of amusement parks and attractions. The Giant has received funding and investment as a high potential start up from Enterprise Ireland the government's organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets. The Giant is planned for 21 major cities across the globe. Inside the exhibition space, visitors will engage with The Giant Experience, a series of exhibits which offers an absorbing journey into the world of giants from the realms of legend and mythology, to a celebration of the extraordinary men and women - and unsung heroes - of the city and country it's located in; its inventors, scientists, artists, leaders, athletes, and game changers from the past to the present. The Giant visitor attraction can be built as a temporary or permanent structure for cultural and commercial use. All aspects of The Giant conform to the highest standards of ethical business practices and environmentally sustainable and health-conscious design, construction and operation.

Features of The Giant: a-? The world's tallest moving statue a-? The world's most unique digital billboard a-? The World's most sensational selfie a-? Instantly transforms into any image a-? It sings and speaks a-? View the city from the shoulders of a Giant a-? Hi-tech museum and exhibits for all ages and backgrounds a-? The base of The Giant becomes a stage for performances and presentations a-? Roof garden for dining, retail and entertainment a-? Remote customers can scan themselves using a mobile phone

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