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Go Back to Where You Are - 2011 - Off-Broadway

The World Premiere of a new play by David Greenspan. Featuring Stephen Bogardus, David Greenspan, Tim Hopper, Mary Shultz. Directed by Leigh Silverman.

"Error not evil, correction not catastrophe."

A forgotten chorus boy from the theater of Ancient Greece, stuck in a lonely purgatory these past 2000 years, is sent back to earth on a mission from God. He now finds himself in Montauk, among a vacationing family, caught off-guard by his re-discovered ability to feel love. Go Back To Where You Are is a melancholy comic romance, told with Greenspan's unique brand of theatrical wit and exquisite lyricism.


Running Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Peter Jay Sharp Theater (at Playwrights Horizons)

(New York, NY)
416 West 42nd Street

Go Back to Where You Are Off-Broadway Cast


by Ben Peltz - April 13, 2011
'This is kind of a weird play. I'll show you what I mean,' offers Bernard (Brian Hutchison), the character who opens David Greenspan's Go Back To Where You Are with a nostalgic monologue about childhood summers at a family Long Island beach house that sets a tone somewhat akin to that of a Tennessee Williams memory play.