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SIX (Boleyn Tour) US Tour
Video: Toronto Cast of SIX Visit Hans Holbein Portrait of King Henry VIII at Art Gallery Of Ontario
by Joshua Wright - Jan 25, 2024

The Queens of SIX Toronto took a trip to the Art Gallery of Ontario for a look at a Hans Holbein portrait of King Henry VIII. Associate Curator Adam Harris Levine was on hand to answer all the Queen's questions, and to provide a little context to the work of art.

Video: Watch the All-New Trailer For SIX in London's West End
by Stephi Wild - Aug 15, 2023

An all new trailer has been released for the West End production of SIX. Check out the video here!

VIDEO: SIX the Musical South Korean Cast Rehearses 'Ex-Wives'
by Alan Henry - Apr 12, 2023

SIX the musical has returned to South Korea after the UK tour brought their English-language production to the country in early March 2023. Watch the cast in rehearsal perform 'Ex-Wives.'

VIDEO: SIX Queens Get Ready to Bring the New Musical Across the Country!
by Nicole Rosky - Apr 11, 2022

The North American tour of Six, the musical by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss, is back in Chicago, playing at Broadway In Chicago's CIBC Theatre through July 3. BroadwayWorld has an exclusive behind-the-scenes video, in which the leading ladies chat about bringing the beloved show to a larger audience.

VIDEO: Hangin' with the New Queens of the SIX National Tour
by Nicole Rosky - Mar 18, 2022

As BroadwayWorld previously reported, the North American tour of Six, the new musical by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss. The tour of Six will launch with a return engagement of the show to Chicago and will play at Broadway In Chicago's CIBC Theatre from March 29-July 3. Tickets for the first tour stop are on sale now at Additional tour cities will be announced later this month and throughout the Spring.