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The Human Comedy - 1984 - Broadway Tickets, News, Info & More

Based on the novel by William Saroyan


Original Production
Run Type: Open Run
Market: Broadway
Previews: March 20, 1984
(20 preview

Closing: April 15, 1984

Royale Theatre

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About the Theatre  

242 W. 45th St.
New York,NY10036

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The Human Comedy Frequently Asked Questions

What other awards has The Human Comedy been nominated for?
Outstanding Music (Drama Desk Awards) for Galt MacDermott.

What awards has The Human Comedy been nominated for?
Outstanding Music (Drama Desk Awards) for Galt MacDermott.

What productions of The Human Comedy have there been?
The Human Comedy has had 5 productions including Off-Broadway which opened in 1983, Off-Broadway which opened in 1983, Broadway which opened in 1984, Broadway which opened in 1984 and which opened in 2006.

What is the songs are in The Human Comedy and what's the order?
In a Little Town in California
Ulysses Reaches the Crossing
Hi Ya, Kid
The Black Man Waved
He Didn't Think
Home for Him
Homer, Homer
We're a Little Family
Bicycle Ride
The Assyrians
Fourteen Words Collect
You're a Little Young for the Job
I Can Carry a Tune
Happy Birthday
What Do I Sing?
Anniversary Song
I Think the Kid Will Do
Beautiful Music
Here, Boy!
Cocoanut Cream Pie
When I Am Lost
I Said, Oh No
Daddy Will Not Come Walking Through the Door
Death Is Not an Easy Thing
The Birds in the Sky
Remember Always to Give
Long Past Sunset
In Our Little Town
Don't Tell Me
You Want to Go to Corbett's
The Fourth Telegram
Give Me All the Money
You Coming Here Now
Everything Is Changed
The World Is Full of Loneliness
How I Love Your Thingamajig
Come On Toby
Wherever Did You Learn to Sing?
An Orphan I Am
I'll Tell You About My Family
I Think About
Mary Arena
It Doesn't Seem Right
I Wish I Were a Man
Marcus, My Friend
My Father's Name
My Sister Bess
Bear Trap
This Is Ulysses
Hello, Darling!
I've Known a Lot of Guys
Now, Darling
I See You've Got a Letter
Dear Brother
As the Poet Said
The Birds in the Trees
Slowly the Reality
Mr. Grogan, Wake Up
Hello, Doc
What Am I Supposed to Do?
Your Brother
I'm Home
Somewhere, Someone
Quieten Down
I'll Always Love You
The Passing of the Train
Fathers and Mothers (And You and Me)