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BWW Review: NATIVE GARDENS Sows Mayhem Through Comedy Through 9/16 at TheatreWorks Silicon Valley
by Linda Hodges - Sep 4, 2018

I highly recommend this modern-day war of the roses. If NATIVE GARDENS is a prognosticator of things to come in this country, then the art of compromise and not the art of the deal is what will be needed to overcome all our border disputes and prejudices. (more...)

Park Theatre To Host SIT-Up Sunday
by BWW News Desk - Sep 24, 2018

Park Theatre is to host two plays recognised by the SIT-Up Awards: a new award recently launched at the Edinburgh Fringe to reward and support theatre to achieve greater social impact. Standing for Social Impact Theatre, SIT-Up Sunday will offer a platform to two plays commended in the debut year: And Before I Forget I Love You, I Love You (5pm) by Pip Utton, and the 2018 award-winner Dangerous Giant Animals (7pm) by Christina Murdock on Sunday 28 October. (more...)

BWW Review: THE JERSEY TENORS at Ridgefield Playhouse
by Sean Fallon - Sep 23, 2018

Incredible voices mixed with excellent song selections across various musical genres combined with personality based clean humor makes THE JERSEY TENORS a show that I highly recommend. (more...)

CATAMITUS Makes World Premiere Oct 12
by BWW News Desk - Sep 21, 2018

Catamitus, written by Frank J. Avella, is about a famous film director caught up in rape allegations who is confronted by one of his male victims. Catamitus will be directed by Christopher Burris and will star Brendan Daughterty and John David West. (more...)

BWW Review: THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG is Wildly Entertaining
by Dylan Shaffer - Sep 21, 2018

The funniest play of the 21stcentury launches its National Tour in Pittsburgh this week. The Play That Goes Wrong is right as rain and will leave you crying with laughter and delight. (more...)

BWW REVIEW: Hal Prince's Original West End And Broadway Staging Of EVITA Is Revived For A New Generation With Mixed Results In Sydney Australia
by Jade Kops - Sep 20, 2018

Following a successful restaging in South Africa and Singapore, Associate Director Dan Kutner brings the revival of Hal Prince's original West End and Broadway staging of EVITA to Australia with a predominantly Australian cast for Sydney and later Melbourne audiences. (more...)

BWW Review: FRNKNSTN at The Abbey Theatre
by Jini Rooney - Sep 2, 2018

Writer Michael West artfully distills the dark essence of Mary Shelley's classic into a fateful 70 minutes, gratifying literary scholars and beguiling newcomers. I imagine Director Muireann Ahern enjoyed collaborating with her colleague, Louis Lovett, to unsettle and bewitch the audience. (Ahearn & Lovett are Joint Artistic Directors of Theatre Lovett.) Lovett was triumphant as both Victor Frankenstein and Frankenstein's monster, undertaking his heinous crusade with aplomb. (more...)

BWW Review: JAMES AND JAMESY: IN THE DARK is a Charming and Absurdist Existential Jaunt
by Julie Musbach - Sep 16, 2018

When the word 'Fringe' comes into play, most experienced theatre-goers are prone to a moment of hesitation. The genre implies unconventional to the point of the ridiculous. James and Jamesy: In the Dark, winner of multiple Fringe awards, is not immune to these elements, however, it is stylishly done and presents a charming picture of two beings finding their place in the world. (more...)

BWW Review: HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH at Lyric Theatre
by Colin Fleming-Stumpf - Sep 16, 2018

The Rochester Fringe Festival is one of Upstate New York's cultural beacons (along with its Jazz Festival, Park Ave Festival, and Gay Film Festival, among many others). Each year it features performers known and unknown, showcasing everything from improv theatre to modern dance, macabre storytelling to interactive variety shows. That diversity and embracing of the bizarre makes the Fringe Festival the perfect venue to showcase OFC Creation's production of 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch', the 1998 cult classic by John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask. (more...)

BWW Review: Theatre Under the Stars' 50th Anniversary Season Celebrates Houston As Home With OKLAHOMA
by Audrey Morabito - Sep 14, 2018

In the theatre world, your first time seeing Rodgers & Hammerstein's OKLAHOMA! is essentially a rite of passage. You either love it or you don't-and the pendulum can swing either direction depending on the actors, designers, and director's choices. Ever since I sat in my Survey of Musical Theatre class freshman year, watching the 1999 film of Oklahoma! , I've been waiting to see a live production. Whether you are an Oklahoma addict or have never heard of the show before, do your soul a favor and experience this joyful, unreplicable production. (more...)

Pop-up Globe Announces Extension
by BWW News Desk - Sep 14, 2018

The creators of Pop-up Globe and Live Nation today announced that after critical acclaim and unprecedented popular demand, four additional weeks of performances will be released at 12 noon today, Friday 14 September, with Pop-up Globe now scheduled to play until 2 December. (more...)

The Farmington Players Present BRIGHTON BEACH MEMOIRS
by BWW News Desk - Sep 13, 2018

Get ready for a laugh-out-loud and heartwarming classic from the late great "King of Comedy" Neil Simon. The Farmington Players will open the season with Simon's coming-of-age tale, Brighton Beach Memoirs, the 18th Simon show to be performed at the Barn. It's the first in a trio of the playwright's semi-autobiographical stories about growing up in an impoverished Jewish family in 1930's Brooklyn. (more...)

BWW Review: URINETOWN, THE MUSICAL at Ridgefield Theater Barn
by Sean Fallon - Sep 10, 2018

For a great musical comedy by a very talented cast, the Ridgefield Theater Barn delivers another first-rate show with URINETOWN, THE MUSICAL. This ensemble cast is extremely talented and bring their best efforts to this incredible show! (more...)

A ROSE AMONG HORNS Comes to The Butterfly Club
by BWW News Desk - Sep 10, 2018

SET IN A SLEEPY TOWN - a bunch of guys are jostling to 'bone' Cindy first, she's 'digging' the attention, but it's all her dad's fault. (more...)

BWW REVIEW: BroadwayWorld Sydney Guest Critic George Farmakidis Shares His Views on Richard Carroll's CALAMITY JANE at Belvoir St Theatre
by Jade Kops - Sep 10, 2018

BroadwayWorld Sydney Guest Critic George Farmakidis Shares His Views on Richard Carroll's CALAMITY JANE at Belvoir St Theatre (more...)

BWW Review: BECOMING DR. RUTH at JCC CenterStage Theatre
by Colin Fleming-Stumpf - Oct 8, 2018

It wouldn't be odd to presume that a one-woman show about America's most famous sex therapist would be mostly about...well, sex. While sex and the role it plays in our lives is certainly a part of the story, Becoming Dr. Ruth, currently playing at JCC's CenterStage, is much deeper than that. It examines history, religion, family, love, loss, intimacy, and the many forces that shaped the life and career of Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the German-born, Jewish immigrant who survived the Holocaust and went on to become a pop culture icon, media personality, and author. (more...)

BWW Review: Posner's STUPID FUCKING BIRD Launches ACT 1's 30th Season
by Jeffrey Ellis - Oct 8, 2018

There is a wonderful scene in act two of Aaron Posner's Stupid Fucking Bird - the first production of ACT 1's 2018-19 season - during which actors Tamara Scott and Diego Gomez, playing mother and son, launch into a years-in-the-making confrontation that gives both actors an opportunity to prove their mettle in decidedly theatrical fashion. If only for that one scene in Posner's three-act play, audiences could walk away satisfied, but thanks to Mark Cabus' inspired direction of a particularly notable cast there are far more moments to entertain and, perhaps, to challenge audiences to think about the personal cost of creating art. (more...)

BWW Review: PIPPIN Does Its Magic at the Skylight Music Theatre
by Kelsey Lawler - Oct 5, 2018

What the Skylight brings to Stephen Schwartz's already glorious music and lyrics is a cast and creative team brimming with sheer brilliance. (more...)

TFT Presents 7th Edition of Multi-Dora Award Winning Series Les Zinspirés
by BWW News Desk - Oct 30, 2018

Theatre francais de Toronto is pleased to present the seventh edition of its hit series Les Zinspires. Directed by Chanda Gibson for the third consecutive time, Les Zinspires: L'age de raison (The Age of Reason) will be presented at the Berkeley Street Theatre from November 29 to December 7, 2018 with General Audience Performances featuring English Surtitles on November 30 and December 5 at 8pm. (more...)

THE SNOW QUEEN Comes to North Coast Repertory Theatre School
by BWW News Desk - Oct 28, 2018

If you and your children were captivated by 'Frozen,' you will be equally enchanted by THE SNOW QUEEN, the upcoming play by The Theatre School @ North Coast Rep. Adapted from the beloved Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale by Ron Nicol, this nonmusical production tells the story of Gerda, a little girl who bravely searches for her friend Kai when he is bewitched and imprisoned by the Snow Queen in her ice palace. Gerda's innocence charms all good people and animals she meets on the way. They help her to the royal court, and on to Lapland, where good conquers evil and the children are reunited. A prominent theme portrays how each new group Gerda encounters seeks to prolong their new friendships. (more...)

BWW Review: CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY dazzles at Aronoff Center For The Arts
by Anne Simendinger - Oct 27, 2018

Audiences are taking a trip to a world of 'Pure Imagination' with Cincinnati's 2018-2019 Broadway Series opener, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, running now through Nov. 4! Based on the beloved children's novel by Roald Dahl, Charlie tells the story of a young boy who dreams of one day becoming a chocolatier. (more...)

BWW Review: A Slick RADIANT VERMIN Infiltrates With Radiant Performances
by Gil Kaan - Oct 22, 2018

Door Number 3's world premiere of Philip Ridley's RADIANT VERMIN receives a strong mounting with Tim True expertly directing his very talented cast in a quick-paced tale of greed and its consequences. Britt Harris and Kapil Talwalkar bring their all in virtuoso performances as Jill and Ollie, breaking The Fourth Wall to describe, in great detail, the happenings between first learning of the dream home offer to the present with their newborn Benji celebrating his first birthday. (more...)

BWW Review: THE RAT PACK LOUNGE at Connecticut Cabaret Theatre
by Sean Fallon - Oct 21, 2018

THE RAT PACK LOUNGE is a highly entertaining fictional musical comedy about Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr. The Connecticut Cabaret Theatre has yet again produced a first-rate show with the perfect cast for the roles they perform. (more...)

BWW Review: THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG at Moscow Palace Of Youth - It Went Right!
by Daria Vorobyeva - Oct 19, 2018

Russian theatre-goers are used to attend Moscow Palace of Youth to watch new musicals mostly produced by the company Stage Entertainment and its ex-CEO Dmitry Bogachev. But that is in the past. Bogachev, now a member of The Broadway League and a CEO of Moscow Broadway, has decided to put aside musical productions in Russia for this season and to produce The Play That Goes Wrong. (more...)

BWW Review: 'THE MYSTERY OF IRMA VEP–A Penny Dreadful' at Orlando Shakes
by McKenzie Lakey - Oct 19, 2018

Howls of laughter echoed down the halls of Orlando Shakes last weekend as the spooky satire, 'The Mystery of Irma Vep-A Penny Dreadful', opened just in time for the Halloween season. From the title alone, the expectations for a show filled to the brim with satire and comedy are fairly high. (If you're unaware of the anagram that lies within 'Irma Vep', I'll let you discover that through the spectacular fashion that it's revealed in thanks to one of the two men who command the stage throughout the entirety of the show.) But straying from any further potential spoilers, let's explore the finer elements that make this show sing-or perhaps, scream. (more...)

BWW Review: PIPPIN at Mercury Theater's Venus Cabaret
by Rachel Weinberg - Oct 17, 2018

Cue the jazz hands--Stephen Schwartz and Roger O. Hirson's PIPPIN has arrived at Mercury Theater's Venus Cabaret in an intimate staging that brings the actors and the audience together. Mercury Artistic Director L. Walter Stearns's interprets this cabaret production of PIPPIN in a literal manner: the show's visual references and presentational style are highly influenced by the 1920s Weimar cabaret in Germany. Thus, the fictional story of Charlemagne's son Pippin does not at all take place in medieval times but rather seems to occupy a moment all its own. Given the eccentricities in the material for PIPPIN itself, this is a fitting choice. (more...)

BWW Review: Everything Right With THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG at The Straz Center For The Performing Arts
by Deborah Bostock-Kelley - Oct 17, 2018

Is there a proper way to describe the best worst play ever? If I was in the audience for "The Murder at Haversham Manor," I probably would have walked out. Before the play even began, scenery was falling, the door wouldn't stay closed and the weary stage manager brought out duct tape. (more...)

New York Neo-Futurists To Present THE INFINITE FRIGHT
by BWW News Desk - Oct 15, 2018

To celebrate Halloween, the award-winning New York Neo-Futurists are pleased to announce THE INFINITE FRIGHT, a special edition of their weekly late-night show, (more...)

BWW Review: SERYOZHA at Moscow Art Theatre - Everything Was In Astonishment
by Daria Vorobyeva - Oct 14, 2018

Dmitry Krymov has directed a new 'Anna Karenina' - and named it by her son's name, 'Seryozha'. 'This is a stage play based on motifs of a great novel, I would even say, on very distant motifs', the director explained his work where most of the Tolstoy's characters are erased, where Anna is transformed into Lyudmila Shaposhnikova from Vasily Grossman's novel 'Life and Fate' - and where the feeling of losing a child is clearly similar both in 19th century and during the Great World War. (more...)

BWW Review: LITTLE WITCHES at Downtown Cabaret Children's Theatre
by Sean Fallon - Oct 13, 2018

The Downtown Cabaret Children's Theatre has once again produced a musical that is entertaining for the entire family. LITTLE WITCHES has a compelling storyline and a talented cast, continuing with the consistent top quality of the Downtown Cabaret Children's Theater in Bridgeport, CT. (more...)

Pittsburgh Musical Theater Announces Cast For HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH
by BWW News Desk - Oct 11, 2018

Pittsburgh Musical Theater starts a second year of professional shows at their own Gargaro Theater in the city's West End with a limited engagement of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. (more...)

Trap Door's NAKED Extends Thru Nov 3rd
by BWW News Desk - Oct 11, 2018

A young woman in despair returns to Rome with little more than her suitcase - and a dark secret. Vulnerable and with a past, she encounters several men who push her to edge. Luigi Pirandello and his 'Naked' heroine open up the debate about gender power dynamics amidst the powerful social and cultural mores with which the characters must contend. (more...)

BWW Review: YOU DON'T PAY? WE WON'T PAY!, York Theatre Royal
by Sarah Ryan - Oct 10, 2018

Developed in partnership with York Theatre Royal, Fo's farcical comedy follows two working class women who take advantage of a riot at a local supermarket to stock up their cupboards, and the chaos that ensues as they concoct increasingly outlandish plans to hide their crime from their straight-laced husbands. It is an irreverent take on modern politics, the working poor and marginalised voices across Britain. (more...)

Four Clowns Presents: WELCOME TO ILLIRIYA! An Absurd & Zany Version Of Twelfth Night!
by BWW News Desk - Nov 6, 2018

Los Angeles' favorite clown troupe Four Clowns, teams up with the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles for an all-new Holiday take on one of the Bard's most popular works "Twelfth Night or What You Will". Four Clowns presents "Welcome to Illyria! or An Exceedingly Silly Retelling of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night" Start your holiday off right, with laughs, giggles and general merriment! "Welcome to Illyria!" will run for twelve performances only, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays from November 30 - December 16, 2018, Friday, Saturday & Sunday have an 8:00 pm show as well as a Sunday 2:00 pm show. This is not the first time Four Clowns has worked with Shakespeare's text. In 2015, Four Clowns took on Hamlet to receive rave reviews. In 2011 the company produced an award-winning version of Romeo & Juliet, and in 2014 they teamed up with California State University Long Beach to present a version of Ubu Roi called Ubu The Sh*t, a French play based on Shakespeare's Macbeth. (more...)

The Drama Factory Presents 'Stand-Up Comedy At The Drama Factory'
by BWW News Desk - Nov 5, 2018

A night of Stand-up Comedy not to be missed! South Africa's foremost comedians join farces to bring you the most outrageous, uproarious, side-splitting night of comedy gold! Hold onto your seats as your MC, the award-winning Rob van Vuuren, is joined by Melt Sieberhagen's uniquely South African point of view, comedian KG who is the son of a Sangoma and a nurse and fresh from being nominated as best newcomer comedian in South Africa- Lindy Johnson. (more...)

BWW Review: RHINOCEROS at Now & Then Creative Company
by Nathaniel Jones - Nov 4, 2018

Pachyderms demolish the 4th wall and help us contemplate the inevitability of change in Now & Then Creative Company's production of RHINOCEROS. (more...)

BWW Review: THE TURN OF THE SCREW at Middlebury Actors Workshop is a Frightfully Fun Evening of Theatre
by Stacy Raphael - Nov 4, 2018

Middlebury Actors Workshop presents Henry James' 1898 gothic horror story The Turn of the Screw, adapted for the stage by Jeffrey Hatcher. Playing at Town Hall Theater in Middlebury through November 4th and then at the Flynn Center in Burlington November 15th & 16th. (more...)

BWW Review: ROCK OF AGES at Barn Players At The Arts Asylum
by Paul Bolton - Nov 11, 2018

Barn Players turn up the volume and rolls out the '80's music with their current production of "Rock of Ages." The musical, directed by Eric Magnus, features songs from Journey, Styx,, Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar, Steve Perry, Twisted Sister, Poison, etc... Rock Of Ages at Arts Asylum Kansas City by Barn Players November 8-18, 2018 Book by Chris D'Arienzo and music arranged by Ethan Pop featuring The Arsenal Band (more...)

BWW Review: THE CHRISTMAS ELF 2 at Downtown Cabaret Children's Theatre
by Sean Fallon - Nov 10, 2018

THE CHRISTMAS ELF 2 continues with the Downtown Cabaret Children's Theatre's tradition of providing a blend of entertainment that reaches the entire family. (more...)

BWW Review: BLACKTOP HIGHWAY - A Trippy Ride Down A Road Not Usually Taken
by Gil Kaan - Nov 10, 2018

Performance artist extraordinaire John Fleck owns the Odyssey Theatre stage with his one-man Gothic horror piece BLACKTOP HIGHWAY. Framed as a screenplay being shot through the camera lens of a movie director, Fleck makes maximum and inventive use of his talent for animal mimicry, pre-recorded vignettes and real-time videos paired with miniature props and puppetry. Randee Trabitz ably directs Fleck through his high-energy, fast-talking dialogue between Fleck and Fleck himself, in a multitude of characters. (more...)

BWW Interview: Brian Noonan of THE JERSEY TENORS at Ridgefield Playhouse
by Sean Fallon - Aug 31, 2018

Brian Noonan of THE JERSEY TENORS speaks of an extremely promising two act show that incorporates unique arrangements of rock songs collided with opera. THE JERSEY TENORS is scheduled at the Ridgefield Playhouse for one night only, September 22, at 8:00 PM. (more...)

BWW Interview: Christian Rey Marbella Talks MISS SAIGON
by Nicole Ackman - Aug 29, 2018

Christian Rey Marbella has recently taken over as The Engineer on the UK tour of Miss Saigon. This is his tenth year of being involved with the show and this UK tour marks his fifth production. He has been in Miss Saigon in Manila, on the Asian tour, on the first UK tour, the second UK tour, and was the alternate Engineer in the West End revival in 2014. He has also performed in theatre in the US and his native Philippines. (more...)

BWW Review: PERICLES, National Theatre
by Gary Naylor - Aug 28, 2018

Pericles shows our nation what our nation is - a tremendous achievement by the National Theatre's Public Acts movement and a gamechanger for the concept of outreach. (more...)

BWW Review: SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE's Enchanting Return To The Fugard Theatre
by Lindsay Kruger - Aug 23, 2018

Eric Abraham's award-winning production of Shakespeare in Love is back at the Fugard Theatre by popular demand. Its highly anticipated return comes after a sold-out run at the end of 2017 and this latest production boasts a handful of fresh cast members as well as a new lead actor. While one might sometimes associate Shakespeare with languid lines of prose and a faint understanding of Early Modern English, there is nothing idle about this captivating romantic comedy. (more...)

EDINBURGH 2018: BWW Review: KILLYMUCK, Underbelly
by Natalie O'Donoghue - Aug 21, 2018

Inspired by real events, Killymuck is a housing estate built on a paupers graveyard in 1970s Ireland. Niamh navigates life through the parameters of growing up, with the trials and tribulations of being a kid from the benefit class system. Lack of opportunity, educational barriers, impoverishment, addiction and depression are the norms as the struggle to escape the underclass stereotype becomes a priority. From school trips organised as cross-community excursions to unite a fractured post troubles town, to finding the humour within an estate crippled with misfortune. (more...)

BWW Review: GREY GARDENS Blossoms at the New Hazlett
by Dylan Shaffer - Aug 20, 2018

A family of riches and elegance surrounded by the decrepit conditions of a deteriorating estate: the paradox is suitable for the equally paradoxical name of the property, Grey Gardens. (more...)

BWW Review: ALWAYS...PATSY CLINE at Sharon Playhouse
by Sean Fallon - Aug 19, 2018

Alison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson from Little House on the Prairie) and Carter Calvert portray Louise Seger and Patsy Cline, respectively, in the Ted Swindley comedic musical entitled ALWAYS…PATSY CLINE, which is based on a true story that has humor that can be appreciated both by major Patsy Cline fans and people who never heard of her. I highly recommend this comedy. (more...)

Trap Door Announces NAKED
by BWW News Desk - Aug 16, 2018

The Trap Door Theatre presents Naked written by Luigi Pirandello, translated by Nina Da Vinci Nichols, directed by Kay Martinovich. (more...)

BWW Interview: Stars of Tuacahn's THE PRINCE OF EGYPT, MATILDA, and CINDERELLA on Their Experience
by Tyler Hinton - Aug 16, 2018

This summer and fall, Tuacahn Center for the Arts is presenting three exciting productions in repertory at its one-of-a-kind outdoor amphitheatre, including one of the very first productions in the world of DreamWorks' THE PRINCE OF EGYPT, the first production of Roald Dahl's MATILDA THE MUSICAL following its national tour, and one of the first regional productions of Rodgers and Hammerstein's CINDERELLA. Three actors were happy to speak with BroadwayWorld about their time at Tuacahn. (more...)

BWW Review: York's TAFE Takes On OUR TOWN
by Marakay Rogers - Aug 13, 2018

One of the fist modern instances of 'breaking The Fourth Wall,' Thornton Wilder's OUR TOWN is a story addressed directly to an audience - by the production's Stage Manager, the narrator and an occasional player in the story. It's a tale of the life of the fictional Grover's Corners, New Hampshire from 1901 through 1913, seen through the eyes of two neighboring families and the Stage Manager's decription of the locale. (more...)

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