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Tryst - 2006 - Off-Broadway


Promenade Theatre

(New York, NY)
2162 Broadway
by Stephi Wild - Sep 30, 2020
Marking the moment when this year's Cumnock Tryst would have begun (1 October) Sir James MacMillan looked forward to 2021 and shared a glimpse of what we can expect next year revealing that music fans would be rewarded for their wait with not just one, but two festivals in 2021.
by Stephi Wild - Sep 29, 2020
In the second of The Cumnock Tryst's series of online workshops, a part of the A Musical Celebration of the Coalfields community opera project, much-loved Scottish author Alexander McCall Smith will be on hand to share his literary expertise with 50 lucky individuals on 7 October from 7.30pm.
by Albert Gutierrez - Sep 15, 2019
Late Spring.  Early Summer.  An Autumn Afternoon.  Am I describing the time periods of 2014's Orlando Fringe darling SEASONS or the seminal works of film director Yasujirō Ozu?  Ironically, I had watched Ozu's Late Spring a few days before heading out to Dr. Phillips Center to attend the opening performance of SEASONS. As a result, Ozu's post-war film about parenthood and reluctant marriage was on my mind for much of the show, drawing parallels I had not expected, but certainly welcomed.
by Stephi Wild - Sep 13, 2019
When performances of Michael McKeever's MR. PARKER begin tomorrow (Friday, September 13) at Penguin Rep Theatre in Stony Point, New York, founding artistic director Joe Brancato will celebrate a milestone as a director: his 200th production!
by Greer Firestone - Sep 13, 2019
The Walnut Street Theatre opens its 211th season (no typo) with an uproarious YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN. This venerable theatre has seen the likes of all the Barrymores, Katherine Hepburn and Edwin Booth, to name a few. (Although his brother's legacy probably tanked his career).
by Carol Kassie - Sep 12, 2019
The Off Broadway hit Daddy Issues, written and directed by David Goldyn, is returning to South Florida after a short but successful stint at Boca Raton's Willow Theatre last March. The production will run from October 18th through November 3rd at the Theatre at CSL (Center for Spiritual Living) in Oakland Park.    
by Stephi Wild - Sep 10, 2019
Shakespeare in the Parking Lot will present 'Romeo and Juliet,' directed by Lukas Raphael, September 21, 2019 at 4:00pm as part of the 2019 Michael Chekhov Festival in Ridgefield. This is the 11th year of the festival and the fourth year New York's The Drilling Company has joined with The Michael Chekhov Theatre Festival to bring FREE Shakespeare to Ballard Park. The Drilling Company's Shakespeare production, a popular New York summer institution, is now in its 15th year. Its concept a?' presenting Shakespeare plays with a 'poor theater' aesthetic in a working parking lot a?' is now widely imitated around the US and around the world, with productions as far away as New Zealand. The Drilling Company, led by Artistic Director Hamilton Clancy, has produced the attraction since 2005.
by Chris Struck - Oct 9, 2019
Joel B. New has crafted something of seemingly accidental genius. The combination of Monkey Trouble and Unleashed! in the form of Monkey Trouble: Unleashed! equals humor, action, and a lot more romance than you would have expected. Ultimately, fate makes a man who thinks he's a monkey choose: to fight or to love.
by Stephi Wild - Oct 9, 2019
In honour of the area's illustrious theatrical heritage, the Tabard Theatre is reopening as Chiswick Playhouse. They have announced their fantastic opening season and their West End cast for the UK premiere of a revamped version of I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change.
by Mert Dilek - Oct 9, 2019
Raves are often chaotic, messy, and inscrutable. Not so much in Gisèle Vienne's Crowd, which dissects the life cycle of a rave with transfixing precision and visceral clarity. Having premiered in Strasbourg in 2017, Crowd receives its first UK production at Sadler's Wells, where it opens this year's Dance Umbrella Festival. A continuous soundscape of early 90's techno-trance music provides an electrifying stimulus to 15 performers who portray with admirable command the eponymous group of raving youth.
by David Green - Oct 9, 2019
Evelyn 'Champagne' King, one of the most prolific R&B artists of our time and Grammy® Award winner will showcase her mega hit singles 'SHAME', 'I'M IN LOVE' and 'LOVE COME DOWN',  with her 5-piece band and back up singers as headliner for Halloween Palm Springs Thursday, October 31. The party starts at 4:00p.m. and entertainment from 5:00-10:00p.m.  Bringing the beat to the street will be Pulp Vixen, Probe 7, DJ Galaxy and Channel Q 103.1 FM's Lisa Pittman! 
by Marianka Swain - Oct 28, 2019
Having been a Chiswick resident myself for over 15 years, I'm aware of the remarkable history of artists and theatre practitioners who have lived and worked in the area. Not only have a raft of famous actors chosen Chiswick as their home (Colin Firth, Vanessa Redgrave, Richard Briers to name a few), but also the playwrights who have lived there include some of the great names in British theatre a?' John Osbourne, Harold Pinter, Arthur Pinero and Patrick Hamilton, amongst others.
by Stephi Wild - Nov 29, 2019
Sir James MacMillan's festival, The Cumnock Tryst, has won a prestigious Royal Philharmonic Society Award in the Concert Series and Events category! The prize was presented at an awards ceremony at London's Battersea Arts Centre last night and recognised the Tryst's success in shining a light on local musicians as equals to its international visiting artists.
by Peter Nason - Nov 25, 2019
A fine production of the 'unauthorized continuation' of the 'Peanuts' comic strip that seemed a bit too forced.
by Marina Kennedy - Nov 1, 2019
New Jersey Repertory Company (NJ Rep) continues their year-round theatre season with 'Lily,' a world premiere play written by Christopher Daftsios and directed by Sarah Norris. Daftsios addresses taboo issues in his first full-length play, and he also skillfully plays the show's main character.
by Alexa Criscitiello - May 18, 2021
Westport Country Playhouse Radio Theater, a free-of-charge broadcast series, in partnership with WSHU Public Radio, will present the new, audio play, “The Return,” on Saturday, May 29, at noon, followed by a rebroadcast on Sunday, May 30, at 4 p.m.
by Alexa Criscitiello - Mar 26, 2021
Westport Country Playhouse will present a virtual Script in Hand playreading of “Rent Control,” the Off-Broadway hit comedy based on the true story of a struggling-to-survive actor in New York City who invents a moneymaking scheme that backfires. 
by Stephi Wild - Mar 24, 2021
Edinburgh-based, award-winning Grid Iron Theatre Company has announced the release of its long-awaited film, Doppler: The Story So Far.
by Kaitlin Milligan - Mar 24, 2020
 The Foxies have built their uniquely feral brand of rock 'n' roll out of thrashing punk energy and the hypnotic pageantry of electronic pop. Today, the Nashville-based power trio announced the May 29 release of their EP Growing Up Is Dead with “Call Me When Your Phone Dies,” a new single that mixes grunge and second-wave EDM and turns the other cheek on a Rolodex full of wannabe players.
by Gary Naylor - Mar 11, 2020
Jan Ravens and Julia Watson excel in three of Alan Bennett's famous monologues, two of which pack a surprising punch, 30 years on.
by Stephi Wild - Jun 4, 2021
This short film is an homage to, and celebration of, one-of-a-kinds Sam Singhaus and Marcy Singhaus who both passed months apart over this last year.
by Ricky Pope - Jun 27, 2021
If you want to see a rarely performed musical from the past you have two options. You can either wait for the folks at Encores to get around to the show you love, or you can visit the Lincoln Center Library. Alternatively, you can turn to cabaret staple Ricky Ritzel, who is a one-man Lincoln Center Library. Friday night he unveiled another in his series of RICKY RITZEL'S BROADWAY concerts at Don't Tell Mama. He generously gives you not one, but three musicals from the past. This month's edition of RICKY RITZEL'S BROADWAY celebrates Bright Star, The New Moon, and Dames at Sea.
by Patrick Rybarczyk - Jun 24, 2021
There's a lot of vulnerability that comes with creating art. In the theatre, it can be said that it's the playwright who is the most vulnerable player. It is their words, their ideas, and their voice that are the heart of a production. When entrusting a creative team to bring their work to life, the hope is that they will do it justice. But that's not always the case. In Interrobang Theatre Project's DINGLEBERRIES, playwright Jonie James (Laura Berner Taylor) learns that lesson the hard way.
by Alexa Criscitiello - Jun 2, 2021
Westport Country Playhouse will present a Script in Hand play reading of the comedy, “The Savannah Disputation,” filmed on the Playhouse stage and broadcast virtually, premiering Monday, June 14, at 7 p.m., and streaming on-demand from Tuesday, June 15 through Sunday, June 20.
by Scott Rawson - Jun 17, 2021
Tonight’s festivities are especially exciting, James DeVita’s “An Improbable Fiction”! Six improbable Shakespearean characters hang out at The Boar’s Head Tavern during the plague
by Stephi Wild - Jun 10, 2020
The Cumnock Tryst understands the importance of its Festival to the local area and to the ecology of the classical music scene in Scotland.
by Scott Rawson - Jul 5, 2021
It was another beautiful day up The Hill. Today’s picnic menu included canned cocktails (they’re better than you’d think), fried chicken and cholate mousse tort from an area café. It did not, unfortunately, include any Cognac.
by Stephi Wild - Jul 3, 2021
Two established playwrights hoping to refresh their careers take their show on the road. Or, rather, on the high seas, along with their two established stars. The plan is to ride the wake of a brilliant young musician – who happens to be engaged to one of the aforementioned stars - who will compose their new musical.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Jul 28, 2020
Award-winning costume designer Alejo Vietti joins The National Arts Club on Wednesday, August 5 at 3:00 PM (EST) to for an online conversation on the art of designing for Broadway.
by Stephi Wild - Jul 26, 2021
JMK Award Winner Diane Page directs Scarlett Brookes (Frieda), Richard Sutton (Detective Sergeant du Preez) and Shaq Taylor (Errol).
by Valerie-Jean Miller - Jul 12, 2021
With a lovely intro by Janet Roston, the Director, Choreographer and Artistic Director of Mixed eMotions Theatrix, standing outside on a beautiful California sunny day atop the Glendale Library and Arts Center grounds in Glendale, we are given a verbal road map about what we are about to see. The setting alone makes me want to take the trip already. Such a beautiful location to watch dancers experience the freeing and exhilarating feeling of dancing or flying through the air with the freedom of no walls, barriers or roadblocks in and around natural surroundings with beautiful architecture and sculptured landscaping to form patterns around.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Jul 1, 2021
Westport Country Playhouse Radio Theater, a free-of-charge broadcast series, in partnership with WSHU Public Radio, will present the new audio play combining humor and suspense, “Special Delivery,” on Saturday, July 10, at 1:06 p.m. (following a news update at top of the hour), with a rebroadcast on Sunday, July 11, at 4:06 p.m.
by Alexa Criscitiello - Jan 30, 2020
Westport Country Playhouse will present a Script in Hand playreading of a?oeMiracle on South Division Street,a?? a comedy about family, faith, and adjusting to life's surprises, by Tom Dudzick, on Monday, February 24, at 7 p.m.  Co-curators and co-directors of the Script in Hand Series are Anne Keefe, Playhouse associate artist, and Mark Shanahan, director, actor, and playwright. 
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Jan 29, 2020
The gripping, passion-fuelled thriller Tryst is returning to Chiswick Playhouse from 5th – 29th February.
by Alan Portner - Jan 24, 2020
PROOF is an interesting, four person, theatrical enterprise that explores the nexus between genius and profound mental illness. This 2001 Pulitzer Prize winner by David Auburn is currently completing its extended run at Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre's Warwick Theatre in midtown this Saturday February 25.
by Stephi Wild - Jan 18, 2021
Sir James MacMillan today launches a major initiative aimed at putting Scotland centre stage in the world of composition. As a composer with global acclaim, Cumnock will become a centre of excellence in the learning and teaching of composition, not limited to Scotland but for teachers and composers across the world.
by Stephi Wild - Jan 14, 2020
Following a sell-out run in 2017, the gripping revival of Karoline Leach's passion-fuelled thriller, Tryst, returns to the reinvented Chiswick Playhouse under the direction of Phoebe Barran (Four Days In Hong Kong, Orange Tree Theatre; award-winning short film Snapshots). Actor Fred Perry (Black Comedy UK Tour; The Honourable Woman, BBC) will reprise his acclaimed role alongside Scarlett Brookes (Blood Wedding, Young Vic; Macbeth, Shakespeare's Globe; The Merchant of Venice, RSC) in this stylish adaptation.
by Stephi Wild - Jan 11, 2020
The Washington Stage Guild continues its season of great writers with the Washington premiere of Bloomsday by Steven Dietz. This delicate, time-bending romance is set in James Joyce's Dublin on June 16th, the date on which Joyce's Ulysses is set. Robert returns to that city 35 years after meeting Caithleen on a walking tour of Joyce's Dublin. He and Cait meet again and revisit their youthful relationship, amid the echoes of Joyce's masterwork, and the missed connections of that earlier time in their lives. Helen Hayes Award winning Kasi Campbell will direct. A post-show discussion will follow the Sunday matinee on February 2nd, James Joyce's birthday.
by Jade Kops - Feb 23, 2020
Internationally famous Courtney Act returns to Australia to share her experience with gender fluidity in her new cabaret FLUID, complete with fabulous frocks, beautiful hair and all new musical compositions.  
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Feb 22, 2021
In this ‘special circumstances’ year, the Offies 2021 Awards Ceremony celebrated the creativity and resilience of our artists in fringe, alternative and independent theatre in a time of crisis who have found new ways to produce fresh and inventive work for thousands of stay-at-home audiences.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Feb 11, 2021
Westport Country Playhouse will present a virtual Script in Hand playreading of “A Sherlock Carol,” a new, mystery mashup featuring familiar characters from the literature of Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Dickens.
by Aliya Al-Hassan - Feb 11, 2020
First seen in the West End over 20 years ago, titled The Mysterious Mr Love, Karoline Leach's Tryst is the final show of the Chiswick Playhouse's inaugural season; a melodramatic mixture of psychological thriller and slightly awkward love story.
by Michael Quintos - Feb 11, 2020
Though SCR's admirable new production of the 1963 Broadway musical SHE LOVES ME, for the most part, still has many charming, beautifully-staged, and well-sung moments, it also somehow feels like it is slightly reigned in, as if there was a purposeful attempt to downscale some of its built-in whimsy and spirited vivaciousness---particularly in the first act where emotional expressions all seem to sit in the same middle areaa?? never tipping over to too angry or too sad or too happy or too, well, anything. Now on stage in Costa Mesa through February 22, 2020, the production---directed by the theater's own artistic director David Ivers---is genuinely entertaining, but still needs a huge shot of joy, romance, and pep to make it feel complete.
by Alexa Criscitiello - Dec 9, 2020
Westport Country Playhouse, in partnership with WSHU Public Radio, will present a free-of-charge audio play, “A Merry Little Christmas Carol,” on Saturday, December 19, at noon, followed by a rebroadcast on Saturday, December 26, at 8 p.m. WSHU frequencies and locations are listed at in the About Us drop-down menu.
by Alexa Criscitiello - Dec 27, 2019
Diversionary announces the new dance cabaret REVEAL & REVOLT: A Queer Dance Fantasia. Michael Mizerany directs this new dance piece celebrating the 50 years of Stonewall and a legacy of disruption.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Dec 17, 2019
Westport Country Playhouse has named director, actor, and playwright Mark Shanahan as co-curator of the 2020 Script in Hand Playreading Series. He will collaborate with Anne Keefe, Playhouse associate artist and current curator of the Series. The Playhouse's Script in Hand Series offers readings of dramas and comedies by professional actors using their skills to catapult the audience's imagination without benefit of scenery or costumes.
by Stephi Wild - Aug 16, 2020
What do you do when a pandemic closes theaters during film festival season? If you are Method Fest Independent Film Festival, you go retro and re-create the Drive-in movie experience - without the carhops and bobby socks of course!
by Kaitlin Milligan - Apr 30, 2020
The Tribeca Film Festival, presented by AT&T, announced the winners for the 2020 juried competition, awarding top honors from this year's program.
by Peter Nason - Apr 16, 2020
The Beatles! Rihanna! Michael Jackson! Johnny Cash! Kanye West! The Rolling Stones! Aretha Franklin! Bob Dylan! Miles Davis! Nirvana! BWW Reviewer Peter Nason chooses the greatest albums from the rock and rap era (1950-2020); see if your favorites made the grade!
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Apr 15, 2021
Warpaint is a multi-hued chronicle, showcasing Boy Destroy's genre-bending prowess; influenced by '90s alternative rock which soundtracked his teens, as well as delving into legacy artists like Jeff Buckley and Joni Mitchell, alongside modern emo and trap.