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Marcy In The Galaxy - 2008 - Off-Broadway


Marcy in the Galaxy is a humorous and poignant musical glimpse at what happens when dreams of being a New York artist take longer to come true than planned. At mid-life, Marcy finds herself alone in the Galaxy Diner—out of money and almost out of hope—in this darkly comic romp through dreams, disappointment, family, first love, and absolutely delicious diner desserts.


Connelly Theatre

(New York, NY)
220 E. 4th St. (between Avenues A and B)

Marcy In The Galaxy Off-Broadway Cast


by Kristin Salaky - April 13, 2008
Lighting designer R. Lee Kennedy has a planetarium's worth of stars flooding the Connolly Theatre's stage at the outset of Transport Group's production of Nancy Shayne's new musical, Marcy In The Galaxy. But gleaming through the clusters is the face of Donna Lynne Champlin, shining with hopefulness and wonder. The galaxy her title character occupies is actually the Galaxy Diner of Hell's Kitchen but Marcy is also one of the countless number of barely distinguishable stars that form the spiraling galaxy of Manhattan. The musical's story of a struggling artist nearing 40 and wondering for how long she can continue the struggle is a familiar one, but though Shayne's material offers no unique spin, her chamber musical is an inviting and sincere charmer mounted by Jack Cummings III with a light and whistful touch.