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Who Played Performer in Alan Cumming's Macbeth

Affie James Broadway1899
Barry Johnstone Broadway1899
Bessie McCulla Broadway1899
Charles B. Hanford Broadway1899
Collin Kemper Broadway1899
Elizabeth Bariscale Broadway1899
Emily Grey Bethel Broadway1899
George McCulla Broadway1899
Gertrude Bannister Broadway1899
Harry Langdon Broadway1899
Harvey Cassidy Broadway1899
Helen Singer Broadway1899
Henry Wright Broadway1899
J. L. McVicker Broadway1899
James Du Sang Broadway1899
John A. Ellsler Broadway1899
Kathryn Kidder Broadway1899
Louis James Broadway1899
Mrs. Henry Vandenhoff Broadway1899
Norman Hackett Broadway1899
Robert Jameson Broadway1899
Thomas Coffin Cooke Broadway1899
W.A. Lincoln Broadway1899
W.W. McRae Broadway1899
Cassius Quinby Broadway1900
Cissie Loftus Broadway1900
George Curtis Broadway1900
George S. Spencer Broadway1900
Guelma L. Baker Broadway1900
Hannah E. Sargent Broadway1900
Hattie Buskirk Broadway1900
Helena Modjeska Broadway1900
Irving Brooks Broadway1900
John E. Kellerd Broadway1900
John T. Malone Broadway1900
Kate Dalglish Broadway1900
Leota Buskirk Broadway1900
Lynn Pratt Broadway1900
Mark Fenton Broadway1900
Mary Hall Broadway1900
Richard Milloy Broadway1900
Wadsworth Harris Broadway1900
Albert S. Howson Broadway1910
Arthur Dorton Broadway1910
E. H. Sothern Broadway1910
Eleanor Fralick Broadway1910
Eric Blind Broadway1910
Ernest Sinclair Broadway1910
France Bendsten Broadway1910
Frederick Lewis Broadway1910
Frederick Roland Broadway1910
John Taylor Broadway1910
Julia Marlowe Broadway1910
P. J. Kelly Broadway1910
Paul Roberts Broadway1910
Sydney Mather Broadway1910
Thomas L. Coleman Broadway1910
Wendell Morse Broadway1910
William Harris Broadway1910
Albert S. Howson Broadway1912
Arthur Morton Broadway1912
E. H. Sothern Broadway1912
France Bendsten Broadway1912
Frederick Rolland Broadway1912
John Taylor Broadway1912
Julia Marlowe Broadway1912
Maurice Robinson Broadway1912
P. J. Kelly Broadway1912
Paul Roberts Broadway1912
Sydney Mather Broadway1912
Thomas L. Coleman Broadway1912
Virginia Wells Broadway1912
Wendell Morse Broadway1912
William Harris Broadway1912
William McComas Broadway1912
Albert Hickey Broadway1916
Allan Thomas Broadway1916
Cassius C. Quimby Broadway1916
Charles B. Hanford Broadway1916
Franklin George Broadway1916
Harry David Smith Broadway1916
Joseph Whitmore Broadway1916
Lottie Dewey Broadway1916
Mrs. Alexander Salvini Broadway1916
Paul Everton Broadway1916
Walter Thomas Broadway1916
William A. Evans Broadway1916
Allen Thomas Broadway1918
Beatrice Rheinland Broadway1918
Charles Webster Broadway1918
George Gaul Broadway1918
Helen Ludlam Broadway1918
Henry Herbert Broadway1918
J. Harry Irvine Broadway1918
James Ward Broadway1918
Jerome Collamore Broadway1918
Miss Beachum Broadway1918
P. J. Kelly Broadway1918
Paul Hampden Broadway1918
Percival Vivian Broadway1918
Lamont Johnson Broadway1948
Aimé Donna Kelly Off-Broadway2012
Devin E. Haqq Off-Broadway2012
Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr. Off-Broadway2012
James Wallert Off-Broadway2012
Julian Rozzell Off-Broadway2012
Lori E. Parquet Off-Broadway2012
Rhett Henckel Off-Broadway2012
Richard Easton Off-Broadway2012
Scott Kerns Off-Broadway2012
Alan Cumming Broadway2013
Brendan Titley Broadway2013
Jenny Sterlin Broadway2013