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Street Scene Production Information


December 31, 1949

Closing:December 31, 1949
Production Type:Revival
Production Status:
Run Type:Unknown


Other Productions of Street Scene

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Audio Recordings

1949  Original Cast Members
1989  London Revival Cast
1989  Excerpts (Kurt Weill Revisited, Vol. I)
1990  Studio Cast
1994  Excerpts (Lost in Boston II)

Show Information


Score Overview

The following is a list of songs in the show or that have been included in the show in various versions:

Main Program

Ain't It Awful, the Heat?
I Got a Marble and a Star
Get a Load of That
a.k.a. Gossips' Trio
When a Woman Has a Baby
Somehow I Never Could Believe
Gossips' Quartet
Ice Cream
Let Things Be Like They Always Was
Hail to the School
Wrapped in a Ribbon
Lonely House
Wouldn't You Like to Be on Broadway?
What Good Would the Moon Be?
Moon-Faced, Starry-Eyed
a.k.a. Moon Faced, Starry Eyed
Remember That I Care
Catch Me If You Can
a.k.a. Children's Game
There'll Be Trouble
A Boy Like You
We'll Go Away Together
The Woman Who Lived Up There
a.k.a. Sleep, Baby Dear
I Loved Her, Too
Don't Forget the Lilac Bush

Cut prior to opening

Italy in Technicolor
She's a Gemini Girl
Horoscope Song
a.k.a. That's Where Our Horoscopes Lie
Buon Giorno, Signore
Rose's Goodbye to Easter
I Live for That Day


The Great Big Sky
Street Light Is My Moonlight
Nation of Nations
a.k.a. Melting Pot Ensemble
It's the Irish
A Little Swing for Swinging
Hot Dog Waltz
The Kids in School
Gossips' Trio III