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by Stan Jenson - Sep 9, 2019
Desert Theatreworks has kicked off their 2019/2020 season of community inspired theatre with a frothy toast of champagne: a laugh-a-minute comedy called The Savannah Sipping Society. A group of women of a certain age, each of whom is facing a new situation in their lives, meet almost coincidentally. Three of them have enrolled in a Hot Yoga class, thinking that the term a?oeHota?? meant it would be hot fun. We meet them as they escape the torturously overheated room, and they agree to meet later that week for drinks and nibbles. A fourth lady joins them for their drinks, and the stage is set for two thoroughly enjoyable hours.
by Rakaputra Paputungan - Sep 9, 2019
Society expects people to conform to its norms to be accepted. Those who can't will be cast aside and forgotten, with their dreams left broken. But is it worth it losing one's true self to pursue one's ambition? SPOTLIGHT THEATRE explores the issue of identity and dreams in their original musical KIRANA, which ran for three shows on August 23-25 2019 at the Gedung Kesenian Jakarta. 
by Sean Fallon - Sep 3, 2019
On Friday, August 30, 2019, I had the pleasure of seeing the musical comedy NUNSENSE at the Sharon Playhouse in Sharon, CT.  With book, music, and lyrics by Dan Goggin, this show provides entertainment enjoyed by the audience from start to finish.  Director and choreographer Teri Gibson brings out the best in this talented cast of five actresses.
by BWW News Desk - Sep 3, 2019
Multi award winning David Benson is to lead an all-star cast in a sparkling new audio recording of the Frankie Howerd comedy classic, 'Up Pompeii'.
by Kristen Morale - Sep 24, 2019
Director Lauren Hlubny takes the idea of violence and molds it into something theatrically beautiful with her play Thoughts and Prayers, produced by Danse Theatre Surreality and now in performances at TADA! Youth Theatre.
by Deborah Bostock-Kelley - Sep 23, 2019
My husband loathes plays and yet I still dragged him out to Jaeb Theatre Sunday night to experience Spymonkey's Hysteria. After interviewing Toby last week, I knew it was our warped sense of humor and we'd love it. Not five minutes into the play at Klaus's unexpected greeting to Laura, he is tapping my knee mouthing, 'you were right.'
by Lindsay Kruger - Sep 23, 2019
Trying to persevere under a law designed to oppress, Athol Fugard's STATEMENTS AFTER AN ARREST UNDER THE IMMORALITY ACT explores the affect on individuals and relationships when personal and emotional freedom is out of your control. The success of this production is evidenced by its five Kanna Award nominations at the KKNK festival, and is now brought to the intimate setting of Fugard's Studio Theatre for local audiences to get lost in.
by BWW News Desk - Sep 20, 2019
Crystal Lisbon began and ended her time as artistic director of Hackmatack Playhouse directing her favorite shows. A longtime actor, director, and choreographer, Lisbon got to tackle a?oeWest Side Storya?? in 2015 during her first season directing at Hackmatack, a theater she had worked and performed at since she was 17. And last month, as she brought her time as artistic director to a close, Lisbon got to direct another longtime favorite, a?oePeter and the Star Catcher.a??
by Richard Sasanow - Sep 18, 2019
Last January, Joseph Keckler seemed to burst forth, fully blown, like Athena from the head of Zeus, at New York's Prototype Festival (though his emergence was, in fact, no such thing, having already been a staple of the Downtown scene for several years). This month, Philadelphia's got him, at the Opera Philadelphia O19, running from September 20-28, with LET ME DIE. It's a genre-bending performance piece for the baritone, whose voice ascends to tenorial heights, that peppers famous operatic death scenes (with some singing collaborators) with video from Lianne Arnold, his own music and signature comedic je ne sais quoi.
by Sean Fallon - Sep 16, 2019
I had the pleasure of seeing CABARET as put on by Fairfield Center Stage, at the Trevi Lounge in Fairfield, CT.  Fairfield Center Stage has yet again put on a well known production in a brilliantly unique way that audiences would not get to experience anywhere else.  Fairfield Center Stage gets the perfect cast for the roles, and furthermore finds the perfect venue for each production, to provide the ambiance appropriate to the show.  The Trevi Lounge creates a wonderful intimate atmosphere for the cabaret show within the CABARET show. 
by Stephen Mosher - Sep 16, 2019
The Boy Band Project brings a lively and festive, sexy and playful BOY BAND BRUNCH to The Green Room 42
by Natasha Ashley - Sep 15, 2019
Syracuse Stage opens its 2019/2020 season with a world premiere production of Thoughts of a Colored Man, written by Keenan Scott II and directed by Steve H. Broadnax III. It is co-produced with Baltimore Center Stage and two commercial producers, Brian Moreland and Ron Simons, who anticipate moving this new play to New York after the run in Syracuse and Baltimore (beginning October 10). The play is real, raw, and truly captivating; the emotional and powerful stories are conveyed through music, dance, and poetic language.
by Jennifer Perry - Sep 15, 2019
It's common for the Kennedy Center to be a stop for national tours of current or recently closed Broadway shows, but it's a bit of a rarity for it to be a stop for a show that's truly a?oedirect from Broadway.a?? There's no misleading advertising here. While Heidi Schreck's highly personal Tony Award-nominated play 'What the Constitution Means to Me' will embark on a national tour in the near future, the Kennedy Center's offering is unique because it stars the original Broadway cast, including Tony Award nominee Ms. Schreck herself. To that end, the timely show, directed by Oliver Butler, is absolutely worth a look.
by Greg Kerestan - Sep 15, 2019
I can't quite explain why this is the most successful musical of all time, but I can't deny that it works.
by BWW News Desk - Sep 12, 2019
Keen Company Artistic Director Jonathan Silverstein today announced the cast for the first play of the new season, Keen's 20th: Paul O'Brien, Pamela Sabaugh and Tommy Schrider will star in Brian Friel's Molly Sweeney directed by Mr. Silverstein. 
by BWW News Desk - Sep 11, 2019
Penobscot Theatre Company, the nation's Northeastern-most professional year-round theatre company, is proud to introduce a new initiative to encourage would-be viewers to experience live theatre! With WOODY'S WELCOME WAGON, audiences will get to know Woody Guthrie and get to know Penobscot Theatre Company.
by Student Blogger: Emily Bonifacio - Oct 7, 2019
There are so many ways you can absorb theatre but one of the most important and underrated ways is through television. We all know about Glee and the success it had, but most people aren't aware of the other genius musical shows such as Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Galavant, and even Smash, which is probably the most well-known of the three.
by Dylan Shaffer - Oct 31, 2019
Mean Girls, the Broadway musical based off the 2004 movie of the same name, has arrived in Pittsburgh for the week and is tickling the town pink with its comedy and tribute to the movie.
by Cindy Marcolina - Oct 30, 2019
After spending most of the year in its hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon, the Royal Shakespeare Company's newest As You Like It kicks off their London Season at the Barbican Centre. Directed by Kimberley Sykes, the production is a delicate and inventive voyage into a Forest of Arden that feels truer than Shakespeare's fictional real world. It never forgets that it's a comedy at heart, and Lucy Phelps' precise physicality plays into the genre. She has Rosalind win the audience's fondness wink by wink, pulling them towards her side through chuckles and playful nudges.
by Carla Delgado - Oct 30, 2019
With PETA's Acting in HIV campaign, they are steadfast in their goal of tackling sensitive topics through theater and the arts. They use theater as their medium to forward their advocacies and help the public to be educated, especially with shows like Under My Skin.
by BWW News Desk - Oct 30, 2019
Get ready to leave reality behind when Club 2B throws open its doors for the very first time this Christmas.
by Albert Gutierrez - Oct 28, 2019
There's blood on my program. At first, I thought it was a printing design, but upon further inspection, I realized that, yes, I have blood stains on my program. Normally, I would be concerned, but given that the first three rows at the Moonlight Players Theatre have been designated 'Splatter Zone,' I didn't think much more of it from the safety of my seventh-row seat. Having played out to sold out crowds in its first and second weeks, Moonlight Players' EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL will end its run this coming post-Halloween weekend. But fear not, Deadites, for you can also catch Ash Williams and his boomstick on a special Halloween performance as well. The hugely-popular Off-Broadway musical condenses Sam Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy into a two-act musical that celebrates the films' subversive comedy take on 1980s gore. And it does so with a gusto and a panache that knows just how ridiculous and trope-heavy the source material is.
by Sarah Jae Leiber - Oct 27, 2019
A group of students has forcibly taken over a theatre space on their college campus. The room hasn't been touched in a year a?' not since a school shooting rocked the very foundation they're playing to, in the middle of a performance of Thornton Wilder's Our Town. The survivors have come together to hold a last hurrah: part vigil, part documentary, part call-to-action. See, the building is scheduled for demolition tomorrow a?' and, while they can, the students want to remind their community of what happened and what is at stake if they don't act.
by Mary Lincer - Oct 27, 2019
Conor McPherson's 2006 play, Port Authority, now onstage in Bethesda at Quotidian Theatre, lacks bells, whistles, or coups de theatre. But Thornton Wilder quoted Molière as saying that all he needed for theatre was passion and a platform or two. And that's what's on offer in the well-acted revival of the 90 minute piece.
by Student Blogger: Tayler Fess - Oct 25, 2019
We all love the big hits of our favorite musicals. There's nothing like belting out 'Defying Gravity' or 'So Much Better' when you're driving alone, but there's so many songs that get overshadowed by the popular ones. I made a list of 10 amazing songs that need to be appreciated more!
by Rachael Goldberg - Oct 24, 2019
'Everybody' may not be for, well, everybody - it's a quirky play that tackles humanity, life, death, and our own fragile existence head-on. But those who are brave enough to face these uncomfortable truths are rewarded with a fast-talking, quick-witted, deep-thinking performance.
by Jim Munson - Oct 22, 2019
Following on the rousing success of Antigona, their acclaimed and wildly popular flamenco adaptation of Sophocles' Antigone, Noche Flamenca returns to San Francisco's Z Space with their latest program Entre Tú y Yo (You and I). Conceived, choreographed, and directed by Noche Flamenca Artistic Director Martín Santangelo and lead dancer Soledad Barrio, Entre Tú y Yo explores romantic relationships through dance, music, and song. BroadwayWorld recently caught up with Mr. Santangelo, who also just happens to be married to Ms. Barrio. A legendary dancer known for the drama and ferocity of her movements, Barrio has been called the a?oecrown jewel of flamencoa?? by Dance Magazine and a?oea force of naturea?? by The New York Times. Santangelo himself also has a rich history as a dancer, including performing on Broadway in Julie Taymor and Elliot Goldenthal's Juan Darien.
by Naomi Serviss - Oct 21, 2019
Thomas brings to life the conscience and energy of Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey in Robert Schenkkan's latest exploration of the earth-shaking events of the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson.
by BWW News Desk - Oct 16, 2019
For the final production in its 2019 Subscription Season, Catskill's Bridge Street Theatre presents a genuine American classic a?" Frank D. Gilroy's heartwarming 1965 Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy/drama THE SUBJECT WAS ROSES, coming to the theatre's Mainstage for eight performances only, October 17-27.
by Keith Waits - Oct 16, 2019
a??a??a??a??a??a??a??Measure for Measure has long been considered one of Shakespeare's 'problem plays' because it doesn't clearly fall into the constructs of his comedies or tragedies. While the play has many of the comedic elements that Shakespeare is known for (mistaken identities, eccentric side characters, and witty repartee), it tackles more complex issues such as the abuse of power for sexual purposes, moral dilemmas, and the difficulty of exposing leaders who grossly misuse their power - an eerie (and - in this case - sad) example of how Shakespeare's plays still remain so relevant today.
by Lora Strum - Oct 15, 2019
Broadway World caught up with Ayana Workman to talk process, life and death, and why you can't really take it with you in Obie Award-winner and MacArthur a?oeGeniusa?? Grant recipient Branden Jacobs-Jenkins' production of 'Everybody..'
by BWW News Desk - Oct 10, 2019
A provocative new festival piece, a premiere Australian work, reimagined international and Australian classics and a post-modern masterpiece that rocks the very foundations of theatre itself are just some of the highlights making up State Theatre Company South Australia's 2020 season, the first program from its new artistic director Mitchell Butel.
by BWW News Desk - Nov 8, 2019
Becoming Unfinished is a public performance and art installation debuting this November at Hudson Guild Theater.
by Sarah Dussome - Nov 6, 2019
Divorced. Beheaded. Died. Survived. The six wives of the infamous King Henry VIII star in in Six, the Broadway-bound smash and Citadel Theatre's latest offering.
by Stephen Mosher - Nov 5, 2019
Former resident of OZ and Disney, Ryan McCartan comes of age in his debut solo show, currently playing at Feinstein's/54 Below
by Jack L. B. Gohn - Nov 3, 2019
The Knight of the Burning Pestle is rarely produced, and it certainly deserves the occasional outing, if only as a reminder that our forbears were just as interested in trying experiments with theatrical genre and form as we are.
by Timothy Shawver - Nov 13, 2019
Mesa Encore Theatre's current production of Gilbert and Sullivan's THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE pushes the already campy comic opera to  a?oeFamily Guya?? and a?oeThe Naked Guna?? level outrageousness
by Paula Kiger - Jul 31, 2019
Have you ever 'trash talked' a fellow theater-goer as you passed each other in the aisle? Probably not, right?
by BWW News Desk - Jul 29, 2019
DOG STUFF presents a touching, hilarious, and brief evening of otherworldly theatre for one night at The Brick as part of Brooklyn Comedy Collective's programming.
by Jesse Griffith - Jul 29, 2019
BWW Review: SISTER ACT sings, at The Rollins Theatre, Austin Texas
by BWW News Desk - Jul 26, 2019
5th Wall Theatre, the award-winning professional theatre dedicated to breaking through boundaries, will open its seventh season this fall with a?oeLost Boy Found in Whole Foodsa?? by Tammy Ryan. This powerful and timely play about immigration, human need, and human aid kicks off a four-show subscription season in October.
by Natalie O'Donoghue - Aug 9, 2019
After a critically acclaimed London run, the powerful Traverse Theatre hit about class, culture and appropriation returns with a new cast. Salisbury Crags. Twilight. A woman takes a step forward into the air. A teenage boy pulls her back. Two lives are changed forever. Frank, unflinching and threaded with unexpected humour, Mouthpiece takes a look at two different sides of Edinburgh that exist in ignorance of one another, and asks whether it's possible to tell someone else's story without exploiting them along the way.
by BWW News Desk - Aug 8, 2019
The National Ballet of Canada today announced the Emerging Arts Critics (EAC) programme will expand in the 2019/20 season to include Soulpepper Theatre Company along with returning collaborators The National Ballet of Canada, Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO) and the Canadian Opera Company(COC).
by BWW News Desk - Aug 6, 2019
Life is theater. Theater is life.” Odyssey Theatre Ensemble continues its “Circa '69!” season of significant and adventurous plays that premiered around the time of the Odyssey's 1969 inception with the signature work of early feminist giant of the avant-garde María Irene Fornés. Denise Blasordirects Fefu and Her Friends for an Aug. 10 opening, with performances continuing through Sept. 29.
by Christiana Rose - Aug 5, 2019
Peracals Productions presents writer Benjamin Alborough's Cream Tea and Incest in a revival, featuring an all-female cast of four in a Jeevesian tale.
by Gary Naylor - Aug 30, 2019
FormidAbility's unique approach to integrating those with disabilities on either side of the fourth wall enhances two pieces that prove tricky for the uninitiated to appreciate fully.
by BWW News Desk - Aug 30, 2019
The award-winning New York Neo-Futurists will share their wisdom this fall when they offer their Level One Workshop: Function and Fundamentals. This workshop is twelve hours long, stretching over three Saturdays from September 21st to October 5th; all taking place at the 520 8th Ave. location of Ripley-Grier Studios.
by TV News Desk - Aug 30, 2019
The British Academy of Film and Television Arts Los Angeles (BAFTA Los Angeles) is pleased to announce that British actor, writer and showrunner Phoebe Waller-Bridge will receive the Britannia Award for British Artist of the Year. She joins previously announced honorees Jane Fonda, who will receive the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film Presented by Cunard, Jackie Chan, who will receive the Albert R. Broccoli Britannia Award for Worldwide Contribution to Entertainment, and Steve Coogan, who will receive the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award for Excellence in Comedy Presented by Jaguar Land Rover.
by Sean Fallon - Aug 26, 2019
On Friday, August 23, I had the pleasure of seeing the A.R. Gurney comedy SYLVIA at the Connecticut Cabaret Theatre in Berlin, CT.  Director Kris McMurray has yet again found an excellent play to produce, and the perfect cast to perform the characters.   The highly entertained packed house at this opening night of Connecticut Cabaret Theatre's first show of its 22nd year reflects the consistency of first rate shows that audiences have come to expect at the Connecticut Cabaret Theatre.  
by Joe Lombardi - Aug 20, 2019
Rita Donatella is a struggling wannabe actress working in a science lab and donning the white coat.  She's 'analyzing feces inside a rat' and declares 'I'm not loving that.'  Her agent calls and her dreams are finally realized.  She's going to star in a movie with an A-list actor.  Waiting For Johnny Depp is a semi-autobiographical musical comedy chronicling the perilous world of self-absorption and career angst.