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Brian Wilson

Date of Birth: June 20, 1942 (79)

Birth Place: Inglewood, CA, USA

Brian Wilson

SOUND OFF: Brian Wilson Talks Gershwin, GLEE, Good Vibrations & More!
Today, we have a SOUND OFF: Special Interview with the founding member of the Beach Boys himself, legendary performer, composer, arranger and producer Brian Wilson. In our candid conversation we discuss Disney approaching him to create an album of Gershwin music - some old, some new - using the inimitable sound created by Wilson for the verifiable rock n roll bible of the 60s, the album PET SOUNDS. We discuss the process of creating four new songs taking a cue from Gershwin's unfinished compositions - two of over a hundred left languishing! We also briefly talk about the Beach Boys songs that will be used on GLEE this season, what Broadway shows he has seen and liked, what the difference is between composing a score and writing a song, as well as much, much more. Start feeling these good vibrations in our chat and if you are so inclined be sure to pick up the album discussed that was released this week!

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