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Nantucket Sleigh Ride - 2019 - Off-Broadway

A Nantucket Sleigh Ride is an old whaling term: "Sailors would harpoon a whale and the whale would drag the sailors on a frantic race across the ocean - for hours - for days -until the whale had died or the sailors had drowned."

In his attempts to recover a memory of an event that happened on that 'far away island' 35 years before, NANTUCKET SLEIGH RIDE plunges a New York playwright-turned- venture capitalist into a whirlpool of a giant lobster, Roman Polanski, a pornography ring, Walt Disney, a murder, stranded children, and Jorge Luis Borges, with the most unexpected results.


Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre

(New York, NY)
150 West 65th St. at Broadway

Nantucket Sleigh Ride Off-Broadway Cast


by Michael Dale - March 19, 2019
Sturdy, richly-voiced and subtly droll, John Larroquette is one of those actors with a wonderful talent for creating enormously funny moments by taking in the madness surrounding him and cutting it down with a look or an utterance.
by BroadwayWorld TV - March 18, 2019
Lincoln Center Theater presents Nantucket Sleigh Ride, a new play by John Guare. Nantucket Sleigh Ride, directed by Jerry Zaks, opening tonight, March 18 at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater (150 West 65 Street). Check out highlights of the cast in action below!
by Julie Musbach - February 27, 2019
Lincoln Center Theater presents NANTUCKET SLEIGH RIDE, a new play by John Guare. NANTUCKET SLEIGH RIDE, directed by Jerry Zaks, beginning performances Thursday, February 21 and open Monday, March 18 at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater (150 West 65 Street).