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by Gary Naylor - Sep 6, 2019
This take on the familiar tale brings out many of the subtleties of its source material and has much to say about today's world. It is a little too long though.
by TV News Desk - Sep 19, 2019
Members of beloved indie projects Active Bird Community, Your Dog, Future Teens and Double Cuff have come together to form a slacker rock super group playfully called Marinara. Today, the band announces their debut album I Feel Like Dog to be released on November 8, produced by Chris Daly (Diet Cig, Vagabon, Quarterbacks). Masters of a delectable, easygoing grit, Marinara created a record infectiously reckless in one moment, intensely tight the next. Their 90s-leaning guitar and merrily boisterous melodies strike easy comparisons to gems both nostalgic and contemporary — Spoon, JEFF The Brotherhood, LVL UP, Diet Cig, TV On The Radio.
by Gary Naylor - Sep 18, 2019
Faith, Hope and Charity is a 21st century Boys from the Blackstuff, a searing indictment of austerity as seen through the eyes of decent people who want to be kind and need to be loved.
by Jay Irwin - Sep 16, 2019
Craig Lucas and Adam Guettel's soaring romantic and tragic musical a?oeLight in the Piazzaa?? is not often tackled a?? thank the theater Gods. I'm not saying it's bad by any stretch of the imagination, it's just that I'd hate to see every small company, without the resources to handle it well, take it on. Fortunately, they've built in a few traps that may dissuade. First off, it's not your typical, rollicking musical with songs you'll be singing after. Second, there's all that Italian that your cast needs to learn and deliver authentically. And finally, it's some tough music. It needs to be done by insanely talented professionals who can handle these beautiful melodies that fly up into the rafters (often in Italian) as well as the heartfelt story. Enter Showtunes Theatre as they begin their 20th season, who routinely gather together the cream of the crop of Seattle artists for just a few weekends, books in hand, and you'll find yourself gifted with the mind-blowingly gorgeous evening that is their current production of a?oeLight in the Piazzaa??.
by Adam Cohen - Sep 14, 2019
by TV News Desk - Sep 12, 2019
Dudanski and Xentos have joined with vocalist/radio artist Sarah Washington and sax blower John Glyn for their latest project. Four years of recording in and around Granada and UK using locations ranging from abandoned soft drinks factories to gin-slugging auntie's living rooms have resulted in this Unhappy Fly collection: a syncopated sound-scape of para-reductive pop based on Xentos' valorised rococo productions allied with Dudanski's daedalian drums. Featuring a sizeable crew of musical collaborators, and drawing on Washington's curlicued harmonies and John Glyn's multiple saxes, it is a music that invites slippery categorisation. Unhappy Fly draw on a deracinated studio experience combined with impulsive tune-smithing to create an album that scoops up the noisy dogmas of the past and relocates them to the far side of the 5th dimension.  
by Rosanne DellAversano - Sep 11, 2019
Leslie Bricusse's book follows the basic outline of the often told tale. The good Dr. Henry Jekyll is a man with a mission - develop a serum that will separate mankind's innate dichotomy of good and evil to cure mental illness (mainly, his father). Dr. Jekyll's desire to test his formula is aggressively rebutted by the hospital (asylum) board of directors. What's a healer/chemist/visionary to do? Take the serum yourself, and see what happens. What happens in the musical version is more of a 'what did you expect' moment rather than a tension filled drama of good intentions gone horribly wrong.
by BWW News Desk - May 8, 2019
July, 1969. Los Angeles. Edward Price is a man with problems. His ex-wife left him for a famous actor, his house has been seized by the IRS, and the sci-fi TV show he produces just got cancelled in its first season. But that's show business for you.
by Joe Lombardi - May 5, 2019
Flesh Mob is a performance collective which created this interdisciplinary dance-theater work about sexual education.  From their website:  'sex is funny, stupid, gross, elevated and base, and we'll never stop being titillated or uncomfortable about it.'  MISEDUCATED: an oral history of sexual (mis)education is based on interviews they conducted.  The performance is a combination of documentary theater, movement, humor, nudity and live music.
by BWW News Desk - May 31, 2019
Regent's Park Theatre have today confirmed full casting for their production of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar. The production played two sell-out seasons at the Open Air Theatre, winning both the Olivier Award for Best Musical Revival and Evening Standard Award for Best Musical, before transferring to the Lyric Opera of Chicago in 2018. It will embark on a North American tour from October.
by BWW News Desk - May 28, 2019
Theatre UCF presents the second annual Pegasus PlayLab, a festival dedicated to developing plays by emerging playwrights. Audiences can hear three staged readings, watch a full developmental production and participate in discussions with the playwrights, casts and directors throughout June.
by BWW News Desk - May 24, 2019
New Ohio Theatre's Artistic Director Robert Lyons proudly presents the 26th annual Obie Award-winning Ice Factory Festival, featuring seven new works over seven weeks, June 26 - August 10, at New Ohio Theatre, located at 154 Christopher Street between Greenwich and Washington Streets in New York City.
by BWW News Desk - May 20, 2019
Epic Theatre Company is finishing up its record-breaking seventh season with a play about marriage, parenting, and what happens after you get everything you thought you always wanted.  In Peter Parnell's Dada Woof Papa Hot, Alan finds himself struggling in all aspects of his life.  His young daughter prefers her other father, his best friend is having an affair, and a younger gay couple is causing all kinds of unexpected trouble.  He has the life he and so many other gay people fought for, but does that mean it's the life he desired for himself?
by Delaney Rombough - May 16, 2019
This week, on The Flash, we pick up right where we left off with Ralph jumping in front of the mirror gun and Cicada II leaving with the dagger. Sherloque and the rest of Team Flash figure out that Cicada's dagger is being used to suppress Thawne's powers in 2049, so as Barry suspected, Thawne manipulated Nora to get them to destroy the dagger in the present and free Thawne. That leaves Team Flash with the biggest choice they've had to make all season: destroy Cicada's dagger and save all the metahumans or stopping Thawne.
by Don Grigware - May 15, 2019
Be a Good Little Widow starts previews as a guest production at the Odyssey Theatre May 18. Actress Sandy Bainum, who has delighted audiences for several years in both musicals and plays in Los Angeles and her friend, director Brandon Baer recently sat down to talk about the play and what makes it tick as a dark comedy.
by BWW News Desk - May 14, 2019
Epic Theatre Company is finishing up its record-breaking seventh season with a play about marriage, parenting, and what happens after you get everything you thought you always wanted.  In Peter Parnell's Dada Woof Papa Hot, Alan finds himself struggling in all aspects of his life.  His young daughter prefers her other father, his best friend is having an affair, and a younger gay couple is causing all kinds of unexpected trouble.  He has the life he and so many other gay people fought for, but does that mean it's the life he desired for himself?
by Shari Barrett - May 10, 2019
FAMOUS re-opened in April after a successful run in 2018. I decided to speak with the show's Creator/Director Michael Leoni (ML) and producers Michelle Kaufer (MK) and Cassidy Pepper (CP), about how the new production uses stylized movements by the characters, enhanced lighting and sound designs, to bring the play flow so much more fluid than last year's version. The result grabs the audience's attention to the point of being able to hear a pin drop, making the entire experience even more stunning and breathtaking than before. And, of course, its relevance to the #MeToo movement is immediately recognizable as power players move in and out of Jason's life during the party.
by Kristen Morale - Mar 7, 2019
Theater 2020, the only professional theater troupe in Downtown Brooklyn, once again proves itself as a force to be reckoned with with this lovely production of Into the Woods; theirs is a force that brings with it the power and influence a dramatic performance ought to have.
by TV Scoop - Mar 18, 2019
Get all the scoop on NBC Primetime Schedule, 3/18-4/7!
by Michael Quintos - Mar 15, 2019
Remarkably glitzy and broadly amusing, the delightful stage version of Disney's ALADDIN is a fun, lively, and entertaining repackaging of the originally fun, lively, and entertaining animated film classic, which will please both fans of the original and those in the mood for a great big dazzling (and bedazzled) Broadway musical. While this Casey Nicholaw-helmed big-budget extravaganza of dazzling sights and sounds is quite a faithful adaptation in terms of storyline and tone, the stage version abandons the impossible things it couldn't remotely replicate from the animated movie, but instead smartly utilizes the limitations of---and the unique qualities of---musical theater to produce a show that is, astonishingly, still an overall satisfying sensory treat. The show's national tour continues its three-week engagement at OC's Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa, CA through March 23, 2019.
by TV Scoop - Mar 11, 2019
Get all the scoop on NBC Primetime Schedule, 3/11-3/31, airing on NBC on Monday, March 11, 2019!
by Erica Cataldi-Roberts - Jun 9, 2019
DADA WOOF PAPA HOT, the 2015 play by Peter Parnell, attempts to grapple with the complications gay couples may face after gaining marriage equality, and whether it's possible to avoid some of the same traps that straight couples also face. Epic Theatre Company's production, directed by Theodore Clement (previously the Artistic Director of Counter-Productions Theatre Company) is well-cast and makes some interesting choices, but is sometimes hampered by the source material itself.
by BWW News Desk - Jun 6, 2019
Epic Theatre Company is finishing up its record-breaking seventh season with a play about marriage, parenting, and what happens after you get everything you thought you always wanted.  In Peter Parnell's Dada Woof Papa Hot, Alan finds himself struggling in all aspects of his life.  His young daughter prefers her other father, his best friend is having an affair, and a younger gay couple is causing all kinds of unexpected trouble.  He has the life he and so many other gay people fought for, but does that mean it's the life he desired for himself?
by Review Roundups - Jun 4, 2019
Dying City explores the human fallout of global events, including the Iraq War and the terrorist attacks of 9/11, through the interwoven stories of three unforgettable characters in this 2008 Pulitzer finalist. Let's see what the critics had to say.
by Peter Danish - Jun 28, 2019
From the moment actor-playwright David Arrow takes the stage, it's clear he is not merely portraying Robert F. Kennedy, he is Bobby Kennedy. The actor bears a stunning physical resemblance to the late U.S. Attorney General and senator and has managed to master his mannerisms in most convincing fashion.
by BWW News Desk - Jun 26, 2019
New Ohio Theatre annual Obie Award-winning Ice Factory Festival officially opens tonight. The festival will feature seven new works over seven weeks, June 26 - August 10, at New Ohio Theatre (154 Christopher St.) in New York City
by BWW News Desk - Jun 21, 2019
Union County Performing Arts Center's Classic Film Series continues with three classic films presented on 35mm film. All film screenings include free popcorn along with an organ pre-show on the theater's historic 'Biggest Little Wurlitzer' organ beginning at 7:15pm.
by Jade Kops - Jun 1, 2019
The blackest of humour comes together for a captivating 110 minutes of theatre that challenges how far someone would go to protect the people they love in Kim Hardwick's (director) presentation of MERCURY FUR. 
by TV News Desk - Jul 8, 2019
Samuel L. Jackson has joined Chris Rock in the upcoming reboot of 'Saw,' according to Variety.
by Gary Naylor - Jul 5, 2019
One Giant Leap takes a good set up - a failing sci-fi show asked to fake the moon landings - but loses its way amongst predictable stereotypes and laughs that come few and far between.
by BWW News Desk - Jul 24, 2019
Shakespeare & Company presents MacArthur a?oeGeniusa?? Award recipient Suzan-Lori Parks' pulitzer prize-winning play, Topdog/Underdog directed by the distinguished Regge Life, who helmed the Company's acclaimed razor sharp comedy God of Carnage in 2017.
by TV News Desk - Jul 24, 2019
Nat Geo and Nat Geo WILD announced today the new two-hour wildlife special The Hidden Kingdoms of China, which premieres this winter in 172 countries and 43 languages. Spanning from China's highest of mountains and plateaus to its thickest jungles and bamboo forests, The Hidden Kingdoms of China reveals the mysteries of the country's wildlife, some of which rarely have been captured on film, until now.
by Natalie O'Donoghue - Jul 23, 2019
JAMES BARR is best known as the star of applauded podcast A Gay and a Non-Gay (which is also playing Edinburgh for the last week of the Fringe). Painfully relatable and delectably funny, his Edinburgh Fringe show THIRST TRAP sees him IRL tinder-swipes his way through the audience whilst dressed as an avocado. Ahead of that, he had a chat with us at BroadwayWorld.
by Jan Nargi - Jul 18, 2019
DEAR EVAN HANSEN, the 2017 Tony Award-winning musical currently at the Boston Opera House through August 4, is that rare teen angst story that neither trivializes nor over dramatizes the challenges of coming of age in modern America. Rather, this at times funny, at times penetrating, and always tender exploration of alienated youth draws us deeply into the world of an anxious young man who feels like he's forever on the outside looking in.
by BWW News Desk - Jul 18, 2019
2020. The President Of The United States has fallen, impeached for corruption and now awaits trial. As the American senate slides into chaos, election fever grips the nation. In the wake of yet another mass shooting, Senator Henry Jekyll, a bold, young, liberal announces his candidacy to run for the Oval Office. His one promise: to end America's toxic love affair with guns. Emboldened by a landmark level of public support, Jekyll's victory seems almost inevitable.
by BWW News Desk - Jul 17, 2019
Matthew Ethan Davis, who kept them laughing a month ago with Sleep At Your Own Risk, now scares us with Faster Than Shadows, directed by Ivette Dumeng and featuring Meghan E. Jones, Alfredo Diaz and Bryan James Hamilton; with lighting by Gilbert Pearto and sound by Bryan James Hamilton.
by BWW News Desk - Jul 10, 2019
Japan Society proudly announces its 2019-2020 Performing Arts Season, featuring works by visionary artists in dance, music, theater and more, along with one-of-a-kind related workshops and events, as detailed below.  Notably, Fall 2019 features programming thematically linked to the celebration of Japan's new era, Reiwa, following the recent May 2019 enthronement of the 126th emperor, Naruhito. 
by BWW News Desk - Jul 1, 2019
The elusive One is out there waiting to be found. You deserve them. They are so special they'd fight dragons, climb towers and die for you if they had to.
by Gary Naylor - Aug 9, 2019
Nicholas Wright's new play, set on the road in wartime America, examines the relationships between Paul Robeson and his Othello co-stars, José Ferrer and Uta Hagen. It does not waste that wonderful set up.
by BWW News Desk - Aug 5, 2019
This year's Dublin Theatre Festival programme reflects with many contemporary topics - but also reaches beyond, to a poetic enquiry about the times we live in. Over three weeks performances include 10 World Premieres, reimagined classic texts, inspiring international projects from Australia, Belgium Estonia, Portugal, Sweden, the UK and the USA, and an expanded season of Theatre for Children.
by BWW News Desk - Aug 25, 2019
From the backstreets of Melbourne's northern suburbsto the depths of Antarctica, a Scottish Shakespearean spectacle to Oscar Wilde's most famous comedy of lies, Malthouse Theatre brings history, culture, politics, subversion, great odysseys and truth-telling together under one roof. In 2020 Malthouse Theatre is going ALL IN.
by BWW News Desk - Aug 19, 2019
After positive results from early promotion in the US and UK including various nominations, author Nataly Restokian is looking forward to the hometown launch of her first novel, Masks. Restokian, the granddaughter of Armenian genocide survivors, was born and raised in Beirut against the backdrop of civil war. She spent two decades as a celebrated television journalist, actor, and live talk show and radio host in Lebanese and Arabic societies, where she was one of the most recognizable women in the media. But at what cost? Against all odds, Restokian rose to the top before giving it all up and moving to Montreal for a chance at genuine happiness and personal truth. Please join her for the launch of her first novel, Masks, on Tuesday, September 10, for readings, a Q&A and refreshments.
by Bobby Patrick - Aug 14, 2019
Darlings, last night we watched Joe's Pub BURN to the ground! Set on FIRE by the incendiary Jackie Hoffman's fire breathing mouth. This perennial of such New York musical comedy classics as Hairspray, On The Town, her star turn in Once Upon A Mattress, and the current Off-Broadway hit-of-the-season A Kleyn Eydish (oh the heck with it) Fiddler On The Roof - In Yiddish no less, held forth with stand-up and lay-them-in-the-isles comedy songs for 70(ish) minutes that have us still laughing and wanting more; even though we are SORE from all the laughter.
by BWW News Desk - Aug 14, 2019
After positive results from early promotion in the US and UK including various nominations, author Nataly Restokian is looking forward to the hometown launch of her first novel, Masks.
by Cindy Marcolina - Aug 1, 2019
The Dorfman stage at National Theatre transforms into Lamonic Bibber for the summer break. Mr Gum - a grumpy man who hates children and any kind of fun - traps Padlock the bear, Polly's new, unexpected friend and forces him to dance to entertain Gum's crowds of sailors and scallywags. Aided by her loyal friends, the nine-year-old embarks on a perilous journey to save Padlock and take him back to his home in the forest.
by BWW News Desk - Apr 19, 2019
Sony Music announces the release of DAYS GONE (ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK) with music by NATHAN WHITEHEAD (The Purge, He's Out There, Delirium, Keanu).  Available Friday, April 19,the soundtrack features music from Days Gone, the upcoming, open-world action game, which launches exclusively on the PlayStation®4 system beginning Friday, April 26.  The 25-track collection also includes features from rising artists Jack Savoretti, Billy Raffoul & Zander Reese, as well as 'Days Gone Quiet,' performed by Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi.  
by BWW News Desk - Apr 15, 2019
The fifth annual Broadway Stage Management Symposium (BSMS) will feature over thirty Broadway Stage Managers and Professionals in an incredible array of panels addressing important aspects of the art and craft of stage management. As the leaders of a theatrical company, stage managers are responsible for the mounting, maintenance and running of a show. They deal with a wide variety of issues and need to be well-versed in both production processes and people skills. The BSMS provides a unique forum to engage with top professionals on numerous topics important to stage managers at all levels.
by BWW News Desk - Apr 12, 2019
Regent's Park Theatre have today announced principal casting for their productions of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's Evita and Jesus Christ Superstar, alongside the full creative team for Evita.
by Tara Bennett - Apr 10, 2019
Playwright Tennessee Williams is a definite master of his craft, possessing an innate skill at storytelling. He excels at creating a time and place that traps you within its web right from the very beginning. Written late in his career, SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER is a dramatic example of Williams' storytelling abilities, which focuses on the power and vulnerability that comes with the truth. Now playing onstage at Loyola University's Lower Depths Theatre, The Tennessee Williams Theatre Company's current run of SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER is a haunting rendition that perfectly honors Williams' 1958 Southern Gothic script.
by Gary Naylor - Apr 10, 2019
The Noises traps us in a room with Luna, as she tells us her story from puppy to dog / bodyguard while the world disintegrates outside. Her journey is one faced by many neglected kids - a key factor to explain those noises off.