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On the Record - 2004 - US Tour Tickets, News, Info & More

Closing:July 31, 2005

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by Bobby Patrick - Sep 30, 2022
What do Morgan James, Shoshana Bean, Cynthia Erivo, Orfeh, Bridget Everett, Ledisi, Ann Harada and Debbie Gravitte have in common? They're All Super on the new JCSS studio recording.
by Michael Major - Oct 7, 2022
Indie rock band Sunsleeper have released their highly-anticipated sophomore album While You Can via Rude Records. While You Can was recorded and produced by Brett Romnes (Oso Oso, Hot Mulligan) and mastered by Will Putney (Counterparts, Knocked Loose).
by Michael Major - Oct 7, 2022
THUS LOVE is a band—but also so much more. The Brattleboro, Vermont trio stand together, a bond cemented by their experience as outsiders looking in. For THUS LOVE, DIY is an ethos that reflects not only their musical vision but their very existence as three self-identifying trans artists. Listen to the new album now!
by Michael Major - Oct 7, 2022
Twennies is Dragonette’s first full-length release since 2016’s Royal Blues, and fans have already had a taste of the new collection with the infectious power-pop anthem 'New Suit,' describe as a “mash-up of retro and contemporary sounds and imagery,” and the title-track dancefloor single “Twennies.” 
by Bobby Patrick - Oct 6, 2022
The additional track of the cut barbershop quartet song, IT’S YOU is a real bonus and so is the extra extended cut of Jackman and Shuler Hensley’s clowning fun on THE SADDER BUT WISER GIRL FOR ME.
by Michael Major - Oct 5, 2022
Watch the official music video, directed by Colin Sullivan and featuring Maire Higgins and Katie Shewbridge, below. “Double Double” is the second song unveiled from Robinson’s anticipated new project, Built on Bones, a song cycle for the Witches of Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth.
by Albert Gutierrez - Oct 31, 2022
Much in the same way most students know about the Salem Witch Trials through the dramatization found in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, it’s safe to assume virtually every student of U.S. history from 2015 onward may better know the intimate details of this Founding Father through Lin-Manuel Miranda’s HAMILTON.
by Michael Major - Oct 31, 2022
An invigorating Afro House rework that samples DJ Rolando’s seminal production ‘Knights of the Jaguar’ from 1999, AMÉMÉ and NenaHalena’s ‘Jaguar Dance’ remix see’s them add percussion and synth stabS. The original features on Raidho’s new EP of the same name, with remixes of other tracks on the record coming from West & Hill and LUM.
by Blair Ingenthron - Oct 30, 2022
Within two years NYC-based Christopher Peifer released his critically acclaimed debut solo album “Suicide Mission,” and follow-up, “The Social Distance” – both written and recorded entirely during the months of pandemic, lockdowns, unprecedented unemployment, death, political upheaval, and social distancing – and has now emerged on the other side, completing his COVID years trilogy of death, purgatory, and resurrection with “Sacred & Profane.”
by Bobby Patrick - Oct 30, 2022
Boe and Ball are at it again and this time they are in Vegas, and what happens in Vegas ends up on an album!
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Oct 28, 2022
Guitarist, arranger and Jojo Records' founder Simon Belelty has released Pee Wee, a masterful display capturing thoughtful melody and the unique beauty of each moment, out today via Jojo Records.
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Oct 28, 2022
Busy Body, the sophomore album from steadfast New York-based composer and trombonist Sam Blakeslee and his synergetic ensemble Wistful Thinking, is out now.
by Michael Major - Oct 28, 2022
The record was mixed by John Congleton (Swans, St. Vincent, Wye Oak) and mastered by Greg Obis (Alabaster Deplume, Cloud Nothings). The group experimented with two different drum setups, eventually blending the two within a single song. The record builds on Blessed’s commitment to creativity.
by Bobby Patrick - Oct 26, 2022
An album we will return to over and over again, through the years, to listen to, sigh a little, and lift our spirits when we’re blue.
by Michael Major - Oct 25, 2022
Soulful songwriter, producer, and all-around artist Tess Henley has released 'Joy Somewhere.' On this record she collaborated with Jesse Boykins III (Calvin Harris, Steve Lacy) to create a sonic picture of perspective. It's a gorgeous mix of soul, RnB, and pop, with Henley's intentional songwriting and absolute powerhouse voice at the center.
by Michael Major - Oct 25, 2022
Sam Fender has shared a new track, “Wild Grey Ocean,” the first of two new songs included on the forthcoming Seventeen Going Under – Live Deluxe Edition. The album will be released as a standalone double coloured vinyl. It will also feature on a “Live Deluxe Edition” of Seventeen Going Under on double CD, including the B-sides, “Wild Grey Ocean.'
by Chloe Rabinowitz - Oct 25, 2022
The married musical team of Julie Benko and Jason Yeager will celebrate Hand in Hand – their debut duet album from CLUB44 RECORDS – with two very special New York concerts at 54 Below on Monday, November 7 at 9:30 PM and Sunday, December 4 at 7:00 PM.
by Bobby Patrick - Oct 24, 2022
Elizabeth Wyld offers a queer woman’s POV about love’s layers lost and how some cope, some cop-out, and some kill.
by Blair Ingenthron - Oct 23, 2022
Somi is preparing to make her debut performance at Carnegie Hall with her own band on November 18.  This highly-anticipated debut concert will offer a transatlantic mix of modern jazz, soul, and African pop, calling upon Somi's all-star tribute to the great “Mama Africa” on Zenzile.
by Bobby Patrick - Oct 21, 2022
Every bit of GREAT TO BE HERE is so VERY New York City from start to finish that Bobby has no choice but to grant this fab jazz outing his full… 5 Out Of 5 Rainbows
by Michael Major - Oct 21, 2022
“Liminal Spaces would have not been possible without the help of several people—my friend Collin helped produce some songs and engineer sessions, the absolute genius Stephen Kaye mixed the album and recorded the bass for ‘g(url)’ and Dave Cooley (J Dilla, Blood Orange, Yves Tumor, Tame Impala, Paramore, etc.) mastered the album.'
by Michael Major - Oct 19, 2022
Emeryld reveals the second track “Scandal”, plus the music video, from her upcoming EP. She is the newest signing on the record label that brought you Charli XCX, HAIM, MARINA, Christine and the Queens, Matt Maeson etc. Earlier this Summer, she released “Bombs Away”, accompanied by Andy Madeleine VIDEO.
by Michael Major - Oct 18, 2022
A story of love, loss, and self-discovery told through five dream-pop-tinged tracks, RVBY MY DEAR’s latest EP (out November 18) embodies the musical prowess Gabbi Coenen has spent her entire life nurturing. The second single from the new self-titled EP, “Lose My Mind” releasing on Spirit House Records.
by Bobby Patrick - Oct 15, 2022
All of the recordings have been remastered, so the first benefit to all of us fans is the freshened-up sound palette of these scores.
by Michael Major - Oct 14, 2022
‘Hot Minute’ is the first single and features the vocals of longtime collaborator Black Gatsby. With a sassy chorus that echoes Anderson .Paak and Sylvester with a gospel-inflected breakdown, ‘Hot Minute’ shows off the full range of Black Gatsby’s talents and his unique musical rapport with Moon Boots.
by Michael Major - Oct 13, 2022
Her new album is written and produced by carobae as well as songs co-written and co-produced with Brandon Shoop (sophie cates, Quinn XCII), Sean Kennedy (UPSAHL, Role Model, Nessa Barrett), Lauren Mandel (LØLØ, TALK, Maggie Lindemann, MOTHICA), Raziel (Siiickbrain, Poutyface, Slush Puppy) and Megan Redmond (Taylor Edwards, Charlotte Sands, Taela).
by Michael Major - Oct 12, 2022
The From the Collection section brings archival screenings back into focus as part of the Sundance Film Festival for audiences to explore and rediscover the films that have shaped the heritage of both Sundance Institute and independent storytelling. To address the specific preservation risks posed to independent film.
by Michael Major - Oct 12, 2022
After a summer of high-energy shows, Story Of The Year have announced their new album. The new album is distinctly, invitingly, loudly Story Of The Year. Heartache, desperation, motivation, toxic relationships, pain, loss, anger - all of the essential ingredients of the classic Story Of The Year sound propel Tear Me to Pieces in dazzling new ways. 
by Bobby Patrick - Oct 11, 2022
With his new album SIMPLICITY John Minnock keeps his artistic streak moving forward with resounding success.
by Michael Major - Oct 11, 2022
The record was mixed by John Congleton (Swans, St. Vincent, Wye Oak) and mastered by Greg Obis (Alabaster Deplume, Cloud Nothings). The group experimented with two different drum setups, eventually blending the two within a single song. The record builds on Blessed’s commitment to creativity. Plus, check out upcoming tour dates!
by Michael Major - Nov 9, 2022
To accompany the announcement, Kingo Halla also shares a gorgeous music video for his debut single, “Water In The Rose.” “Water In The Rose” was released in October of 2022 and has already earned Kingo Halla nods from fellow musicians, tastemakers, and DJs such as BBC Radio 6’s Giles Peterson.
by Bobby Patrick - Nov 8, 2022
The talented, handsome Welsh actor continues his singing career with an album made up of ballads. Lots and lots of ballads.
by Bobby Patrick - Nov 7, 2022
One of the best shows of 2022 is now one of the best albums... and if you don't believe Bobby, check it out for yourself, and then you'll know.
by Bobby Patrick - Nov 5, 2022
Along with creating incomparable music, lyrics, and story, Reynolds & Price have ensured that the lucky listeners of their baby have everything they need to fully enjoy and UNDERSTAND the depth and breadth, and height their show can reach.
by Bobby Patrick - Nov 4, 2022
... giving the world this exciting and incomparable album that will make any Streisand fan, any lover of fine music, and anyone interested in the history of the show biz happy.
by Michael Major - Nov 3, 2022
The HBO late night series GAME THEORY WITH BOMANI JONES returns for its second season with a new day and time. In season one, Jones uniquely took on cultural institutions such as Duke basketball, The Masters and the NFL Draft, and examined the athletic renaissance of historically black colleges and universities in the coaching ranks of the NFL.
by Bobby Patrick - Nov 3, 2022
The reason to pick up MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET CHRISTMAS, even if you are uncompromising fans ... is this company of players. Delivering with love and respect all the musical ingenuities of Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis they give their all to give you a single source for this Christmas music with performances that will have you dancing about the house for the holidays.
by Debbie Hall - Nov 27, 2022
The holidays have arrived, with images of decorating a tree, shopping, parties, dinners with family, and all of the joy the season brings. Then there is Bah Humbug, but Christmas in Hell takes it one step further as an irreverent musical comedy performing in the Notoriety Renkus Heinz Theater at Notoriety Las Vegas through Jan. 15, 2023.
by Bobby Patrick - Nov 25, 2022
That aside, Minchen & Co have adapted the score to suit the film medium, the cast has made good meals of their singing assignments, and the additional instrumental scoring by Nightengale is, quite frankly, gorgeous.
by Stephi Wild - Nov 23, 2022
Ivo van Hove will stage the English language première of Hanya Yanagihara's critically acclaimed prize-winning novel, A Little Life in the West End. Van Hove directs James Norton (Jude), Luke Thompson (Willem), Omari Douglas (JB), Zach Wyatt (Malcolm), Elliot Cowan (Brother Luke/Doctor Traylor/Caleb), Zubin Varla (Harold), Nathalie Armin (Ana), and Emilio Doorgasingh (Andy).
by Michael Major - Nov 22, 2022
As an added bonus to the digital version only of his recently released PAUL KELLY’S CHRISTMAS TRAIN which was also released on vinyl and CD, his new interpretation retains the festiveness that the original carried and augments it with gorgeous harmonies from Melbourne musician and one half of celebrated Australian duo Sweet Jean, Alice Keath.
by Bobby Patrick - Nov 19, 2022
And speaking of that music, the sound quality is superb with nothing out of balance... It is all crystal clear, danceable, heartfelt, warm, and sweeping all at once - just a totally righteous recording
by Michael Major - Nov 15, 2022
Goon have released the 'Red Ladder' EP, a collection of alternate takes, b-sides, and demos from their acclaimed new album 'Hour of Green Evening,' including 'Yet Another Window,' a powerful, new version of album standout 'Another Window.' The tour kicks off January 23rd at the Echoplex in Los Angeles.
by Bobby Patrick - Nov 13, 2022
An album we fell in love with on first listening that will not be our last - especially since those holidays are almost upon us.
by Bobby Patrick - Nov 12, 2022
This third EP in his ROAD TO FIND OUT series (there has been an EAST, SOUTH & now NORTH editions with WEST next in line presumably) is a part of Ramin’s exploration of his self-termed style, BROADGRASS - a neologism (what? Bobby knows words!!) combining the conceptual make-ups of Bluegrass and Broadway.
by Michael Major - Nov 11, 2022
Earlier this summer, as they began rolling out music from their second full-length album, SunDub kicked things off by showcasing three diverse singles showing multiple facets of their musical approach on Spirits Eat Music. Starting with “Jump And Dance,” featuring Lutan Fyah, the Brooklyn-based five-piece delivered an irresistible feel good tune.
by Michael Major - Nov 10, 2022
Parker Lane has revealed the details for their forthcoming full-length album, Kaleidoscope. Alongside the announcement comes a new single, “How You Feel,” a confessional exploring hope, forgiveness, and second chances over sparse piano and tense drums. The album was co-produced by Printz and Ryan Hadlock (The Lumineers, Vance Joy, Zach Bryan).
by Michael Major - Nov 1, 2022
Holland has been known in the past for his electronic releases under aliases such as Project Pablo and Jump Source, as well as his production and remix work for artists such as TOPS, Cut Copy, Jacques Greene, Homeshake, and more. With You’re The Boss, Holland re-introduced himself by making his first foray into guitar-driven indie pop.
by Michael Major - Nov 1, 2022
Ahead of this week’s release he shares the single “My Argentina,” a stripped down piano ballad that centers around the grief and loss he’s processing on the record. Now he also shares the live performance companion video featuring a somber and gorgeous rendition of the song with Baxter, a piano and a trio of backing vocalists. 
by Michael Major - Dec 2, 2022
The musical project of visionary Brady Kendall, the new record explores the metaphorical and literal meaning of a garden, whether it’s composed of sound or of the dirt in one’s yard.  The concept for the garden theme came to him in an old bookstore on a trip to the Adirondack Mountains in New York.