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Over and Over - 1999 - Regional (US) Tickets, News, Info & More

Based on The Skin of Our Teeth by Thornton Wilder

Signature Theatre

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(Arlington, VA, )
3806 Four Mile Run Drive
Arlington, VA,
by Kristen Morale - Sep 9, 2022
Recently concluding its run at both the People’s Improv Theater (PIT) and Theater for the New City in New York City, Pandemonium is a new show written by Claude Solbik that, beneath its comical nature, questions whether our fate is truly written for us. A whimsical tale of swashbuckling pirates, trips to the stars and fairy tale romances, Pandemonium combines fact with fiction through the possibilities and new beginnings that reality brings.
by Michael Major - Sep 9, 2022
Canada’s Preoccupations have released their fourth studio LP, Arrangements. The album begins with the pounding metallic slash of guitar strings of “Fix Bayonets!”. It’s harsh and desolate at first, but builds into a thrilling synth sprint. Listen to the new album now! Plus, check out upcoming tour dates!
by Stephen Mosher - Sep 30, 2022
With his new show, Clint Holmes is making Peter Allen cool again while staying cool, himself.
by Tyler Hinton - Sep 3, 2022
The sold-out De Jong Concert Hall at Brigham Young University was bursting with screaming fans of Tony nominee Jeremy Jordan on Sept. 2, and he brought down the house with his mesmerizing performance.
by Neil Shurley - Sep 26, 2022
'This is a story about love, conflict, questions, and choice. It is real and raw and can resonate with everyone.'
by Michael Major - Sep 26, 2022
FEARLESS debuted No. 1 on iTunes Top Albums chart in a total of 13 countries including Japan, Indonesia and more. As its name—an anagram of ‘IM FEARLESS’—implies, LE SSERAFIM are determined to move forward with unswerving fearlessness in the eyes of the world. Watch the new video trailer now!
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Sep 25, 2022
Willem Butler, winner of BroadwayWorld's first ever season of Next on Stage, is currently shining bright on stages across the country as Dmitry in the National Tour of Anastasia. A recent graduate from Elon University, Anastasia is Butler's touring debut! Read BroadwayWorld's interview with Willem Butler here!
by Martin Ganeider - Sep 23, 2022
REBECCA, the musical about love and obsession reaching from beyond the grave, is back! Daphne Du Maurier's novel has been adapted several times successfully for stage and screen, like Alfred Hitchcock's Academy-Awarded Version or the late Netflix Adaption with Lily James and Armie Hammer. Silvester Levay (Music) and Michael Kunze (Book and Lyrics) brought up a Musical Version of Du Maurier's gothic thriller back in 2006.
by Jeffrey Ellis - Sep 21, 2022
Thanks to the rousing performances of director Micah-Shane Brewer’s talented company who have brought the show to vivid life for Nashville audiences, Rent provides a noteworthy opening to the company’s 38th season. Performed with commitment and sharp focus by a cast of young performers, this revival of Rent proves the show’s timelessness, the score’s resonance and the story’s relevance well into the 21st century.
by Michael Major - Sep 20, 2022
Originally from Perth, Australia, Coenen’s bond with music started at just four years old when her mother put her in piano lessons. It was just a few years later that she picked up the electric bass, ordaining it her instrument of choice. Coenen then attended high school for performing arts, honing her vocal talent by singing in choirs.
by A.A. Cristi - Sep 19, 2022
Austin-based multimedia company Nelda Studios continues its philanthropic mission by teaming up with foster care nonprofit Austin Angels and the prestigious Band Aid School of Music to announce their new nonprofit program initiative, “A Chance to Rock,” providing music lessons and instruments to children experiencing foster care.
by Barry Lenny - Sep 10, 2022
Fascinating stories of a diverse group of people on road trips in remote Australia.
by Cindy Marcolina - Oct 4, 2022
Narratively, the story isn’t anything revolutionary, but Burns’s approach is rich with emotional intelligence and clinical precision. She takes on a crumbling, unfeeling practice ruled by waiting lists and a scorecard, exploring how destructive a lack of (financial, yes, but also psychological) support can be for those for whom support is a profession. It’s a striking debut.
by Jim Munson - Oct 3, 2022
BroadwayWorld chats with writer & performer Tina D'Elia about her new solo show 'Overlooked Latinas' running at The Marsh San Francisco October 6 to 29. Her show is a riotously funny “queer telenovela farce of the century” about two queer Latinx best friends collaborating on a TV pilot highlighting Latinx movie stars during the McCarthy era.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Oct 3, 2022
On November 6th, Deborah Kimmett, star of Sirius XM Radio’s hit show Downward Facing Broad, will bring her new show, Overnight Sensation, LIVE to New York’s Theatre Row.
by Stephi Wild - Oct 3, 2022
FEARLESS debuted No. 1 on iTunes Top Albums chart in a total of 13 countries including Japan, Indonesia and more. As its name—an anagram of ‘IM FEARLESS’—implies, LE SSERAFIM are determined to move forward with unswerving fearlessness in the eyes of the world. Watch the new video trailer now!
by Annette Stolt - Oct 1, 2022
The opening of Tootsie in Stockholm was enjoyed by both the audience and the creators Robert Horn and David Yazbek.
by E.H. Reiter - Jun 30, 2022
FREESTYLE LOVE SUPREME creator Anthony Veneziale (who is part of the FLS founding trio which includes Thomas Kail and  Lin-Manuel Miranda) talks about what makes the hip-hop improv show so unique, and why the audience is such an important part of the show where every performance is different every time.  FREESTYLE LOVE SUPREME is playing at The Old Globe Theatre through July 10th.
by Michael Major - Jun 29, 2022
The track is a beautifully imperfect sound that makes you want to go along for the ride. Atlanta based friends, co-songwriters lead vocalist Wes McGee and guitarist Jeff Hayashi contribute to Bonneville’s instantly recognizable style and sound - raw, deep, greasy, swampy, classic soul grooves with a R&B, funk, blues edge.
by Courtney Castelino - Jul 6, 2022
After two unexpected postponements driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, Broadway Across Canada is finally bringing Hamilton to Ottawa. Neil Haskell, a Hamilton veteran who is currently portraying King George III in the touring production, was kind enough to take time out of his schedule to give us some insight into being on tour post-pandemic and what it’s like to be part of such an iconic show.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Jul 6, 2022
In celebration of Jersey City PRIDE month, the Art House Productions Gallery will present “Not The End of The World…Yet”, a solo exhibition of new work by Donna Kessinger from August 1st to August 28th, 2022 at the Rotunda Gallery.
by Michael Major - Jul 6, 2022
Rising Los Angeles-based queer guitarist and songwriter zzzahara shares a new song, “bulletproof” featuring Los Angeles-based musician and producer Mareux, alongside a video. The new track is taken from their forthcoming debut album as a solo artist, out later this year on Lex Records, and follows the first offering “get out of la.”
by Carissa Chesanek - Jul 5, 2022
For dinner or drinks, TAO Asian Bistro & Lounge at Mohegan Sun makes for a memorable experience.
by Lauren Gienow - Jul 5, 2022
Lakota Knuckle, Breanna Willis, Devin Alexander, Kyla Musselman, Christine Desjardins, and Jordan Goodridge are the Swings for CHICAGO. Their job is to know every ensemble track and be ready to go on at a moment’s notice if an ensemble member is either out, or is going on as understudy for someone else. Recently, Broadway World had the opportunity to chat with all six Swings over Zoom to learn all about what it means to be the unsung (until now) heroes of theatre and how this unique season is providing even more unique challenges and opportunities.
by Andrea Stephenson - Jul 30, 2022
She Kills Monsters also illuminates the ways in which our stories intersect with one another. Audiences can join in this humorous and dramatic story for four more performances at TAFE (Theatre Arts for Everyone) in York, PA. The cast and crew put together a production that is funny and heartwarming, evoking laughter and tears from the audience.
by A.A. Cristi - Jul 29, 2022
World-renowned producer, songwriter and multi-platinum EDGEOUT/UMG/UMe recording artist, ASHBA features Italio-Colombian superstar NATYASH on his latest GDM (Guitar Dance Music) remake “Malosa.” As one of the rock industry's most technically brilliant guitarists, ASHBA has combined multiple genres with EDM and rock-heavy guitar into one unique, explosive sound. 
by Stephi Wild - Jul 27, 2022
In celebration of Jersey City PRIDE month and in partnership with Mana Contemporary and the Office of Cultural Affairs in Jersey City, the Art House Gallery will present “Not The End of The World…Yet”, a solo exhibition of new work by Donna Kessinger from August 4 to August 28, 2022 at Mana Contemporary.
by Nicholas Adler - Jul 25, 2022
Innovative. Tenacious. Inspiring. Diva. Words to describe the one and only Kathy Dietch. I've always been drawn towards women who fit this description. (Full disclosure; I am married to one!). Women who are very much at home playing the Diva on stage and might not follow a traditional path or be satisfied with what box society places them in.
by A.A. Cristi - Jul 25, 2022
Based on the 1993 hit film starring Bill Murray, GROUNDHOG DAY is about a TV weatherman who relives the same day over and over again. As he gets to know associate TV producer Rita Hanson for the first time repeatedly, he realizes it's an opportunity for second, third, and fourth chances.
by Jay Irwin - Jul 23, 2022
Dear Readers, if you feel you don’t want/need to see the musical “Come From Away”, currently playing at the 5th Avenue Theatre, I’m here to tell you, you’re wrong.
by Natalie O'Donoghue - Jul 21, 2022
Comedian Marcia Belsky blogs for Broadway World about bringing Man and Woman (with comedy partner Jake Cornell) to a new audience in their Edinburgh Fringe debut. Here, she tells us about how writing a two-hander is a different skill to penning a stand-up show and what it’s like working so closely with Jake.
by Natalie O'Donoghue - Jul 21, 2022
Guest Blog: Jordan Gray brings effervescent new comedy show to the Fringe
by Franco Milazzo - Jul 21, 2022
It has been a quarter-century since Patrick Marber's Closer debuted, but this play, in which everyone screws everyone in every sense of the word, has lost absolutely none of its epic brutality.
by Michael Major - Jul 21, 2022
The current lineup has been together since 2016 and includes Josh Campbell (Guitar/Vocals), Josh Grove (Bass/Backing Vocals), and Quin Koldan (Drums). New single “Tense” was produced by Jason Schrick and award-winning producer Malcolm Springer (Matchbox 20, Collective Soul, Fear Factory). Watch the music video for the new single now!
by Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold - Jul 15, 2022
“We have been fortunate right away that there felt like a sisterly energy between the two of us,” says Tavia Rivée, who plays Nettie in Maine State Music Theatre’s new production of THE COLOR PURPLE. Rivée is talking about her co-star, Jaden Dominique, who plays the show’s protagonist, Celie. Dominique seconds these sentiments, saying she has felt that connection from the very beginning and being able to share housing with her colleague during the rehearsal period “has strengthened that bond.”
by Stephen Mosher - Jul 1, 2022
For years the fans have wished for a CD release of Liza's 1979 Carnegie Hall concert. Now, thanks to the folks at Real Gone Music, it is.
by Michael Major - Aug 9, 2022
The song, which captures the fervor of a tent revival meeting and features the propulsive banjo picking of Alison Brown, deals with how Jesus figures into the identity of gay Southerners raised surrounded by the Christian faith — 'they taught me how to hate myself' Amy sings. Watch the new music video now!
by Student Blogger: Kat Mokrynski - Aug 8, 2022
Three years ago, a YouTube channel called Wait in the Wings published its first video, titled 'The World's Most Dangerous Musical -- Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark.' From that moment on, Brendon Henderson gained a reputation in the theatre world - The Explorer of Underrated Shows. Since then, Wait in the Wings has been used as a place for Brendon to publish documentaries on different underrated Broadway shows that haven't been given their full due by the theatre community. He's discussed shows like Carrie, Groundhog Day, Diana, Rebecca, and even fictional shows like Rogers the Musical from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
by Amanda Prahl - Aug 5, 2022
Amanda Prahl examines all-new UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN, the good, the bad, and the triumphant.
by Michael Major - Aug 31, 2022
Holy Fawn, have released a cinematic video for “Void of Light,' with the Chase Warren-directed clip featuring a muted color palette that mimics the imagery around the upcoming release. Holy Fawn previously released a dazzling, sweeping video for “Death Is A Relief,' as well as a gritty, black and white clip for “Dimensional Bleed.'
by Stephen Mosher - Aug 26, 2022
Seth Sikes returns to 54 Below next month with a brand new Barbra Streisand tribute show. Before September 8th and opening night roll around, Seth chats with Broadway World Cabaret.
by A.A. Cristi - Aug 22, 2022
Gavrilo Princip fired a gun – 20 million died, 21 million were wounded, empires were swept away, Germany was ruined, fascism rose up and the world was changed forever. 
by A.A. Cristi - Aug 2, 2022
On September 30, 2022, the Chineke! Orchestra will release a new album, Coleridge-Taylor. The album features music by the celebrated African-British composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor with an appearance by award-winning U.S. violinist Elena Urioste, plus a world premiere recording of a work by Coleridge-Taylor's daughter Avril Coleridge-Taylor.
by Michael Major - Aug 18, 2022
Sacramento’s Best Move will release their debut album, Relational Memory. The have shared another taste of the LP via the ethereal and enchanting new single “Lullaby” alongside an equally captivating animated video for the song. The video was directed and animated by Lauren Haug. Plus, check out upcoming tour dates!
by Michael Major - Aug 17, 2022
The 11-song collection was co-written and produced by Miller’s Hudson Valley, NY neighbor Sam Cohen (Kevin Morby, Sharon Van Etten, Danger Mouse) and continues their musical partnership that began on 2018’s The Messenger. Watch the visualizer for the new single now! Plus, check out upcoming headline and supporting tour dates.
by Stephi Wild - Aug 17, 2022
Meridian Performances launches its new season on October 27 at 8 pm in Merkin Hall with a concert by Beth Levin, a pianist whose artistic fearlessness is matched by her technical excellence. Her program for the evening features an astounding array of showpieces: Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky, Sonata in B Minor, S. 178 by Franz Liszt, and Portrait Miniatures: Three Women by Andrew Rudin.
by Michael Major - Aug 16, 2022
MEET CUTE follows the story of Sheila (Kaley Cuoco) and Gary (Pete Davidson). When they meet, it’s love at first sight - until we realize their magical date wasn’t fate at all. Sheila’s got a time machine, and they've been falling in love over and over again. 
by Dan Marois - Aug 14, 2022
You will never look at the evening sky in about the same way after seeing a performance of Lauren Gunderson's charming play, Silent Sky.
by Michael Major - Aug 12, 2022
The raw introspection and bittersweet lyrics power the pensive video, which features Michael Cimino (Love, Victor) and Ilia Wayans, and was co-directed by Mikey Murphy and Bassett. “Smoke Slow” is destined to be a highlight on Bassett’s forthcoming live shows this year and next. Check out new tour dates and watch the music video now!
by Michael Major - Aug 10, 2022
Holler premiered the music video for “Keep It Spinning,” writing, “With its warm 70s soft rock sound and poppy hooks, it sounds like Linda Ronstadt on a road trip with the Go-Gos, bringing to mind the country-tinged glossy pop of recent albums from Pearl Charles and Lola Kirke.”  Watch the new music video now!