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Fifty Million Frenchmen - 2019 - Off-Broadway Tickets, News, Info & More


The year is 1929, the month is June. It's the season when all the Americans invade Paris-and all the Parisians leave town. This classic boy-meets-girl musical set in the city of love introduced the world to such memorable Cole Porter favorites as "You Do Something to Me," "You've Got That Thing," and "The Tale of the Oyster." Originally opening on Broadway in 1929, Fifty Million Frenchmen was one of Porter's earliest hits and a precursor to the success that was yet to come. Irving Berlin was such a fan that he took out an advertisement calling Fifty Million Frenchmen "the best musical comedy I have seen in years!" The York is delighted to kick off its Cole Porter Mufti celebration with this show, in the revised version created by Tommy Krasker and Evans Haile for a 1991 concert presentation, emphasizing its remarkable score.


York Theatre Company

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(New York, NY)
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Fifty Million Frenchmen Off-Broadway Cast


by Michael Dale - October 5, 2019
Say what you will about ANYTHING GOES and KISS, ME KATE, but for this musical theatre lover, there's no finer Cole Porter score than the one he whipped up for the 1929 hit, Fifty Million Frenchmen.

Fifty Million Frenchmen Frequently Asked Questions

What is the order of songs in Fifty Million Frenchmen and what's the order?
A Toast to Volstead
You Do Something to Me
The American Express
You've Got That Thing
Find Me a Primitive Man
Where Would You Get Your Coat?
Do You Want to See Paris?
At Longchamps Today
Yankee Doodle
The Happy Heaven of Harlem
Why Shouldn't I Have You?
Somebody's Going to Throw a Big Party
It Isn't Done
I'm in Love
The Tale of an Oyster
Paree, What Did You Do to Me?
You Don't Know Paree
I'm Unlucky at Gambling
I Worship You
Please Don't Make Me Be Good
The Queen of Terre Haute
Watching the World Go By
Down with Everybody but Us
The Snake in the Grass
The Emigrants
Why Don't We Try Staying Home
That's Why I Love You
The Heaven of Harlem
My Harlem Wench
Let's Turn on the Love Interest
The Boy Friend Back Home
Let's Step Out

What productions of Fifty Million Frenchmen have their been?
Fifty Million Frenchmen has had 6 productions including Broadway which opened in 1929, Broadway which opened in 1929, Broadway which opened in 1996, Off-Broadway which opened in 2001, New York which opened in 2006 and Off-Broadway which opened in 2019.