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Middletown - 2010 - Off-Broadway

From Pulitzer Prize-finalist Will Eno (THOM PAIN (based on nothing)), comes a deeply moving and funny new play, exploring the universe of a small American town. As a friendship develops between longtime resident John Dodge (Linus Roache) and new arrival Mary Swanson (Heather Burns), the lives of the inhabitants of Middletown intersect in strange and compelling ways. A powerful and poignant meditation on birth, death and points between, MIDDLETOWN is a remarkable new play from one of our finest young theatrical voices.


Vineyard Theatre

(New York, NY)
108 East 15th Street


by Ben Peltz - November 10, 2010
Our Postmodern Town might be a more descriptive title for Will Eno's Middletown, a play that coats the Thornton Wilder standard of normal American life as it pertains to the cycle of life and death with a whitewash of Samuel Beckett absurdity.  And if even half of the play's two hours contained the vivacity of the first few minutes, where David Garrison rhythmically recites an all-inclusive list describing any possible type of audience member who might be in attendance - concluding with his pointing out the fire exits - a trip to Middletown might prove a worthy excursion.