A Month of Sundays 1987

Opened: April 16, 1987
Closing: April 18, 1987

A Month of Sundays - 1987 - Broadway History , Info & More

Ritz Theatre
219 W. 48th St. New York, NY 10036

This bitter-sweet comedy is set in a retirement/nursing home and revolves around two residents: Cooper (who has chosen not to live with his daughter and family to avoid his perceived indignity of depending on them) and his friend Aylott. Together they face the challenges posed by the ageing process - the forgetfulness and the physical deterioration – and dispel some of their worries of what awaits them with humour and wit, aware that life is more easily endured if treated as a comedy. Directed by Norma Cummings

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A Month of Sundays History

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1987   Broadway Original Broadway Production