Christian Cambell

Photo Coverage: Peter Gallagher & More at THE AMERICAN SONGBOOK PROJECT at SARDI's
On Tuesday, July 26th, Sardi's was the setting for a most unusual benefit for The American Songbook Project, which is quickly gaining a reputation for the most creative benefits in town. Last night was no exception. Guests heard Tyler DeAngelo, author of 'Learn Just Enough to Get Laid,' read excerpts from his book, and each excerpt was followed by a song from the American Songbook which was related to that subject. For example, astronomy, cooking, magic, and construction were represented by 'Lost in the Stars,' 'I Can Cook Too,' 'Witchcraft,' and 'I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise.' These were performed by some of Broadway and cabaret's most illustrious men and, in honor of New York's recent Equal Marriage Bill, one spot was reserved for a woman. Singers included: Peter Gallagher, Jeremiah James, Christian Campbell, Robert Petkoff, Sean Harkness, John Malino, and Ms. Lea DeLaria. Lance Horne musical directed.

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